Review: To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Today, let me talk about a novel that I’m currently following. It’s one of these stories that I wasn’t sure if I should pick it up but where I was still happy that I did in the end. Actually, that sounds quite similar to what I said about FOD back then 🤔 Maybe I should have known 😁

Anyway: “To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie” is a Chinese BL novel, that is currently being translated by KK Translates while the first 19 chapters were done by Naeda Translations.


What is “To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie” about?

In a world where movies can be experienced in a ‘holographic viewing mode’ that allows the audience to become characters in the movie themselves, Su Min is the first person to clear one of the detested horror movies. Well, somehow, the difficulty doesn’t seem to be high for him considering that the ghosts seem to like him quite a lot. And then there’s that one special ghost that seems to follow him around …


My opinion

I’m not much into horror and seldom watch horror movies so my interest in this wasn’t too high. I thought that I might have some trouble understanding parts since I wasn’t well-versed in what’s normal for horror movies. Well, turns out I thought too much. This novel is hilarious! 😂

The MC is pretty down-to-earth and takes things in stride even though some really ridiculous things happen while he experiences the different movies. The ML is still pretty much a secret even after about a hundred chapters but he’s a nice addition to the whole thing. He’s the shameless kind of guy that will definitely take advantage of the fact that he’s a ghost but he isn’t too overbearing either, although he does have his spells of jealousy. I feel that the two of them have pretty good chemistry so reading about their meetings is always fun.

I also like the different arcs a lot. Each one deals with one movie, as well as some things outside like Su Min’s university life or family situation. The movies are very different from each other despite all being of the same genre so the novel never got boring for me.


Overall …

I’d recommend reading this novel if you like BL stories with very varied arcs, a main couple with good chemistry, and are up for a good laugh. You should be open to waiting quite some time for the reveal of the ML’s backstory though.

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