OMF V2C136 A Test?

Qiu Ling didn’t think about it any longer. Since he already knew now where to find these herbs and also knew who he could ask for more information on the other ingredients, he shouldn’t waste any more time. The sooner he managed to find everything and have the old geezer refine that pill for him, the sooner his beloved would fall in love again!

Qiu Ling smiled brightly at that thought and even remembered to nod at the Grandelder in thanks. “Thank you, Grandelder. Then I’ll be on my way.” Qiu Ling rushed out of the palace at that, not waiting for a response.

The Grandelder and his head disciple were both stunned. Had the Grandmaster’s disciple just come by only to ask about some herbs and then ran out like the wind?

The Grandelder sighed and shook his head. “Ah, even a talented genius can become a fool for love. Promise me you’ll never be like that, Hong Fang.”

“Of course not, Master. Love really is only for fools.” He couldn’t help looking in a certain direction though. Maybe everyone was a fool once in a while.

Meanwhile, Qiu Ling had already rushed to the beast taming peak. This time he grabbed a disciple that was walking by instead of barging right in. “You. Take me to your Elder. He’s supposed to be called Elder Gang or something like that.”

The disciple tried to slap his hands away but found that Qiu Ling’s grip was too tight. “You! What do you think you’re doing?!” The disciple was a cultivator and thus, he hadn’t been at the Gathering of Practitioners just like Nian Hong Fang. He had heard that the Grandmaster had taken in a disciple but he had never seen Qiu Ling and he certainly wouldn’t assume that the random person that grabbed him was this much-talked-about person.

“I’m here to ask your Elder some questions. So where is he?”

“Damn, let go of me!”

Qiu Ling frowned but really let go of the disciple. It seemed that this guy didn’t know anything. He’d need to ask somebody else. He looked around and indeed spotted another disciple not far from him. He rushed over and grabbed the guy by the shoulder. “Heh! Where is your —”

The disciple whirled around, grabbed his wrist with one hand and his shoulder with the other and tried to throw him over his shoulder. Qiu Ling blinked. He felt the pull but a grown-up dragon wouldn’t just be thrown through the air by a human. He just stood there and tilted his head.

Was this some kind of test? You try to throw me, then I try to throw you and when I win you’ll show me the way? He copied the grip of the disciple and threw him over his shoulder. “Did I pass?”

He turned around to look at the disciple and was met with an incredulous gaze. “How … How did you do that?” The young man sat up, rubbed the back of his head and winced. Ah, maybe he should go to the medicine mountain later and ask Nian Hong Fang for help again …

“Did I do it wrong? Should we have a go again?” Qiu Ling lifted his hands but the disciple waved his concerns away.

“No, no need. Actually, I’m sorry. I thought one of my junior martial brothers wanted to tease me again. It was supposed to be payback.”

“Oh. You should try paying them back a bit harder in the future.”

The disciple nodded while those junior martial brothers surrounding them were staring slack-jawed. They had been thrown around quite a few times by that brawny senior martial brother of theirs but now this guy dared to say he should use even more force?! And he hadn’t even budged when he was met with that fearsome throw! Just who was this person?

Qiu Ling ignored them and fished out his list again. “I’m here to see some Elder Gang. Where is he?”

“Oh, you mean Elder Geng. I’m Mao Xun, his head disciple. Let me bring you over. He should be at the stables behind his palace.” Mao Xun motioned for Qiu Ling to follow him.

His Master raised his brows in surprise when he saw him bringing Qiu Ling along. The Elders had all been at the Gathering of Practitioners so he recognized him at first glance. “Isn’t this the Grandmaster’s disciple, Qiu Ling? What brings you here?”

Qiu Ling lifted the list with a bright smile. “Please, help me find these ingredients.”

The Elder took one look at the list and raised his brows even further. “The Amethyst Lightning Pill? Why would you need the ingredients for that? You’re a practitioner, aren’t you?”

“Mn. It’s for my beloved.” Qiu Ling smiled even brighter. “So please hurry up. I need to be fast or he’ll miss me too much.”

Elder Geng and his disciple were taken aback. When had anyone dared to speak to Elder Geng like that? “Uh … What kind of help would you like? It’s not like we have these materials lying around here.”

“Then tell me where I can find them. I’ll go collect them on my own.”

The Elder looked at him in a daze and finally shook his head. “You do know that it will be dangerous to collect these ingredients?”

“Yes, the Grandelder already told me.” Qiu Ling still smiled as if it was nothing much, shutting every other advice the Elder might have given him up.

Elder Geng sighed. “Alright. We have a book here that contains the spiritual beasts from which you can gain these materials.” He motioned for Qiu Ling to follow him and — just like the Grandelder — brought him into the library. He didn’t do Qiu Ling the favor of searching for the spiritual beasts though and just handed him the whole book.

Qiu Ling didn’t mind. How much time could it take to find what he needed to look for? This couldn’t stop him at all! “Thanks, Elder. I’ll be on my way then!” Thus he turned on his heel and rushed out of the palace. He didn’t pause to look through the book and instead just put it into his spatial ring. There would be enough time for that later. No, he’d go and gather the herbs first. Mn, where was the first one supposed to be? Someplace called Court of Flames? Well, he’d see what that was about.

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