LWS Chapter 49 A Sweet Confession

Su Yan focused on his chocolate. When Nie Chang closed in, he slapped his hands away or lifted his fingers to his lips to shush him when he wanted to speak.
Nie Chang sighed. He really wanted to choke that bastard in the row behind them. That had been the opportunity he had waited for, for so long and that guy had ruined everything!
Nie Chang wasn’t the only one who was angry. The two girls behind him were also glaring at the guy. Damn! They nearly would have seen some real-life bl! What was that guy thinking, making such a ruckus? Now the Beauty was being all shy! They observed with sinking moods how Su Yan continued to evade Nie Chang and couldn’t help but sigh in resignation. It seemed this had really been a blow to the cute couple!
Nie Chang wasn’t willing to give up like this, though. He continued to try his luck without paying heed to Su Yan’s reactions. They were using the same workstation. Where could he run off to?
In the end, his effort paid off: Su Yan couldn’t keep his ‘don’t bother me’-attitude up for long. He turned around to Nie Chang and sighed. “What is it?”
“Have a taste!” Nie Chang held out one of the ingredients.
Even though he had already experienced that it might not be good to take something from Nie Chang, Su Yan still accepted it. “Mn, not bad.” It was actually almond slivers.
“You like it? Should I take that for the chocolate?” It went without saying that Nie Chang was trying to make a chocolate Su Yan would love.
“Mn … maybe.”
“Maybe?” Nie Chang frowned. That didn’t sound too thrilled. Was he still in a bad mood? Or maybe he just really didn’t like it too much.
Nie Chang went to take another look at the possible ingredients. Mn, there were indeed better ingredients. Su Yan had a sweet-tooth, that much was for sure. Almonds probably didn’t fit him too well. Nie Chang took another glance at his friend and finally decided on some cookies and candied fruits.
He silently went back to the workstation and finished up his work. In the end, he looked at the chocolate in the form and sighed. Once again, he could only wait. It reminded him of the situation with a certain someone.
He glanced over, hid the form and shifted to the place next to Su Yan. “Finished already?”
“Mn. How is it?” Su Yan proudly presented his finished chocolate: It was formed like a normal block of chocolate and he had only used some crushed nuts as additional ingredients.
Nie Chang smiled. “Quite tame.”
“Eh! What’s tame? This is my first hand-made chocolate. It’s great.”
“Everything about you is great.”
Su Yan still beamed but his smile froze a bit. Why did that sentence sound so strange? It was as if they weren’t talking about chocolate at all.
“I just would have thought you’d experiment a bit more if we’re here already.”
Su Yan pursed his lips and just forgot about what Nie Chang had just said. “I’d much rather have a tasty chocolate than an exciting one.”
Su Yan looked at his chocolate and finally couldn’t wait any longer. He broke two pieces off and handed one to Nie Chang. “Taste it!”, he commanded and plopped the other one into his own mouth.
His eyes instantly lit up. “Mn! See that? I said it had to be tasty!”
Nie Chang nodded and silently ate his piece. He also felt like it was really, really tasty. But that was probably to be expected. After all, this was something the man he loved had crafted with his own hands.
“It’s really good. Should you ever become tired of working in the repair shop you could make chocolate instead.”
“Tch, if I did, I’d become fat in a couple of weeks.”
“I would like you all the same.”
Su Yan looked over. Somehow, it got harder to make up excuses for his friend’s behavior. There were just too many strange things. In the end, he turned his head away and pouted. “Who cares if you do?”
“Actually … I think you’d look pretty cute if you gained a few pounds.” He looked at those slightly rounded cheeks in front of him. Mn, indeed, Su Yan could gain a little more weight. He should try his cooking skills soon and look where it led.
Su Yan felt his cheeks grow hot. “What … What are you talking about?!”
“Oh. Here. This is for you!” Nie Chang’s chocolate was finally finished, too. He took it out of the form and handed it Su Yan was a distinct gaze.
Su Yan took it with a throbbing heart. Even his hands seemed to tremble a bit. This chocolate … It was a bit darker than his own with some brighter patches and red dots inside. The colors looked nice together as if Nie Chang had spent a lot of time to think about how this chocolate should turn out.
That wasn’t the thing that made him grow flustered, though. The problem was the shape: Nie Chang had actually used the form of a heart. There were even the characters for ‘I’ and ‘you’ on each side each as if he wanted to say something with this.
It … It couldn’t be, could it?!
Su Yan stared at the chocolate, his heart beating faster and faster. There was a thought at the back of his mind but he tried to press it back where it came from. Everything would make sense if it was true but … What if not? And what if?
Su Yan didn’t know how to react. At this moment, he was completely lost.
Nie Chang smiled and this time, it wasn’t the smirk he showed so often. He was genuinely happy. It seems this dunce has finally understood. He just doesn’t know how to handle it for now. Well, I guess it’s alright to give him a bit of time.
He didn’t say anything and just faced the front, waiting for the teacher to end the workshop. He had already achieved what he wanted. Now it was Su Yan’s turn to think everything through and give him an answer.
From now on, there was no turning back. This sweet confession, it would definitely change their relationship forever.

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