OMF V11C21 Not Safe out There

While Xiang Yu was anxious, Leng Jin Yu had made his way over to the Heavenly Empress’s palace. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in at the time and was instead still at her husband’s palace.

Leng Jin Yu hesitated for a moment and finally nodded. “I see. Would you mind informing her that I have come then? I also need to speak to the God of War so I will be at his palace. It would be great if she could meet us there.”

The servant girl was a bit worried. She had seen the Heavenly Empress leave with Leng Jin Yu and the man with the veiled hat before so she knew that they were familiar. But she had also seen the signs in the sky. They were gone now but she wasn’t sure if it was already safe to be outside.

Leng Jin Yu faintly raised his brows when he saw her hesitation. “What’s the matter?”

“That … It might still be dangerous out there.”

“Ah, I see.” Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Well, how about this then? We could go over there together if you’re worried but I’d still need you to announce that I’m there to see her. I’d rather have somebody familiar with her do that. The servants at the Heavenly Emperor’s palace are probably all busy right now as well.”

The servant girl blinked her eyes at him, a little surprised. In fact, she hadn’t thought of her own safety but only of the Heavenly Empress. Now that the visitor reminded her, she realized that she herself would be in the same dilemma though. She sighed and then nodded. “I would appreciate that.”

Leng Jin Yu inclined his head and then motioned down the path, taking the lead so she wouldn’t feel too afraid. He indeed started to survey their surroundings. He didn’t actually think that there was much of a reason to worry right now since the fallen god — whoever it actually was — should be gone already but since she was afraid, it was a small favor to do. Not to mention that he might be able to see something. Right now, every bit of information they could gather was worth it.

At the side, he still talked to the servant girl though. He was only an ascended deity so he hadn’t grown up in the Nine Heavens and even though he had once lived a life as a dragon, the fallen gods were not as much of a worry to them as they were to the trueborn gods. After noticing the signs in the sky earlier, the average god in the capital city was likely terrified.

“It has been some time since the signs vanished so either the guards caught the fallen god in time or the person’s fall was completed and they left by themselves. I doubt they’re still here. Otherwise, we’d be hearing the sounds of a fight by now.”

The servant girl nodded. “You’re probably right. It’s just … I don’t think anything like this has ever happened in the capital city before. At the very least, I can’t remember ever seeing it. It’s … it’s terrifying to see or even think about.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded but he also couldn’t help but think of the story he had heard about Tian: His lover, Xing, who had been a part of the Heavenly Family had fallen as well and he had certainly done so in the capital city of the Nine Heavens. So yes, this had happened at least once in the long history of this place. It was simply that the people living here were not old enough to remember it personally.

Leng Jin Yu’s brows furrowed when he thought of that story. Two children of the Heavenly Family might have fallen even though fallen gods were usually rare. It could sure make one wonder if there was more to that.

He sighed faintly, not willing to spin that thought any further. Yes, it was likely that Jing He had fallen from everything they knew but … he still wanted to believe that this wasn’t the case. For the sake of Jing He himself but also for Qiu Ling and their family. There had been too many tragedies already. They didn’t need an additional one.

“I know what you mean. A fallen god … they are dangerous no matter how you slice it and I suppose to the trueborn gods, their meaning is even worse. It is difficult not to be afraid.” Fallen gods like Xiang Yu … they should be the exception. In fact, maybe he was the only exception from the rule that fallen gods were crazy and would attack anything in sight if given the slightest reason. He had never met another one so he couldn’t say and, frankly, he didn’t want to find out either.

The servant girl nodded. “Yes, that. I wouldn’t know what to do if one suddenly stood in front of me. And to think that the one who fell is somebody from the city … it makes you ponder. Maybe it is even somebody I know.”

“I hope it isn’t.” Leng Jin Yu gave her a faint smile. “Anyway, it might take a while to investigate the ins and outs but you’ll probably know more soon. The Heavenly Empress might have more information as well.”

The servant girl nodded, cheering up a little. “Yes, Her Majesty treats us very well. If she knows that it’s safe again, she’ll let us know. If it isn’t, she’d caution us to stay inside. She has always taken everyone’s lives seriously.”

She had been serving at Bai Fen’s side for years. Not all the time but more than long enough to have witnessed a lot and know many of the things about her past. She knew where Bai Fen came from and she had come to the capital city of the Nine Heavens. At the heart of it, their roots weren’t all that different even if one of them was only a servant now and the other had turned into almost the highest position in their realm.

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