OCN C75 A Day for Meetings

While the ninjas of the Si clan were already on their way to taking care of their respective part of the plan, the three guys from Bright Yellow Water also got ready to move out.

They first toured the city, looking at everything that was recommended for tourists to see. By the time they had finished with the must-sees, it was already slightly after lunchtime. Xiao Ming wouldn’t have minded going on but Li Shui already looked as if he was starving.

“Look at you! One day of not being fed properly and this is the result. I’m afraid we’ll have to work on that.” He reached over and patted Li Shui’s stomach before he motioned around. “Well, I guess you should choose a restaurant then. Didn’t we want to go out and eat anyway? Although I have to say it’s a bit of a pity that we already need a break. I would have liked to look around for a bit longer.”

Qian Huang nodded. Even though he was pretty similar to Li Shui in how he would usually get hungry before Xiao Ming, with everything else going on, he also felt like it was still much earlier than it really was. “Eh, why don’t we just split up? Li Shui can go and eat and we can go and look at some things that we are interested in. We could just meet up in two or three hours again.”

Xiao Ming raised his brows, looking to Li Shui for an answer. When it came to him, then he really didn’t mind either way. Even though he wasn’t really hungry yet, he could also go and eat already.

Li Shui pursed his lips and then nodded. “Yes, why not? Anyway, I’m really hungry. Maybe after I’m done, I should come and look for the two of you. By that time, maybe you’ll get hungry. Then I can accompany you and take a bite!”

Xiao Ming laughed and patted his shoulder. “Go and eat already! We wouldn’t want you to starve because you didn’t make it there in time.”

Li Shui chuckled and waved at them before he rushed off to the nearest restaurant, already rubbing his hands when he stepped inside. He wanted to rush to order when he saw a familiar person walking by. “Ah? Isn’t that …”

Si Shi Wu turned around when he heard the voice, feeling that it sounded vaguely familiar. When he saw Li Shui, he couldn’t help but look behind him but realized that Xiao Ming and Qian Huang weren’t there.

Still, since he had seen the three of them together he nodded toward him. He was wondering what he was doing here without the other two. In fact, he was mostly wondering just where Xiao Ming was. Because if he was anywhere close by, maybe he should message Si Yi so he could bring their master over. If they had opportunities to meet outside of the show, their master would be ecstatic and their relationship might progress faster as well.

Li Shui noticed how Si Shi Wu looked behind him. He couldn’t help but grin and went over to him. “Mister Ai, what a surprise! Were you looking for Xiao Ming?” Even though they still hadn’t gotten any proof, he felt that there was at least a decent chance that this Ai Gui Jin was into Xiao Ming. Seeing as his friend didn’t really have the chance to go out much to meet somebody, he figured that he should help with this.

Si Shi Wu was a little taken aback when he was suddenly asked that question but then figured that Li Shui had probably seen him look behind him. He gave a laugh and then shook his head. “I’m sorry. It is just that so far, I’ve only ever seen the three of you together so I thought that maybe the other two would come along. What are you doing here alone?”

Li Shui smiled even brighter when he realized that Ai Gui Jin was really asking about Xiao Ming with this so he happily told him. “Well, there’s not that much to do for us either in the city until the next episode. I mean there still is some stuff to take care of but nothing for today so we decided to have a look around instead. Just now, we split up though. I was kind of hungry so I came here while Xiao Ming and Qian Huang went off to each do their own thing. If you want to see him, you might still be able to catch him if you run out now.”

Si Shi Wu wasn’t quite sure why he would want to do that so he shook his head. “No, no need. To be honest, I came here to meet up with an old friend of mine. Then, I somehow ran into another acquaintance. It’s really a day for meetings.”

Li Shui perked up at that as well. “An old friend and an acquaintance?” He was really wondering what this might be about.

Si Shi Wu gave a hum and then figured that maybe this was an opportunity as well. “Yes, the owner of this restaurant is somebody I know from the past. Since I was in the city for the casting, I figured I might as well come by and have a small chat. I wasn’t sure when he’d be free though so I wanted to sit down to eat and just wait until he has time for me. Then, I actually walked past somebody else that I knew. I can hardly believe that I’m going to another city for once instead of just staying in my restaurant all the time and suddenly I meet so many people I know. It’s crazy.”

