LWS Chapter 13 How Long Do You Want Me To Wait?

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Nie Chang brought the meal he had cooked over and quietly sat beside Su Yan. He looked at his profile and heaved a sigh. Thank god, he had looked at the security cameras today! Su Yan had been so shocked he hadn’t reacted at all. That guy might just have taken him home and done something worse to him.
He really wanted to know how something like that could happen. From what that guy had said, it seemed like Su Yan had told him he wasn’t interested at all. So how had it escalated like this?
Su Yan sighed and flopped over to the side, his head coming to lie on Nie Chang’s chest. “My life is so strange.”
“Do you wanna talk about it?” Nie Chang lifted his hand with slight hesitation but finally touched Su Yan’s shoulder. He started to slowly rub up and down when Su Yan didn’t struggle. Ah, was this kind of trust in him really justified?
“Have you … Have you ever read one of those system novels?”
“What?” Nie Chang lifted his brows. What was he trying to say?
“You know, those web novels where someone is reborn and hears a strange voice and notices that it comes out of his own head. And then the voice tells him that it is, in fact, a system and that it’s supposed to help him reach the apex of something. Mn, it’s mostly related to a profession they had in their old life but sometimes it is also related to the world where they woke up. You know, stuff like cultivation and that?”
“I know. The things you’re writing have that.”
“What does that have to do with …”
Su Yan lifted his head and looked up at Nie Chang with a wry smile. “You’ll probably not believe me but I actually got a system. Unfortunately, it seems to always bring me trouble.”
Nie Chang was stunned. Huh? Was this … a joke? It sounded like one but considering how serious Su Yan looked … Well, even if it was, he should humor him a bit. “What kind of system?”
“A writing system.” Su Yan lowered his head again and snuggled against Nie Chang’s chest. Mn, it actually felt nice being so close to him …
“Makes sense you would get something like that.”
“Mn.” Su Yan’s breathing evened out.
Nie Chang pushed back his hair to look into his face. When he saw him half asleep he smiled. “It’s alright. If you’re tired, just sleep a bit. There’s still time for everything else tomorrow.” He continued to rub his back until Su Yan was fast asleep. Finally, he picked him up and brought him to the bed. He covered him with the blanket and pushed his hair back, then he silently leaned over and kissed his temple. “Good night.”
He wanted to go back to the living room but just at that moment Su Yan turned around in his sleep and grabbed his sleeve. “Mn, I’ll definitely find them.”
Nie Chang lifted his brows. What was he searching for? It had to be quite important when he remembered it even now. Well, he could ask him that tomorrow, too.
Nie Chang sat down at the bedside and took out his phone again. He connected it to his notebook and opened a new document. Then, he started typing. Some minutes later, the low rumble of a printer could be heard from the other room.
Nie Chang threw his phone aside, slipped out of his clothes and climbed under the blanket. He pulled Su Yan into his arms and closed his eyes with a smile. He wasn’t tired at all since he had slept some more hours in the morning but he felt content. Just being able to be with Su Yan like this was already more than he had been able to hope for for a long time.
Ah, I just hope he won’t be too scared because of what happened today. Or else, it’ll be even harder to get him to like me. He gently tousled Su Yan’s hair. Really, how long do you want me to continue to wait? Isn’t it long enough already?
He had waited for so many years already but Su Yan just didn’t understand. Seeing how he had reacted today, it was probably that he really didn’t understand. Well, that was at least something. Had he known all along and not reacted despite it then that would mean there was no hope. Like this, he could still make him fall in love. With a bit of time, he would somehow succeed.
Nie Chang smiled and hugged Su Yan closer to his chest. Yes, he just needed some time. And starting from tomorrow he’d have exactly that.
Meanwhile, in the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu zoomed in with her camera to get a closer look. No, not of the two men in the bed. She didn’t need to because she had already seen everything there was to see for now, after all. No, instead she wanted to know what Nie Chang had typed.
It was only one page but it had seemed quite important. She didn’t need to look long to find her answer: In the middle of the page, written in bold characters, stood ‘letter of resignation’.
“Whoa! Way to go, Nie Chang! You actually already wrote his letter of resignation? So if he submits that tomorrow he could start working at your place the same day? Wouldn’t that mean … Kya!”
Shen Lu clutched her face and spun around on her chair. Yes! She just loved decisive men!
“How about I help you a bit?”
She opened her personal terminal and had a look at the settings of the system. Heheh, so many interesting things … Now, what should she do to make Su Yan hurry up a bit with his realization?

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