LWS Chapter 37 Picking Up The Wife

The next morning started with bad news for a lot of girls:
[Lao Lao: Eh, Gong Gong, BB looked especially nice today. Do you know what he’s planning?
Gong Gong: *nods* A date with the beauty!]
Attached was once again a photo. This time it was a snapshot of Nie Chang in front of a car. He was indeed dressed especially nice and everyone that knew the repair shop or Lao Lao and Gong Gong’s Weibo for a long time would probably pay special attention to the car. Why? Because Nie Chang normally never went by car. But this time, he had actually driven there in a nice one. This was obviously the image of a guy picking his girlfriend up for a date!
There were only two types of reactions to this: The first one were the crying faces of all those girls who saw the future they had imagined with the big boss going down the drain. The second type of reaction were the gamy or cheering emoticons from the fujoshis and fudanshis that had found their way to the Weibo thanks to Official Shen Lu.
Actually, those weren’t just the readers of the Heaven Corporation’s web novel site. No, there were some from Su Yan’s and Nie Chang’s so-called lesser planet, too. Naturally, they had been attracted as soon as the first people started pointing out that the beauty was, in fact, a boy and that this was a gay relationship and that bl was love and life and everything. Fujoshis and fudanshis had a nose that always led them to the right corner of the web. And now, they had found an especially interesting corner. Naturally, they had already built their tents on the Weibo and were lurking around for more information!
The two people in question had no idea what was going on online, though. Nie Chang was too nervous to think about it and Su Yan didn’t even know that his two co-workers and his boss were famous on the web. Thus, their first more or less official date began without problems.
Nie Chang drove the nice car from the photo to Su Yan’s apartment, parked in front of the door and took a bouquet of flowers from the backseat. Hn, this wasn’t an outing. It was a date. Naturally, the wife should get flowers!
With a smile that was more nervous than smug, he went up to the door and rung the bell. He couldn’t help but gulp. God, he had chased Su Yan for so many years without much progress. Now, things were changing but only slowly. This date was a big step forward. It was just … He himself had declared this a date. It hadn’t been supposed to be that in the beginning. Would Su Yan respond to it? Would he accept it? Nie Chang wasn’t sure about that. He could only hope.
He climbed up the stairs as soon as the front door opened. His heart beat faster with every step. Shit. How would he live through this day if he was already this nervous before picking Su Yan up?
Nie Chang arrived in front of the door to Su Yan’s apartment. Or, well, he arrived in front of the apartment. Su Yan had actually already opened the door and then run away. Nie Chang gulped. How was he supposed to hand the flowers to Su Yan now?
“Eh, Ah Chang, are you still outside? Come on in. I’m not done yet. I haven’t eaten.”
Nie Chang closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, he stepped inside, closed the door behind him and silently went to the kitchen. Su Yan was looking through his fridge to find something for breakfast that wouldn’t take a lot of time.
Suddenly, a bouquet of flowers was held in front of his face.
“For you.” Nie Chang was shocked himself at how raspy his voice sounded at this moment.
“Uh?” Su Yan reflexively took the flowers. Meanwhile, the fridge was closed in front of him.
“Forget about breakfast. I’ll take you out to eat something.”
“Uh …” That’s not the important point here! Why am I getting flowers?! Su Yan turned around and wanted to question him but the sight of Nie Chang stunned him into silence. “Uh …”, he repeated while he started to feel a bit dumb. Was there nothing else he could say? But he really didn’t know what to say. Why was Nie Chang looking this … good today? “You … Do you still have something to do before going out?”
Nie Chang lifted his brows. “No. Why would you think that?”
“You …” Su Yan gave him another once-over and finally shook his head. Forget it. Maybe he was thinking too much. He put the flowers in a vase and wanted to head to the door when he finally remembered something. He didn’t know what they were going to do. So maybe … He looked back at Nie Chang who had silently followed him over and coughed. “Uh, say, can you tell me what you’ve planned now?”
Nie Chang smiled, slowly getting over his nervousness. He had spent so much time with Su Yan over the last years. What was there to be nervous about? He should just be like he always was. “Won’t you find out today anyway?”
“Yes, but … Should I dress … formally, too?” He had thought they were just going to cook a bit. Wouldn’t casual clothes be better for that? But now Nie Chang was actually looking like he did when he went to work: black suit pants, white shirt. He was just missing the corresponding jacket but, actually, Su Yan had never seen him wear one so that wasn’t anything surprising.
Nie Chang shook his head. “No, casual should be alright, I guess.”
Su Yan grimaced. Should be? That wasn’t reassuring at all! “Wait here.” Su Yan hurried back to his bedroom and took some nice clothes out.
Nie Chang hadn’t waited, though. Why would he stand there and wait alone when he could just follow Su Yan? Thus, he leaned in the doorway and watched with rapt attention while Su Yan changed. Mn, this date had really been a good idea.
When Su Yan turned around he found Nie Chang staring at him. “That … Is something the matter?”
Nie Chang looked at the floor and held back a smile, before lifting his gaze to his friend’s face again. “Are you ready?”
Su Yan felt a little strange but nodded in the end. “Sure. Let’s go.” He went over and the two of them left his apartment together. As soon as he stepped out of the house, he was stunned into speechlessness, though.

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