He already wanted to drop the subject and bid Li Shui farewell to go back to his table when he realized that it might be better if he continued establishing friendly relations. After all, if young master Xiao and their master really got together, it would be best if the other two also got along with him and the rest of the clan.

Thinking of that, Si Shi Wu gave a smile and motioned to a corner of the restaurant. “The person in question is Mister Yu’s granddaughter, Miss Yu Lin. Maybe you would like to meet her as well? I could introduce the two of you.”

He wasn’t quite sure if it was the right decision to get Yu Lin involved with the people from Bright Yellow Water any further but this was the best bet that he had. It probably would’ve been better if he was able to introduce Li Shui to his old friend but that currently wasn’t possible. Right now, it was around lunchtime so naturally, his friend was incredibly busy. Only when the number of visitors eased up a little would he be able to have a talk with him himself. Bringing over guests? That was completely out of the question.

Li Shui was curious when he suddenly heard her being mentioned. “Isn’t that the person Mister Yu tried to set Xiao Ming up with?”

Si Shi Wu smiled wryly. He probably shouldn’t be surprised that the other members of Bright Yellow Water also knew but that probably also meant that Li Shui knew what his involvement in this was. In that case, it seemed that he would have to own up to that. “Not just Mister Xiao but me as well.

“In any case, she is indeed a lovely young lady so I’m sure that you would get along well. So, do you want me to bring you over? You don’t have to stay. In any case, I haven’t asked her if she’d be alright with it. She was here first so I don’t think it would be alright to just decide anything for her.”

Li Shui really was curious so he hurriedly nodded and followed him over.

Si Shi Wu cleared his throat when he came back to the table and waited for Yu Lin to look up. “Miss Yu, it seems that today, I somehow attract people. I just met Mister Li. Maybe you know about him. He’s —”

At that time, Yu Lin’s eyes had already lit up. “I know! You are the cameraman of Bright Yellow Water, Li Shui.” She smiled brightly and then motioned for him to sit. “I bet you came here to eat. What do you want?”

Li Shui was taken aback for a moment. That Yu Lin was really beautiful. And how often had he experienced a beautiful woman not only knowing exactly who he was but even inviting him to eat? This seemed like a dream come true!

He sat down, still completely baffled, and then couldn’t help but rub his chest. “Ah, some of Xiao Ming’s fame must have rubbed off on me. This is the first time somebody recognizes me!”

Yu Lin laughed and pushed the menu over to him. “Well, I’m sure it’ll happen much more often in the future. I’ll just take a bit longer for you than for the other two because you are mostly behind the camera and not seen as much.”

Li Shui nodded, feeling that this was indeed true. In any case, even Qian Huang had a bigger role than him even though he couldn’t cook either. “True. Anyway, I hope this restaurant is good. But then again, if it’s owned by a friend of Mister Ai, it should be.”

Yu Lin nodded. “I’ve tried a few of the dishes already and they’re all great. I’m sure that you won’t have a problem finding something you like.” After Si Shi Wu had mentioned Bright Yellow Water to her yesterday, she had actually looked them up and watched several of their videos.

Even though she couldn’t compare to the ninjas who had seen every single live stream of theirs — some of them even several times — she still had a good grasp on the general quirks of the team members. And Li Shui being a person who ate everything was definitely something that stood out.

Although, from what she had seen of Xiao Ming’s cooking in the videos, she was pretty sure that his dishes were really tasty. So him eating everything on stream probably also wasn’t something that she should make too much of. But still, she always liked seeing people with a hearty appetite.

Li Shui quickly decided and then ordered some dishes, leaning back and drumming on the tabletop with his fingers. “It’s really full in here. I hope they won’t take long. I’m already starving.”

Yu Lin laughed and then pushed one of her bowls over to him that she hadn’t touched yet. “You can try some of this first. I didn’t get around to it yet because Mister Ai came by.”

Li Shui’s eyes immediately lit up and his opinion of this woman got even better. “Really?”

“Sure! Anyway, I’ll have to sneak a taste of some of your dishes as compensation though. I’m really curious.”

