LWS Chapter 38 Vying For Attention

“Oh. My. God!” Su Yan couldn’t help but call out. He sprinted over to the car parked in front of the house and ran up and down beside it with sparkling eyes. “Ah Chang, look at this!” He excitedly pointed at the purple car while Nie Chang unhurriedly strolled over.
He leaned over and looked at the car with Su Yan, a slight smile playing at his lips while his fingers slid into his pocket.
“It’s a Raeton CC! And it’s even the purple one! Ah!” He had seen the ad for it last year and had then and there decided that he would get this car if he ever had the money to buy one. Now, one of them was actually standing in front of his door. Ah, looking at the real thing he wanted it even more!
Su Yan’s fingers twitched. He really, really wanted to touch it!
Just then the sound of the car doors opening sounded and the lights blinked. Su Yan leaped back and hugged Nie Chang’s arm, looking around for the owner. Maybe he could get permission to have a closer look?
After looking the street up and down and looking over at the other side, he still didn’t see the owner. “Eh? Did the car unlock automatically?”
Suddenly, a smart key dangled in front of his eyes. Su Yan stared at it, looked at the hand holding it and followed the curve of the arm up to a smirking face.
Eh? Ehhh?! Nie Chang?! This car … was actually Nie Chang’s?!
Su Yan stared dazedly at him, then his hands shot up and took the key, stroking it as if he was holding a treasure. Ah! He was actually holding the smart key for his favorite car model!
Nie Chang smiled seeing him like that. “You like it?”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded hurriedly, then hugged Nie Chang’s arm. “Ah Chang, is it yours?”
“En, it is.”
“Really? Like, you didn’t just lease it, did you?” Su Yan looked at him with a worried gaze as if he was afraid that this car might vanish the very next day.
Nie Chang suddenly felt proud that he had had the foresight to buy the car. “Don’t worry. It’s really mine.” And since you’re my person it’s yours, too. He didn’t say that loud out, though. It wasn’t the time for that, yet. Maybe this evening. “Eh, didn’t you want to touch?” He nodded at the car.
Su Yan gave the key back and put his hands on the doors, closing his eyes in delight. Ah, too great!
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Maybe the car hadn’t been such a good idea, after all. He suddenly felt a little neglected. Nie Chang stepped forward and lightly gripped Su Yan’s waist. “Alright. How about getting in?” He pulled him to the side and opened the door for him.
Su Yan didn’t mind. He jumped into the car and instantly started feeling up the seats and dashboard.
Nie Chang narrowed his eyes and stared at the purple thing condescendingly. Just wait! Some weeks from now, you’ll be completely forgotten! Then he’ll be touching me like that!
He closed the door, walked around the car and got into the front seat. Nie Chang took a look at Su Yan who was excitedly sizing up the car and smirked. He leaned over, startling Su Yan.
“Wha —”
Nie Chang gripped the seatbelt and slowly fastened it, his gaze locking with Su Yan’s throughout and making him forget what he was doing before that. Nie Chang finally felt better.
He stayed close to Su Yan and smiled. “Let’s go for breakfast.” My dear.
“Oh.” Su Yan leaned back and gulped. Uh, why was his heart suddenly pounding so fast? Eh? And what was … He sniffed the air and tried to find out where the nice smell around him was coming from. Finally, he found the source right next to him. It was actually Nie Chang.
Su Yan looked up at him and got a peculiar gaze back. Alright, it was a little strange to sniff at him like that. “Uh … you smell nice.”
“Thanks?” Nie Chang lifted his brows and pretended to only find it weird. Inwardly, he was giving himself a high-five, though. Ah, all the money he had spent in preparation had been wisely invested. This would definitely be a good day.
He fastened his own seatbelt and started the engine, calling Su Yan’s attention back to the car.
“Eh, Ah Chang, does it really have over thirty compartments to store things?”
Nie Chang smirked. “You can count if you want.”
Su Yan was too excited to mind his attitude. “Why did you get the brown interior? Didn’t you like the cream one?”
Nie Chang tapped the steering wheel. “It’s not that I didn’t like it. I just thought this looked classier.”
“Really?” Su Yan wasn’t convinced. “But they showed the cream one in the ad.”
“They showed both.”
“Hah? No, they didn’t!”
“They did. I watched the ad again before buying it. They showed the brown one at first and the cream one only in the later scenes. You might not have noticed since it was rather dark and they only showed it for a short moment.”
Su Yan leaned back. Had they really shown both? He honestly could only remember the cream one. He also didn’t notice that his friend hadn’t bought this car on a whim but had actually once again checked the advertisement he had gushed to him about. This was so obviously deliberate that you couldn’t really miss the hint but Su Yan’s thoughts were still troubled over remembering the fine details of the ad.
“You could take a look online at it again while I drive.” Nie Chang’s tone of voice was resigned. He probably should have expected as much.
Su Yan shook his head. “No need. I’ll trust you on this.” He lightly touched the brown color in front of him. “Besides this one’s also nice.”
“Mn. It is.” He didn’t actually care for the color, though. The most important thing about this car was that Su Yan liked it and that he’d hopefully sit in the passenger seat often in the future.
Nie Chang was in a good mood while he drove to his first destination. Even though Su Yan hadn’t picked up on this hint, he still felt like this date would be a raving success. And even if it wasn’t there would be enough things to follow up on to make sure that this wouldn’t be their last date.

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