LWS Chapter 20 Potential Partner?

Su Yan stared at Nie Chang without knowing what to say. How could their compatibility even be calculated? They were two men for heaven’s sake!
“Your phone …” Nie Chang wanted to pick it up but Su Yan finally reacted at that moment.
He couldn’t let Nie Chang see that darned result!
Both of them bent down and reached for Su Yan’s phone. Their hands actually met in the middle. Su Yan grew frantic. He wanted to take his hand back but also didn’t want to seem strange. He looked up at Nie Chang to gauge his expression but actually found Nie Chang staring right back at him.
Su Yan’s face and ears instantly turned red. Nie Chang’s brows lifted a bit. Was Su Yan … embarrassed? Why?
He looked down at their hands again. His fingers were still touching Su Yan’s. It couldn’t be that Su Yan was really starting to see him as a potential partner? How had that suddenly happened? He had worked for years to make Su Yan fall in love with him but nothing had really worked. How come he was suddenly this conscious of his presence?
Nie Chang didn’t understand but he was happy nonetheless. This was a big step in the direction of their future together. He had to use this chance but he couldn’t go overboard, though.
“You dropped your phone.” He picked it up and stuffed it into Su Yan’s hands before looking up again. He feigned surprise. “Ah Yan, what’s wrong? Your face is completely red!” He cupped his cheeks and bent forward.
Not even three inches separated them. It was close enough to hear how Su Yan’s breath caught in his throat before it sped up. He could even see how Su Yan’s face got redder. Had they been alone he might really have bridged the gap between them and just kissed them.
Unfortunately, two huge light-bulbs were still standing behind them. And one of them couldn’t manage to keep his mouth shut. “What’s with this PDA? Didn’t he say he wanted to introduce a new colleague to us?”
Su Yan flinched, clutched his phone and leaped to his feet. “What PDA?! I … I just dropped my phone!” He said so but Nie Chang’s employees only stared at his red face silently. If this wasn’t PDA, then what was? Those two had nearly kissed in front of them!
Nie Chang stood up and lightly coughed. “As I said just now, I’ve found someone who will permanently take over work at the counter.”
His employees exchanged a look, one of them even wriggling his brows. Ah! ‘Permanently’! So that really was the boss’ boyfriend!
Su Yan thankfully hadn’t looked at them since he was putting his phone away to make sure that damned result couldn’t accidentally be spotted by Nie Chang. Thus, knew nothing of their thoughts. He just nodded at them. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Su Yan.”
“Mn. Lao Lao!” The first one returned his greeting.
“Gong Gong”, the second one introduced himself. Su Yan stared at him. What had he just heard? Did that guy just say he was a eunuch?
Nie Chang laughed, patted his shoulder and conveniently left his hand there. “I’m sorry. Those two, they did it again. This once is Lao Jing Mu.” He pointed at the first one that Su Yan had seen before. “Everyone’s just calling him Old Lao so he tends to forget he should introduce himself decently. The other one is called Gong Chun. He’s played some daoist eunuch ages ago in a game so since everyone called him Gong Gong back then it kind of became a nickname even outside of the game and then just stuck somehow.”
“They’ve both been working here since I opened the shop so if you have any questions you can always ask them.”
“Mn. Thank you. I’ll be in your care then.”
“Sure, sure.” The two didn’t seem to mind in any way.
“So, what about that customer just now?” Nie Chang turned back to Su Yan, startling him.
“Uh … I also don’t know. First, she asked for a chair and then she suddenly got up and said she’d be back in two hours to get the notebook.”
“Hmph.” Nie Chang put the pink notebook on the counter. “There wasn’t anything wrong with it anyway. Mn, we should demand a steep price from her.”
Su Yan could only stare. Nie Chang hadn’t even needed a quarter of an hour to find that nothing was wrong and he wanted to demand a high price from her? Well, it was Nie Chang’s shop so he shouldn’t say anything.
Nie Chang chuckled and nodded at his employees. “Since you’ve seen him you can go back now. I’ll show him the rest.”
“Sure …” Those two gave them a knowing look and disappeared into the backroom.
Su Yan rubbed his forehead. “Why does it seem like those two think I’m gay, too? I feel like I’m trapped in some kind of game show where people pretend getting the wrong impression of me all the time.”
“Ah, don’t think about it any longer. Come on.” Nie Chang turned him around toward the counter again and pointed at a batch of receipts. “When a customer comes you just fill that out and stick it onto the device, the customer gets the copy. Remind them that they need to keep it to get their device back. If there’s some more difficult problem you can’t specify on the receipt, just take one of the sticky notes over there and put it on top.”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded and waited for further instructions but nothing came. “Is that all?”
“Yeah. Like I said, it’s not a difficult job. Just be nice and smile a bit and they’ll come here every time something’s wrong with their devices.” Nie Chang nudged his shoulder and laughed.
Su Yan looked exasperated. He had no idea that Nie Chang hadn’t been joking. He really thought like that. He had always felt that Su Yan’s smile was beautiful and he was sure that a lot of other people thought so, too.
“Just try. If it’s not going well at first, it’s not a problem. You’ll get used to it. Now …” He opened his bag and took out Su Yan’s notebook. “I took your notebook with us when we went out. Just sit down and do your own things until the next customer comes. I’ll be in the back and work on some things, alright?”
“Alright. Boss!” Su Yan smiled, pulled his chair back to his side of the counter and sat down. Mn, this job might really be good.
There was one thing he had to figure out, though. Su Yan watched Nie Chang leave the room. There really was no reason to get nervous around him but for the last few days, something had felt different. He just couldn’t tell what it meant.

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