Li Shui nodded straightforwardly, not thinking that there was anything strange about that. In any case, he was always sharing dishes with Xiao Ming and Qian Huang so this was already normal to him. As long as there was enough left for him, that was enough. And looking at this Yu Lin, he felt that with how dainty she looked, she probably wouldn’t eat that much. So, she would probably really just sneak a taste.

Si Shi Wu looked from one person to the other, suddenly feeling superfluous. He didn’t know what to make of that. He wasn’t interested in Yu Lin as a woman in the least so it wasn’t like this was a problem for him in that regard. He still felt that this was a little strange. How had this suddenly happened?

But in any case, if these two became friends, that would still be good. That way, she wouldn’t dare to go after Xiao Ming, no matter what she thought of him. After all, to go after a friend of a friend was a recipe for disaster. He didn’t think that she would risk that if she and Li Shui really hit it off.

Also, she might be able to advocate for young master Xiao in front of her grandfather in case he was trying to set him up again. So no matter how he looked at it, it would definitely be good if they became friends.

Realizing this, Si Shi Wu figured that he should help them along with it. “To be honest, I’m a little sad that I still haven’t been able to taste Mister Xiao’s dishes. From what I’ve seen so far, they should be really tasty. It’s a pity he doesn’t have a restaurant of his own.”

Li Shui nodded while he started to dig into the dish Yu Lin had given him. “That means there’s more for me and Qian Huang though.”

Yin Lin was also interested in this topic. “Ah, yes, I was really curious about his dishes as well. I watched some of your videos after Mister Ai told me about them yesterday. They really look good. Will he ever make a sample for an episode of ‘Golden Spoon’? Because if he does, I’ll have to ask my grandfather to open the back door for me. I really want to sneak a taste there.”

Li Shui glanced up at her, feeling that this woman was sneaking quite a few tastes. Before he managed to gulp down the food to respond, Si Shi Wu already jumped in though.

“Well, this might be presumptuous of me to ask but when you go back, could you extend my greetings and maybe ask if we could meet up? Just a casual get-together. See, Miss Yu is also a cook and I think that it would be interesting for the three of us to meet and talk a bit. Just if Mister Xiao would like, of course.”

Li Shui looked up, his eyes getting a bit wide. Heavens, it seemed that they had really been right! This Ai Gui Jin really was into Xiao Ming.

He gulped down the food and then couldn’t help but lean closer. “Are you sure you want another person there?” He definitely wouldn’t mind bringing him over if that would get these two closer but if they brought Miss Yu along, wouldn’t that impact their date? Surely, it would be better if it was just these two.

Si Shi Wu didn’t quite understand what he meant and looked at Yu Lin in confusion, hoping for help.

She wasn’t sure either but figured that maybe he was worried since Mister Ai had only talked about cooking without inviting him and Qian Huang as guests to eat afterward. That should certainly be in line with Li Shui’s thinking. “Of course, if we were to cook, you and Qian Huang would stay around. You and Mister Xiao are a team after all! I certainly wouldn’t mind and I’m sure Mister Ai wouldn’t either.”

Li Shui was even more confused and Si Shi Wu also didn’t get the logic behind all this but he just nodded.

“Yes, the more the merrier, right?”

Li Shui looked at him, really not sure what to think about that but maybe this was some kind of easing into the situation. In any case, Xiao Ming was somebody who was a bit nervous before new things. If there were other people around, it might actually be beneficial. Thus, he nodded. “Actually, how about just setting up a date? I’m sure Xiao Ming wouldn’t mind. I can even message him right now and see what he thinks.”

Yu Lin immediately nodded fervently. “That would be great!”

Li Shui took out his phone and then wrote a message but he didn’t send it to Xiao Ming.

Si Shi Wu glanced at the screen out of habit and his brows raised imperceptibly when he saw Qian Huang’s name on the screen. It seemed that these two were up to something. He wasn’t sure what exactly it was or why though. This was something they should keep an eye on. Maybe it would even make sense to have Si Er check this matter. Because at this point, they couldn’t let anything go wrong.

Well, no matter what would happen in that regard, he was already happy enough that they had this spontaneous meeting and would be able to meet again. And if Li Shui and Qian Huang were there, maybe it would even be possible to invite somebody else. For example, his master. He was sure that he would be ecstatic at the idea to visit young master Xiao at home.

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