LWS Chapter 14 Accepting the Offer

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The next morning, Su Yan woke up in Nie Chang’s arms. He hid his face in his hands, totally embarrassed. Shit, had all of that really happened?
Nie Chang had already been awake for a while and smiled. “What? Never seen a man without a shirt?”
Su Yan slapped him. “That’s not it and you know it!” He smiled but then got serious and sat up. “Ah Chang, I’m sorry.”
“What for?”
“About yesterday. I … I wasn’t being fair yesterday morning. You were just worried and I got all snappish and even ran away. And then it turned out you were actually right. God, I still can’t believe what happened with Li Ming yesterday.”
“I can’t believe you told me you were reincarnated and got a system and then fell asleep before you got to the exciting points. Mr. Author, is that how you treat your readers?”
Su Yan laughed and slapped him again. “Heh, stop it. I was being serious yesterday.”
“Then tell me the rest.” Nie Chang sat up, too, and boldly looped an arm around Su Yan’s waist. His friend didn’t get the hint once again.
“Mn, it’s really the truth. It’s that strange app I told you about. It seems to be a real system.”
“And it wants you to write. So how did you end up being kissed by a male co-worker in the subway?”
Su Yan’s brow twitched. “Could you not bring that up again?”
“Mn. Resign. I already wrote the letter for you.”
“Hah?” Su Yan turned around and found himself face to face with Nie Chang. Or, well, rather with his chest. It sucked being two heads shorter than the other. He looked up and found an amused glint in Nie Chang’s eyes. That jerk! He still found that funny! I was nearly traumatized yesterday!
“I wrote your letter of resignation. It’s in the printer. You only have to bring it over and then you can start working at my place.”
“I … I didn’t say I’d accept your suggestion.”
Nie Chang lifted his brows. “You still want to work there after what happened? You’d be seeing that Li Ming guy each day. I believe that could get awkward.”
“Uh.” Su Yan’s face fell. Right. He’d have to see him. And since his female co-workers still believed he was gay … Who knew what else might happen? “Yeah, you’re probably right. Mn. Let me call one of my co-workers. I’ll go there when Li Ming isn’t on duty.” He reached for his phone on the bedside table but Nie Chang caught his hand. Su Yan’s skin tingled. This … What was happening here? He definitely shouldn’t feel like this, should he?
“You don’t have to. Let’s get dressed. I’ll go there with you. We can even grab something to eat while we’re out and I could show you your new workplace after that.”
“Mn. Alright.” Su Yan looked away and wriggled out of Nie Chang’s grip, running off to the bathroom.
Nie Chang lifted his brows. Oh? This was new. Running off yesterday was to be expected since he was angry. But this … It couldn’t be that Su Yan was really getting conscious of his presence? Well, he’d have some time to test it out.
The two of them washed up and left the apartment together. It was a little strange for Su Yan, going that familiar way to his workplace with Nie Chang. Especially after what had happened yesterday.
They boarded the subway together. Right now, it was early in the morning. A lot of people were already inside and they had to squeeze to find a place to stand. The people behind them still shoved to get inside. Su Yan tumbled against Nie Chang. He wanted to step back but there was no place at all.
Nie Chang smiled and pulled him even closer. “Careful.”
Su Yan didn’t even dare to nod. He was literally pressed up against Nie Chang’s body. Damn. How much more embarrassing could his life get? Well, at least he didn’t have to mind the other people. And they were friends. It wouldn’t be a problem for Nie Chang, would it?
He cautiously looked up. Nie Chang seemed to be looking out of the window. Ah, he really didn’t care. He was just too tense because of all the things that had happened in the last two days.
Speaking of which … Su Yan thought back to what he had been doing before the whole fiasco with Li Ming happened: He was pairing up people. But the highest score he managed to get was 70% for a guy in his forties and a woman in her twenties and that score had been the odd-one-out for a series of awfully low scores below 5%.
The man had worn a slightly older suit that told a story about his status at work. He had probably been on his way climbing up the ladder but then something happened. Maybe his wife left him? He probably let himself go after that and thus started to halt in his progression. He had been in the same position ever since then and there might even be talk about him being transferred to a lower position soon.
While he was slowly losing the position he had once worked hard for the girl was the total opposite of him: You just had to take one look at her meticulously styled hair and the way she dressed to know she was someone winning in life. She lacked a little in regards to feminine curves but she was slender and the knee-length skirt of her dress exuded a girlish charm. Moreover, the upper part of her dress was adorned with layers of lace that gave the impression of a bigger cup size. This was a woman who knew her strong points and her weak points and could act on it.
If she would be paired with the middle-aged man who had lost sight of his goals, she would certainly manage to help him get his life back on track. Then, a beautiful love-story could unfold. At least, that was what Su Yan had imagined. He didn’t understand why those two only got 70% but neither did he understand why all the other couples he thought of only got a compatibility score of below 5%. Maybe he should rather wonder why that score was high?
He pondered what was distinguishing this possible couple from the others he had chosen. But even when they reached his workplace, he still hadn’t been able to figure out anything.
Never would Su Yan have thought that the reason for this high score was because that young ‘lady’ he had chosen was, in fact, a young gentleman.

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