OMF V1C164 A Clandestine Love Affair

In the mortal realm, Ai Hua and Xiao Dong both glanced at Jing Yi and his mother when they tensed at the sight of the man in the door. It seemed this was the person that had been making trouble for the beloved of His Majesty. Well, good that he had come by. Now they wouldn’t need to search for him to teach him a lesson.
Xiao Dong cracked his knuckles and lifted a brow at his mother. Ai Hua considered their possibilities for a moment. Being beaten up by a child would definitely humiliate him but … that wasn’t something a human child could do, was it? If the story spread and people saw him with his head of gold-blond hair, they’d react like that boy His Majesty’s beloved had brought along and say he was a demon. That might bring even more trouble. In the end, she shook her head. No, it was better she did this herself.

While Ai Hua was still caught up in her thoughts, a fourth man approached the teahouse. He looked at Li Bo and his servants with furrowed brows and harrumphed. These guys again! This time he wouldn’t let them get away! This person was none other than Qiang Wei who had been there the first time Li Bo brought his lackeys over. He still remembered how Mister Zhong had fallen to the ground, how his wife had cried, and how lost the child had seemed. Why hadn’t he been faster to react? If he had interrupted them before they kicked him … Ah, he still didn’t know how to explain to His Majesty. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be changed anymore. Now, he could only make sure that Madam Zhong and her child were alright. He definitely wouldn’t let this guy get away this time! He’d show him!
Qiang Wei strode over but just when he reached the entrance his eyes bulged. He jumped to the side and hid next to the door with his back to the building, clutching his chest and breathing deeply.
“What happened?” The person to run over was Fu Min. He and Fu Heng had fetched that demon hunter from the Chun Feng Sect after Qiang Wei defeated him. After some … questioning in the dragon realm, they had finally found out that everything had been a misunderstanding. Fu Heng had gone to return the demon hunter to his sect where he would hopefully stay put while Fu Min came over to the teahouse to inform Qiang Wei of what they had found. Seeing Qiang Wei behave this strangely, he was confused. He glanced at the people at the entrance but they were just some mortals.
Qiang Wei ignored him and peeked into the teahouse again but retracted his head just as fast. When Fu Min wanted to take a look he pulled him back. “It’s Yi Zan’s sister,” he whispered.
“Ai Hua?” Fu Min raised his brows. What was she doing here?
Qiang Wei sighed. “You know she doesn’t like me. I don’t want her to see me.”
“But His Highness is inside.”
“Right. But he has His Majesty’s mark, hasn’t he? You can say whatever you want about Ai Hua but she would definitely protect him.”
“She might tell on you though. She doesn’t like you.”
Qiang Wei smirked. “Oh? You don’t say?”
Fu Min leaned against the wall next to him and threw him a sideways glance. “Having a sister-in-law can be even tougher than having a mother-in-law it seems.”
Qiang Wei frowned. “What are you talking about? We’re just friends.”
“Sure …” Fu Min looked up at the sky with raised brows. He didn’t believe that there was nothing going on between Qiang Wei and Yi Zan. Those two were always together and Ai Hua always picked on Qiang Wei. What reason could there be other than some clandestine love affair between the two of them?
Qiang Wei frowned and clenched his hands into fists. This guy deserved to be beaten up! He wanted to move but the impassive face of Fu Heng came to mind. Uh … He’d have hell to pay if he dared to hurt Fu Min.
Eh? Qiang Wei blinked and finally, his lips raised into a nasty smirk. “Well, it’s true.”
“Ah?” Fu Min’s eyes widened. How come he just admitted to it after all this time?
“Mn. We’re not like a certain someone and Fu Heng, after all.”
“What are you —” Fu Min whirled around and narrowed his eyes. “We don’t even like each other!”
“Oh?” Qiang Wei only grinned wider.
“Tch. I’m not talking to you anymore.” Fu Min crossed his arms and faced the other side.
Qiang Wei didn’t retort. He couldn’t fault Fu Min for not understanding how crazy Fu Heng actually was about him. That guy didn’t understand how to show his feelings and even though he was normally blunt he couldn’t bring himself to tell Fu Min. How were the two of them supposed to get into a relationship like that?
Qiang Wei had no interest in helping them though. If they couldn’t even start their own relationship without help, then they’d never make it work. And he wouldn’t want to see two of his friends dying because of something this dumb. No, it was still better to leave this to fate and see where it brought them. Right now, they had more important things to do anyway.
He faced away from Fu Min and peered into the teahouse as inconspicuously as he could. It seemed … things were about to turn interesting. At the very least, those three guys had waltzed to the middle of the room by now and were looking around as if everything they saw was theirs already.
Finally, Li Bo turned to Madam Zhong. “Aiya! How nice to see you again!” He smiled smugly and his two servants followed suit.
Their big play was about to commence.

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