LWS Chapter 48 You’re A Ten

Nie Chang took a deep breath and tried to withstand the sensation of those fingers running over his arm. Unfortunately, it reminded him of that day in the repair shop when Su Yan had felt up his chest. Ah, how long would it take for them to become a real couple? He didn’t want to hide his feelings anymore.
Nie Chang’s movement stopped. He really couldn’t work like this. “Ah Yan …” His voice was once again hoarse, earning him a questioning gaze from Su Yan.
Just when he struggled to find an excuse, one of the women behind them had a sudden epiphany. “Wait … Those two, aren’t they Big Boss and the Beauty?!”
Her friend looked up and studied Nie Chang’s profile. Then, she looked at Su Yan or, well …
Nie Chang seemed to feel her gaze and turned around. “Hey! Where do you think you’re looking?!” He frowned and reached over to bar her view.
Su Yan turned around to him with an incredulous gaze. “Where do you think you’re touching?!” He slapped Nie Chang’s hand away and stepped to the side, concentrating on his cocoa butter again. Tch, that guy! How dare he touch him there this casually? And even in public!
“You’re wrong”, the girl that had examined them right now said. “That’s Big Boss and his Beauty”, she stressed and hid her smile behind her hand.
Her friend giggled. “Ah, how cute! They’re such a loving couple!”
Su Yan blushed. This was the second time today somebody had called them a couple. Well, it had been the same people both times but it still felt strange. Especially since … He looked over at Nie Chang. At the end, who was the person Nie Chang liked? It seemed like they had known each other for a long time already. If that was the case, then he probably knew that person, too. After all, it had only been a few years since they finished school and Nie Chang had been in the repair shop since then. If it wasn’t some sort of regular customer, then it was probably someone from their school. And who went frequently to a repair shop?
He stirred the mass in the pot and pursed his lips. Who could it be?
Looking at Nie Chang he was a good catch. He was really handsome and even though he loved to tease other people he was quite caring, too. You could talk to him and he had a great sense of humor. And he was considerate. Just take the day today: Nie Chang had seen that he was a little under the weather and immediately proposed to go out for a change. How many men would do that? And, well, not even considering his great personality, his shop was doing well, too. Ah, he really was such a good catch!
Su Yan made a mental list of all those guys who had been in their class back then. He hadn’t been in touch with most of them for the last few years so he didn’t know what they were doing now. But just considering everything else … Ugh! How could any of them be worthy of his best friend?
Nie Chang looked at Su Yan’s scrunched up face. “What is it?”
Su Yan looked over and really wanted to laugh. Look at that! He really is considerate! “Mn, I was thinking just now: The person you like, did he go to our school?”
Nie Chang didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “He did.” After all, it’s you.
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Mn, can’t be from our age group then. Which of them is good enough for you?”
Nie Chang smiled and leaned over. “So you think I have a lot of worth?”
“Yeah! Of course!” He turned around, reached up and pinched Nie Chang’s cheek. “Just take a look at the mirror, ah! That alone is worth nine out of ten points!” His eyes sparkled as if he had made a good joke.
“So … you think I’m a good catch.”
“Naturally.” Su Yan looked at him as if it was self-evident.
“So I’m a nine?”
Su Yan frowned. “How are you a nine? You’re obviously a ten! Hmph.” Su Yan turned back to the pot and started to pour the other ingredients into it.
Nie Chang stared at him. His hands were clenched into fists and he had a hard time regulating his breath. He … was a ten? And obviously at that? Su Yan actually thought that? He stared at his friend, unable to believe what he had just heard.
“Ah Yan …” He reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder not caring anymore where they were. He couldn’t let go of this.
“Mn? What is it?” Su Yan didn’t even seem to notice the effect of his casually uttered words.
“You …” Nie Chang stepped closer and cupped Su Yan’s cheek with the other hand.
Behind them, one of the girls secretly retrieved her phone and took a picture before pretending to concentrate on her chocolate.
Nie Chang didn’t pay any heed to that. He only cared for Su Yan now. “Ah Yan, I … What you said just now … Do you really mean that?”
“About me being a ten?”
“Sure! You’re so great! If you’re not a ten, then who would dare to call himself that?”
“So you …” Nie Chang gulped. This was the best opportunity he might ever get. Who cared that they were in public with a bunch of other people around? As long as he could get Su Yan, he didn’t mind any of that.
Nie Chang took a deep breath and bent forward a little more. Looking from the row in the back, it seemed as if they would kiss any moment now.
“Actually, the person I like is —”
The guy behind them slammed the spoon down on the workstation. “Fuck this! If you two want to get it on, then go and get a room! Who wants to see two guys doing it?!”
The other participants all turned around. Su Yan didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong but he hastily grabbed some nuts and threw them into the pot. “Oh, look at this! It seems like it’ll be finished soon.” He tried to sound natural but his face and his ears had turned beet-red. If he could, he would have sunk into the ground.

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