LWS Chapter 26 A Place To Meet A Hero

The System didn’t care for Su Yan’s threats and just waited for him to read the rest of the task.
[The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Rather than reading up on the archetypes it will be much more memorable to experience them in real life. The following tasks will enable you to encounter typical traits of the archetypes in their natural environments.
Hint: If all tasks are completed, a special reward will be issued that will help the host with crafting suitable characters for his first original story.]
Su Yan nodded. That sounded actually good! And really, he couldn’t imagine how the System could turn this into something gay again.
He furrowed his brow. Well, it could be that all the archetypes he met were male but it wasn’t like that would definitely lead to anything strange, was it? No, he could probably be at ease.
He clicked the button for the first task [Meeting the hero].
[The archetype of the hero is especially important. The protagonist, the male lead or even both might be of this type or share at least some characteristics with him!
To meet the hero please go visit the following place.]
Su Yan looked at the address the System had given him. It was actually a bar on the Tongren Road.
“Meeting a hero in a bar? And now?” Su Yan looked at the time. It wasn’t even midday yet. He definitely couldn’t go to a bar. “It should be alright to do that after work, right?”
Thus, Su Yan just waited. There wasn’t much to do anyway. Only a dozen or so people came by to deliver a device that had to be repaired. Some others had a look at the things Nie Chang was selling.
Yes, his repair shop also sold things for people who wanted to repair their devices themselves. And then there was some other equipment. It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say it was a small shop that also did repairs.
Finally, the work day was about to end. Nie Chang came to the front and leaned against the counter next to him.
“So, how is it? Was your first day at your new workplace fun?”
Su Yan nodded. “So much better. Why didn’t you invite me over sooner?”
Nie Chang just smiled. Don’t think I don’t know you. You’d never have agreed until your old job became unbearable. “So, how about we go eat something and then I’ll take you home?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. That sounded good but … “No, I’m sorry. Not today. Maybe tomorrow.”
Nie Chang lifted his brows. Tomorrow? Why did that sound as if his friend had a date? “So … you’ve got something planned today?”
“Oh.” Nie Chang nodded but he didn’t feel good. This really sounded more and more like a date! “Then … Should I bring you there?”
“No need, no need. Why don’t you go with the other two?” Su Yan pointed at the door to the back room and stood up. “I’d better get going now. See you tomorrow!” He hurried to the door and ran outside. He definitely didn’t want Nie Chang to see him going to that bar! Who knew what would happen there? After all, he didn’t trust his System yet. Everything could happen.
He didn’t know that his refusal had piqued Nie Chang’s curiosity even more. He looked at Su Yan’s leaving figure then he took out his phone.
“Don’t fault me, Darling. But I bet you’ll get into trouble again. This is just a safety measure.” On his screen, there was actually a map that showed the surroundings of the repair shop. A red dot was moving away from the center.
Nie Chang said goodbye to Lao Lao and Gong Gong and followed the red dot. When he finally reached the place where the dot had stayed put he couldn’t help but raise his brows. “A bar? Tch. So this really is a date!” Nie Chang entered and searched for a corner. As soon as he sat down, his gaze locked onto the counter. Su Yan was sitting there alone. Whoever he was waiting for wasn’t there yet.
Nie Chang clenched his fists. There were quite a few women in the bar but none of them were the type Su Yan would like. After being best friends for so many years he knew that Su Yan thought that his ideal woman should be a cute, soft-spoken girl with a gentle character. Nie Chang didn’t believe that he would really be content with such a person by his side but he had never said anything to that. He was sure that Su Yan would notice sooner or later that he was the better partner for him.
But now, considering that none of these women were his type and how he had behaved so oddly the last few days … It couldn’t be that Su Yan had finally understood that he was gay? And now he was meeting up with his potential boyfriend?! How come somebody else was reaping the fruits of his labor now?! This wasn’t fair!
Nie Chang started to observe the men in the room. There were a few that seemed like they’d made a good pair with Su Yan, as unwillingly as he was to admit it. Tch, he’d find a way to sabotage that date! For now, he’d just observe and then, when the time was right, he’d go over and strike, making any future development between Su Yan and whoever that bastard was impossible!
He waited for a while and finally, one of the men actually went over and sat down next to Su Yan with a bright smile.
Nie Chang wasn’t the only one examining him. Su Yan turned around and gave the man a once-over: He wore a mahogany suit that seemed to cost more than his monthly wage. If the suit wasn’t enough of a hint in regards to how much money he had, then the watch on his wrist definitely was. Su Yan remembered having seen it in a magazine before. The number of zeros in the price wasn’t nice to look at for someone with a normal job like him.
Su Yan ignored the walking dollar sign and looked up at the man’s face. He had clear features and slightly longer hair that was styled meticulously. If a woman looked at him, she might find him to look pleasant.
But was this how a hero character should look like? He certainly wouldn’t have imagined that. The man actually looked like a rich second generation. But he also couldn’t imagine why else this man should have come over to him if not for the System’s newest task.
The man motioned at the barkeeper and a cocktail was placed in front of Su Yan.
Su Yan looked up at the man next to him with a questioning gaze. What was this about? Were heroes giving out drinks nowadays? But he wasn’t even thirsty. He was just there because of the System’s demand.
The man leaned over, lifted his hand and stroked Su Yan’s hair back. “It’s for you, beautiful. It represents my most sincere feelings toward you.”
Su Yan didn’t know what to respond. Why did it feel like he had just been confessed to? This definitely wasn’t him meeting some character archetype! That shitty System had clobbered him again!

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