LWS Chapter 27 Definitely Not A Hero

Once again, Su Yan felt the need to clarify his sexual orientation.
“Uh … I’m not gay.”
The man took his hands back in an I surrender-motion. “That’s alright, too. Let’s just be friends.” He waved at the barkeeper who picked the cocktail up again.
Friends probably didn’t get cocktails? Su Yan looked at the man in the suit again and couldn’t help but wonder why such a person would want to be friends with him.
It wasn’t that he would be unable to get along with someone like that. Actually, his own family was quite well-off, it was just that his father and he had a bad relationship so he had moved out and covered his own cost of living ever since then. He had never taken even a single yuan from his father. Thus, he really didn’t look like someone wealthy. Shouldn’t such a guy like the man next to him want to make friends with his peers?
The man threw another glance at the barkeeper who then proceeded to place two glasses in front of them. Ah, it seemed friends really didn’t get cocktails. They got something else.
“I’m being serious. Come on. Cheers.” He lifted the glass in front of him and looked at Su Yan expectantly.
Su Yan smiled wryly. Well, whatever. Such a guy would probably just drink with him a bit to feel rebellious and forget about him as soon as the night was over. He’d just give him a bit of face and then look for that hero the System wanted him to meet.
They clinked glasses and Su Yan sipped the drink. It was some sort of bourbon, probably popular with this kind of rich guy. Drinking it, you probably felt more classy as if you just drank beer?
He couldn’t help thinking of Nie Chang on this notion. That guy was the type to drink or eat whatever you put in front of him. You could go to KFC with him and buy him a 30 yuan meal and he would like it but he also wouldn’t mind if you invited him to M on the Bund and paid over 400 yuan for one of their signature dishes.
Nie Chang really was low-maintenance. Mn, actually, Su Yan would have much rather gone out with him to have a few beers than to sit in some bar and drink bourbon with a stranger because of that shitty System.
The person Su Yan was complimenting inside was nurturing his not-so-easy-going side right now, though. He jealously looked at what was happening at the bar. He knew from what kind of background Su Yan came so from the day he fell in love with him he had always feared that he would be taken away by someone from a similar background. He feared that even more than the possibility that Su Yan might never realize that he was gay because it was something he couldn’t do anything about.
It wasn’t about having money. Money could be earned and he had done that. In fact, he had earned way more than Su Yan for the last few years. If they became a couple, he wouldn’t have any problem supporting the two of them. Even if Su Yan wanted to own a small house with a garden and a few cats or a dog, he wouldn’t even flinch and just call an estate agent. Of course, that wasn’t because of his repair shop but because of the things he did on the side. Being a hacker … ah, no, being a programmer was a rather lucrative profession.
But money was the only thing he could get. It still wouldn’t change a thing about his own family background. That kind of status couldn’t be achieved through hard work. He would always be someone who came from the lowest part of society. Even if he wasn’t gay and Su Yan was a woman, it would be impossible between them if they only considered their status. That they were both men didn’t help his case. Su Yan’s family would have a lot to say about that.
Thus, seeing the person he had loved for so many years seemingly getting cozy with a rich second generation, Nie Chang’s mood darkened even more. He really had to do something.
He fished out his phone again and secretly snapped a photo. Then, he started to search for that person.
Meanwhile, the man in the suit engaged Su Yan in a conversation or, well, something similar to that.
“So, you’re here for the first time? I’ve never seen you before.”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded, though he felt it to be a little ridiculous. Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first and ask for the name of the other person if you want to be friends? So this really was a case of just making small talk with a glass of whiskey. The guy had probably just been bored and wanted to experience something novel. Alright, if it was like that, it was even easier to do this. He had learned how to deal with these situations, after all.
“That’s true. Someone recommended this place to me a while ago so I thought I should have a look. It really is nice. You’re a regular customer?”
“More or less.” The man smiled. “I only come here when I feel like it. Sometimes, it’s just a few times a month, sometimes it’s every few days. Actually, I didn’t want to come today at first but something told me it would be a great night if I did. I’m really glad I listened to my intuition.”
Su Yan smiled and barely repressed a snort. How great could it be to —
Before he finished the thought, he suddenly felt dizzy and his vision blurred for a moment.
“Is everything alright?” The man in the suit leaned over and peered into his face with a smile. “Don’t tell me the drink was too strong for you?”
“M … maybe.” Su Yan clutched the counter. The whole room was spinning around him.
“Aiya, this seems really bad. I came by car. How about I take you to the nearest hotel? You can lie down for a while.” He gripped Su Yan’s shoulder and pulled him toward his chest while throwing a key at the barkeeper. “Get the car to the back entrance.”
Damn. That shitty System! This guy definitely wasn’t a hero! Instead, he had obviously met a villain!
That insight came too late, though, because this thought was the last Su Yan had before he passed out.

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