OMF V2C128 Thirteen Days Are Enough

Xiao Dong examined Jing Yi’s expression. It seemed … quite thoughtful? Had he not told the story well enough? Or could it be that His Majesty’s beloved didn’t believe him? Well, he had to admit that the story had some questionable parts.

Like why had the king never married his senior martial brother if he loved him so much? His uncle hadn’t managed to tell him because his mother had interfered so he didn’t know about that. He knew even less why the king’s senior martial brother would have married some woman if he could have married the king. Wasn’t it said that the late king had been a devastating beauty? Why would anybody refuse to marry such a person?

Anyway, that wasn’t the point. “It really happened that way.” He might have left some things out but he hadn’t put even one word in there that wasn’t true!

“Mn.” Jing Yi didn’t say anything else. He didn’t doubt Xiao Dong’s words in the least. After all, they were friends. Why would a friend lie to him? He didn’t have any reason to do so. Suspecting him of something like that would be in bad taste. That wasn’t how you were supposed to treat friends. No, you always had to be honest with them, then they would also treat you with the same honesty. And he had never lied to Xiao Dong so it couldn’t be that he had lied.

No, rather than that … He didn’t just know what to make of this story. It sounded quite pitiful that the king stayed alone because his senior martial brother died. He must have been very deeply in love and had been unable to fall in love with anybody else afterward. He probably couldn’t stop thinking about his senior martial brother. But … what did this mean for him? Sure, he could marry somebody and still become a strong person that would be able to help others. He could even help others together with the person he married. But … “I don’t even know him.” Jing Yi stopped walking and finally said what was bothering him deep down.

Xiao Dong halted and turned to face him, his face showing utter confusion. “You don’t know him? What do you mean?”

Even Qiu Ling as the king of the dragon race didn’t understand the gods’ trials so it didn’t even need to be said that someone like Xiao Dong who would still be regarded as a child in the dragon realm had no idea what these trials were about either.

From the moment his mother had excitedly disturbed him while he trained his sword arts, she had always gushed about how he had gotten the mission to save His Majesty’s beloved from some vile human being. So he had always been under the impression that Jing Yi as the one that had been introduced to him as the king’s beloved would know Qiu Ling.

Even if he didn’t know for sure who he was because he had turned into a human somehow, shouldn’t he feel what type of connection they had? Wasn’t that how love worked? You found the person that was fated to be with you and then you would know it in your soul? You could feel their happiness and sadness deep down inside you and whenever you looked at them, you would feel that it was just right?

At the very least, that was how he had always imagined it. So how come Jing Yi said he didn’t know him? Didn’t he have that type of feeling in his soul? It couldn’t be that his king was having a one-sided crush, could it?

Xiao Dong tilted his head and thought back to the domineering figure of his king and that dark gaze in his eyes. Ah, no, that wasn’t possible at all! Such a mighty person … Naturally, Jing Yi would fall in love at first sight with him! Even if he couldn’t feel anything in his soul from the time he had been a trueborn god in the Nine Heavens, he would still fall in love with him again.

Jing Yi saw Xiao Dong tilt his head and felt that he needed to explain. “Mn, I really don’t know anything about him other than his name and who his Master is. I mean I saw him for the first time yesterday. I don’t know much about marriage but as far as I know, my parents had known each other for many years when they married. They even grew up together.”

Xiao Dong grimaced. “My parents knew each other for thirteen days before they married.” His parents were dragons though. If they liked someone, they liked them. And in a normal situation, they wouldn’t wait and just directly admit to it. If the other person liked them too, well, congratulations! They would get married immediately.

That had also been the reason why Qiu Ling had proposed to Jing He on the day of their first encounter. Screw the fact that it was the Heavenly Emperor’s birthday banquet! He had seen the person he felt was fated for him. Why shouldn’t he propose? If it had been possible, he would have dragged him back to his palace that very night and sealed the deal.

Unfortunately, that person’s father had been there and had foiled his plan. Well, Jing He wouldn’t have agreed anyway considering Qiu Ling had needed a decade to woo him to the point of no return. And that had been with the Heavenly Empress’ help. One didn’t even want to imagine how much longer he would have needed without her.

“Thirteen days?” Jing Yi as someone who knew nothing of the dragon race couldn’t understand. How could anyone marry this fast? Never mind getting to know the other person, what about preparing for the wedding? He had heard the women in the capital talk about how long these things took once or twice.

“Aren’t thirteen days enough? If you love the other person, then why not marry as soon as possible? The sooner you marry the more time you’ll have with each other. Isn’t that good? So I think you should agree.”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes. “But … I don’t love him. So I don’t think we should get married.”

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