LWS Chapter 39 He Delivered Himself

Nie Chang drove to the small store where he and Su Yan had already eaten for the last couple of days. At first, he had thought of going somewhere more exclusive but in the end, he had decided that this place was still the best. This was a place they already knew and had made memories together at. Coming here would give Su Yan the feeling that nothing was out of the ordinary. That way, he would ease up and let his guard down. Then, he could go in for the kill!
Nie Chang parked the car. He hurriedly got out and went to the other side, just in time to open the door for Su Yan before his friend could get out himself. Su Yan paused. Once again, he had the strange feeling that something was wrong. Flowers, nice clothes, opening the door for the other person … Wasn’t all of that something you’d do for your girlfriend?!
Nie Chang could guess his friend’s thoughts. He smiled as he nodded at the open door of the shop. “You don’t wanna eat here?” The question seemed casual as if it would be no problem at all to go somewhere else.
“No, it’s … it’s alright.” Su Yan got out of the car and followed Nie Chang over. He still couldn’t shake that feeling, though. He looked for any further hints that something was wrong but Nie Chang went to the same table they had sat at for the last couple of days and looked up at him expectantly.
Seems like I imagined that. Su Yan shrugged and sat down, too.
Nie Chang smirked. He had really made the right call coming here. Just look at how Su Yan was behaving! Continuing his act of pretending that everything was normal, he turned around and waved at the boss. “Auntie, the same as always!”
“Sure, sure. I’ll be there in a minute!”, came the prompt reply they always got.
Nie Chang turned back and seemed to suddenly pause. “Oh, you do want the same as always, don’t you?”
“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”
Nie Chang chuckled. “Well, it’s a special day, after all. Maybe you want to try something different.”
“Oh!” Su Yan finally saw the light. So Nie Chang is so different because this is our first outing in a while! He actually wants to make sure this is different from a workday. Ah, I really was thinking too much before.
Having found this explanation, Su Yan completely relaxed. He leaned forward and blinked at Nie Chang. “Eh, Ah Chang, why didn’t I know you bought a car?”
“It was supposed to be a surprise.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Since when?”
“The day before yesterday.”
Su Yan’s eyes widened. “You …” He really didn’t know what to say anymore.
Nie Chang smirked. “What? You think I was too hasty?”
“Well … Actually, yes. How long did you take to think this through?”
Nie Chang leaned back and narrowed his eyes. “About a year.”
“Ah?” Su Yan couldn’t quite catch up with Nie Chang. Things were happening too fast. “How … How have you been thinking about that for a year? Why didn’t I know anything about that?”
“I didn’t want to tell you before I knew for sure or else you’d be disappointed.”
“That … Why would I?”
The boss came over with their food before Nie Chang could answer. He smiled at her and nodded. “Thanks, auntie.”
“Thank you, auntie.” Su Yan also nodded at her. He waited until she had gone away before leaning forward. “It’s your car, not mine. Why would I be disappointed if you didn’t get it?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Since it’s mine, it’s obviously your car, too. Naturally, you’d be disappointed if we couldn’t have it.”
Su Yan choked. How could Nie Chang say that so naturally?! He patted his chest and gulped down some water before looking up at Nie Chang in an aggrieved manner. “Ah Chang, you really should mind a little more how you say things. People might misunderstand.”
Nie Chang picked up his chopsticks and unhurriedly started to eat. He looked rather thoughtful so Su Yan was certain he had made the point clear. After a while, Nie Chang looked up. “What is there to misunderstand?”
Su Yan coughed again.
“Tch.” Nie Chang used the opportunity and slid over to his side, calmly patting his back. “Ah Yan, you should pay a little more attention to how you eat. What would I do if something happened to you?”
Su Yan grimaced. Why did every sentence Nie Chang uttered today sound like he was talking to his girlfriend? Ah? Wait! Su Yan turned around and eyed Nie Chang suspiciously. “Ah Chang, be honest with me. Do you have a girlfriend?”
Nie Chang’s eyes went wide and he had to avert his gaze. Damn. His heart was beating so wildly again. “Er … Why do you ask?”
Su Yan’s suspicion grew at Nie Chang’s reaction. Seriously, was that ever stoic friend of his blushing right now? “Eh … It seems I was right. So you do have a girlfriend! I can’t believe it! Since when? Why don’t I know anything about that?!” First the car, now a girlfriend! How many more secrets was he hiding?!
Nie Chang closed his eyes and massaged his temple, silently contemplating if he should slide back to his seat, after all. Unfortunately, Su Yan seemed to guess his thoughts. Before he had the chance to move even one inch Su Yan had already grabbed his arm and had sidled up to him. Honestly, if he moved a little further, he might just come to sit on his lap.
“Tell me, tell me! Who is she? Do I know her? Where did you two meet? Is she one of the customers?”
Nie Chang gulped and opened his eyes, his gaze lowering and taking in the hand that grabbed his arm. Actually, if they weren’t talking about some imaginary woman right now, this would be pretty good. So … Why not take advantage of it?
He smirked. I’m sorry my friend but you delivered yourself to my doorstep so don’t hold it against me if I pull you right into the house.
“Actually … I don’t have a girlfriend but … there’s someone I like very, very much.”

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