OMF V1C57 What a Good Girl!

The moment, that should show if Jing Yi’s evasion would be enough to deter Zhong Gang’s wife, soon arrived: Zhong Gang set up a large dinner that day to welcome his cousin and, of course, to leave a good impression on him. His gaze couldn’t help but flit to Jing Yi every few minutes.
Finally, he himself couldn’t take the suspense any longer and bent forward. “Jing Yi, my wife will be bringing our daughter Guanyu down soon. Are you excited?” His eyes sparkled. He could more or less imagine, how those two would become childhood sweethearts this very same day!
It was just that … Jing Yi was going to disappoint him. He heard just one word, ‘daughter’, and his eyes went huge. He leapt to his feet and darted away, hiding somewhere out of sight.
Zhong Gang stared dumbfounded at the place, where the boy had been sitting at ease before.
Mister Zhong scratched his head. “Uh … I said, he’s shy”, he tried offering an explanation and shrugged his shoulders.
His cousin swiveled his head around to him and drew his eyebrows together. “Ah Lei! How can you call that shy? The boy was totally spooked! How fierce are the girls in your village?!”
Mister Zhong pressed his lips together and turned to his wife. He was too embarrassed to tell the story! Madam Zhong chuckled. She also didn’t want to warm those old stories up. “They’re indeed a little fierce. And he’s our only son. I might have been a little overprotective.”
Zhong Gang nodded gravely. “You should be, you should be! It’s so easy for something to happen!” He knew, what he was speaking about. In fact, his daughter Guanyu wasn’t his only child. He did have a son. Originally. Unfortunately, the child had died some years back and it was unlikely, that his wife would give birth to another one.
That was probably one of the reasons, he had taken a liking to Jing Yi so soon. He reminded him of his own son and having his daughter marry a distant relative was better than having her marry some other man, right? Like that, everything would stay with the family, too! The things, that carried his name, would still bear the name Zhong in the future. Could there be any more ideal outcome?
Before Zhong Gang had time to wallow in his remorse for not being able to save his eldest child, his wife came over with the second one.
The small Guanyu wore a long flowing pink dress with the matching embroidered shoes. Her dark hair framed a round face with big eyes. Looking at her like this, she was really cute.
Qiu Ling’s face immediately fell. This is the worst kind of girl! Trying to trick my Jing He with that adorable appearance of yours? I’ll expose your true colors! He started looking around for something to use. He had to make sure, she left a bad first impression, that wouldn’t be turned over so soon!
Meanwhile, her mother, Li Fang, led her into the room, her smile seemingly lighting up the surroundings. “Guanyu, say hello to uncle and auntie!”
Guanyu pouted her lips and gifted the Zhongs with a disdainful look. Why should she greet these people?
Qiu Ling stopped in his search for a tool and fixed his gaze on the girl. Oh? Is someone going to destroy his own chances? Disrespecting my love’s mother is the worst you can do, if you want him to like you!
But this wasn’t even the worst Guanyu had in store. Li Fang turned to the Zhongs with an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry. She’s probably sad, because I told her she could see Jing Yi and now he isn’t here. Where did he go?” She looked around, but couldn’t spot the boy. After all the years of running away from girls in the village, he had become rather good in hiding.
Qiu Ling lifted his brows and smiled smugly. “Ha! You’re way too late, woman! My love is already educated in this regard. He won’t fall for those petty tricks of yours!”
Madam Zhong repressed a sigh. She knew, her son didn’t like girls and she also didn’t want to force him out of hiding, but this was her husband’s family, after all. “Jing Yi”, she called in his direction. “Look, auntie Li Fang brought her daughter over. Come out and greet her at least.” After that, you can go hide again, if you like. She didn’t utter her thoughts, but her son probably understood. He gingerly came out.
Qiu Ling clenched his hands into fists and grumbled. “Mother-in-law, how mean! How can you treat an outsider like that? Especially after you know, that I love Jing He so much? Shouldn’t you be on my side?!” Yes, Qiu Ling was utterly convinced, that Madam Zhong understood his heart, after their short talk in the inn, and that she was supporting him. He couldn’t understand how she could stab him in the back like that.
Luckily for him, the women’s efforts yielded nothing, since the girl was perfectly capable of cementing her own image.
Upon seeing Jing Yi, she lifted her chin and snorted. “What is this filthy beggar doing here? Mommy, throw these people out! I don’t want to see them!” Her tone grew increasingly shrill and she probably would have said some other hurtful things, had Li Fang not hastily clasped a hand over her mouth.
Her mother could only laugh embarrassed and excuse themselves, claiming that her daughter wasn’t feeling well that day.
Only two people in the room were happy.
So, does that mean I don’t have to spend time with her?, Jing Yi thought. I should ask grandfather!
What a good girl!, thought Qiu Ling and started smiling. Really, she was sparing him so much trouble!

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