Review: Counterfeit Bride

It’s once more time to introduce a short novel to you: “Counterfeit Bride”. This is once again a completely translated novel with only 10 chapters so you can read it in a couple of hours. 😉


What is “Counterfeit Bride” about?

The title of the novel is actually pretty straightforward: The novel tells the story of Shi Jie Yi a servant who is asked by his master to, well, replace her for her marriage because, well, she doesn’t want to go to some backwater place. After some persuasion, he actually agrees. His husband-to-be isn’t that thrilled about the marriage either and wants to test his new “bride” to see if she is even fit to marry him. But if the one he is testing isn’t the fragile miss he imagined but instead a servant and a man no less, then most likely this test will play out differently than expected. So will those two actually get to marry?

My opinion

This novel had a similar feeling like “Ban Lu Qin Jun” for me. Both are short and quite straightforward, they don’t make any complicated detours. When comparing both of them I still have to say that I like “Counterfeit Bride” more.
I did like both the protagonist Shie Jie Yi and the male lead Yun Tian Yang. They both have their reasons for their actions and their interactions are a bit funny and overall quite cute.
I could even have read some more chapters but overall I think it was alright to have only those 10. Even with this shortness, the novel managed to give me some slight surprises and some twists, as well as establishing the characters and their relationship. There are also some supporting characters that I found quite nice.


Overall …

“Counterfeit Bride” is a cute and fluffy novel that can be read when you have a free afternoon and don’t know what to do yet. It was definitely a novel I didn’t regret reading and one that I would even read a second time. 😊

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