LWS Chapter 19 Accidental Slip-Up

Su Yan was already past the point of trying to figure out how the system was calculating the compatibility of these couples.
Forget it. I’ll just try people randomly. Like that, there has to be some highly compatible couple sometime!
He concentrated on his screen and looked at the photos of his best friend and the customer. Now, who else could he try? There weren’t any people around besides Nie Chang’s other employee that had gone to the back and himself.
Su Yan nearly laughed. Yeah, what about himself? If it was himself …
[Processing answer.]
Uh? Somehow, the Lovely Writing System already started calculating before Su Yan had even consciously decided. He hastily lowered his phone a bit. He definitely couldn’t let that woman see or she’d think he was a pervert. And then Nie Chang might get problems, too, since he was his employee now.
Nah, he couldn’t let that happen.
“Heh!” Before the calculation was done, the woman slapped the top of the counter. “What is your boss doing so long back there?”
Su Yan looked up and slipped his phone back into his pocket. “I’m sorry, Miss, the boss is having a look at your notebook right now. As he said that might take a while.”
“Why is he doing that himself? Can’t you do that?”
“I’m sorry, I’m only working at the counter.”
“Then that other guy from before!”
Su Yan smiled wryly. So that woman hadn’t come by because she had a problem with her notebook. She was actually here because of Nie Chang!
Su Yan took a deep breath. He had seen that kind of situation quite often already and he knew Nie Chang loathed this type of woman who lied to get what they wanted. He definitely couldn’t let her get away with it. He had to make sure she wouldn’t bother Nie Chang.
“Miss, of course, our boss has to do it himself. Isn’t that your important device? And you even need it back so soon. Naturally, not everyone can repair it. And weren’t you dissatisfied with my co-worker’s service before? I’m sure the boss just wants to make it up to you.” He gave her that smile he had perfected in his time at the railroad station. No traveler had been able to argue back whenever he pulled that card. And that regardless of how furious they had been before. It really had to be his natural gift.
Indeed, even that difficult customer in front of him grew speechless when he smiled like that. Her reason for that was something Su Yan probably wouldn’t have liked, though: She suddenly remembered how that boss Nie she had come to seduce had entered with this boy. Those two had walked pretty close to each other, in fact, Nie Chang still had had his arm around Su Yan’s shoulders back then.
The woman was instantly appalled. It couldn’t be! The tall, rich and handsome man she had chosen was actually in a relationship already? And in a gay relationship at that?!
She abruptly stood up and leveled Su Yan with a deadly stare. That guy! He had actually dared to seduce the person she was interested in! She really wanted to scold him!
But in the end, the woman only lifted her chin and stared at him condescendingly. After all, there was no use to quibble over a gay man as a woman. “Hmph. Tell him I’ll come back in two hours to get the notebook.” Then, she turned on her high heels and left the shop.
Su Yan stared at her leaving figure. What had just happened? Had he said something wrong? Was his smile not working anymore? Why was the customer running away?
Su Yan thought back to what he had done before. There wasn’t anything that was offensive, as far as he could tell. Hadn’t he only tried to flatter her through saying that Nie Chang was doing an extra effort for her?
And before that, he had only tried to see what that system thought of their compatibility. Ah! Maybe they were extremely incompatible? So his smile had put her off and that was why she ran away?
Su Yan was suddenly enlightened. That must be it! Most likely, their compatibility was even below zero. It had to be a negative number.
He took out his phone. His eyes went wide at the message on the screen:
[Processing complete. Calculated compatibility of the chosen couple: 98%]
Hah? That wearisome woman and he had such a high compatibility?! That couldn’t be! Su Yan frowned. He didn’t want to be compatible with such a shrew! What was this system thinking?!
No, this couldn’t be. This time, he really had to get to the bottom of this! He couldn’t risk ending up with such a woman!
He turned to his phone for a closer look.
“Mn? Where did the customer go?” Just then, Nie Chang walked in with the pink notebook tugged under his arm and the other two employees behind him.
Su Yan flinched and dropped his phone. But he had still gotten his answer.
Indeed. It couldn’t be that he was compatible with such a woman. It was rather that the compatibility the system had calculated wasn’t for them. Instead, the couple that had been chosen was … actually … him and Nie Chang.

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