LWS Chapter 47 Some Sweet Hours

Su Yan’s mood had instantly lifted when he found out that the person Nie Chang had waited for was not the one he liked. His friend really wouldn’t abandon him! Ah, he really was such a great person! He looked at him with sparkling eyes, putting Nie Chang in an equally good mood.
They couldn’t relish in it for long, though. It was already time for the course to start. Since this wasn’t a workshop for professionals but for interested consumers the teacher only gave a general introduction. In half an hour they had heard some remarks on the history of chocolate and the different sorts of chocolate until they finally reached the part about producing chocolate.
Su Yan stared at the ingredients in front of him. The teacher had started to take them out as soon as he got to the sorts. Soon, there was an assortment of the necessary ingredients on their workstation and another collection of possible other ingredients on the table in the front.
Su Yan licked his lips. Damn. He felt like Nie Chang’s idea hadn’t been bad at all. Forget that he didn’t have a girlfriend and wouldn’t be celebrating Qixi festival, he still liked chocolate!
“Let’s start with having a look at how the basic ingredients have to be processed. This time, I won’t talk much and just let you experience it yourself. There are a few alternatives if you want to do this at home, so I’ll give you the opportunity to decide how you want to do it here, too.
If you don’t have much time, it’s better to use ingredients that are already processed. Here, cocoa and cocoa butter will suffice. For those of you who are willing to expend a little more time or want to experience the chocolate manufacturing step by step we also have roasted cocoa beans.” The teacher once again showed the ingredients to make sure everyone knew what he was talking about.
Su Yan looked up at Nie Chang. “Eh, Ah Chang, if we’re here already lets experience the true process!”
Nie Chang pulled the cocoa beans closer and the two of them started to follow the instructions the teacher gave. Su Yan was already frowning after two minutes of breaking the beans and separating them from the husk.
Nie Chang smiled. “What? Are you already giving up?”
“No! Of course not.” He couldn’t deny that he had thought that it would be more fun to make chocolate, though. What was it with this kind of preparation? Wouldn’t they need hours like this? He glanced over at the girl at the workstation next to them. She had used the already processed ingredients and was already starting to melt the cocoa butter.
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at Nie Chang with a pitiful glance. This was really taking too long!
Nie Chang chuckled, grabbed his chin and lifted his head a bit. “Who said he wanted to experience the true process? Here, try it.” Before Su Yan could retort, a cocoa bean landed between his lips. He stared at Nie Chang but still obediently tried the bean. Then, he grimaced.
“Bitter!” He wanted to spit it out but how could he in a room full of people?
Nie Chang bit his lower lip. Damn, this scrunched up face … “Eh.” He waved Su Yan closer but naturally, his friend wouldn’t trust him after getting something like that. Nie Chang didn’t mind. He grabbed the back of Su Yan’s head, bent down and kissed him.
Su Yan slapped his chest and wanted to protest but just when he opened his mouth, a tongue slipped in. Su Yan froze. This … What was going on? Then, the bitter cocoa bean somehow vanished alongside that tongue and Nie Chang turned around as if nothing had happened. Su Yan could even see him biting down on the disgusting thing while keeping a straight face.
“You —”
“It’s pretty sweet”, he commented and smiled smugly, focusing on his work again.
Su Yan’s head felt blank. His thoughts only caught up when he heard the two girls in the row behind them giggle. He turned around to see what was so funny but finally noticed that they were looking at him and Nie Chang.
Su Yan blushed and turned to the front again. He mechanically grabbed Nie Chang’s sleeve. “They … They think we’re …” He stopped. Oh god! He had been misunderstood once again!
Nie Chang just smiled. “What’s so bad about it?”
“What do you mean ‘What’s so bad about it’? They must think we’re a couple now! How could you just do something like that?!”
“They thought that anyway.”
Nie Chang lifted his brows. “Aren’t they those rotten women we saw in the park before? You remember? They saw us hugging and were talking about that couple and you were looking around to find out which one they were talking about until I told you that they meant us.” He had stopped with grinding the beans and instead hugged Su Yan to his chest.
The girls could hardly conceal their squeals. They really were lucky to have come here!
The guy next to them wasn’t as happy, though. “Heh, you two, this is a course to learn how to make chocolate. Don’t disgust everyone with your shameless behavior!”
Su Yan felt indeed that Nie Chang was pretty shameless. He grabbed his hand and tried to force it down. Nie Chang indeed dropped one arm but only used it to pull the processed ingredients over.
“Ah Yan, if you think it’s taking too long, then how about you start working with that? I’ll continue doing it this way. We’ve paid for two people anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem to take a bit more of the ingredients.”
“Mn!” Su Yan immediately jumped in front of the stove, dragged a pot over and started to melt the cocoa butter like he had seen the girl next to them do it. He continued to look at Nie Chang, though. After all, there was nothing exciting about watching some butter melt.
Observing his friend was way better. Somehow, Nie Chang had already managed to separate all the husks and was now grinding the beans. It seemed pretty hard. He had gritted his teeth and the muscles in his arms were bulging. Actually … despite the fact that he was working with technological devices every day he was really fit.
Su Yan watched a while and finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He reached out and grabbed Nie Chang’s arm. His fingers stroked up and down. Ah, this really felt pretty good …
Nie Chang froze. He somehow felt like he had gotten himself into trouble. After all, he couldn’t run away this time, regardless of how Su Yan might feel him up. He hurriedly looked down and nearly gave a sigh of relief. It hadn’t gotten to the point yet where he was too excited. He could only hope that Su Yan would restrain himself soon.

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