OMF V11C7 Not Out of Danger

Bai Fen clenched her hands into fists. This couldn’t be. She didn’t want to believe it. Her son … No, there had to be another explanation! She turned to her husband, urging him with her eyes to do something.

Rong Su caught her gaze but he was shell-shocked. His son might have … He shook his head at himself for even having such a thought. Jing He had never made trouble for them. From small to big, he had always followed their wishes, played by the rules, and done whatever was expected of him. His trial had also finally finished and there hadn’t been a problem for several weeks.

Although he might be mortified at what had certainly happened between the dragon king and that mortal his son had reincarnated into during his trial, that shouldn’t be enough to cause him to fall. No, if Jing He remembered something like that, he should know that he could come to him and tell him of his woes. While he couldn’t make undone what had happened, he would at least comfort him and tell him that it was alright as long as he didn’t repeat the same mistakes again as an immortal.

“That …” He opened his mouth, trying to find another explanation. “That doesn’t have to mean anything.” Maybe it was just a coincidence. Or even if not, then … “Maybe that trueborn god has already fallen after all and attacked Jing He. We … we should just make sure to get there in time!”

He got to his feet, pacing up and down in front of his throne while nodding. “Yes, yes, that has to be it. We can’t let anything further happen. Guards!” He yelled and two of the remaining guards rushed in.

Rong Su took a deep breath. “I want you to go to the crown prince’s palace. Check the situation there and then bring him back here as fast as you can. That fallen god might be after him so hurry!”

“Yes!” The two guards bowed and then rushed out again.

Rong Su watched their figures leave before he resumed his pacing. “Certainly, nothing happened. He’ll be alright. He … he grew this big. Certainly, nothing would happen now that he is an adult.”

Bai Fen nodded. Looking at the open gate, she furrowed her brows. “Maybe I should go and check on him personally …” She really couldn’t take the wait.

Rong Su immediately shook his head though, hurried down the steps of the staircase leading to his throne, and grabbed his wife by the shoulders. “You absolutely can’t! It’s bad enough that we don’t know how Jing He is doing. If you end up in danger as well, what are we going to do?”

Bai Fen could only nod. Indeed, if she maneuvered herself into danger as well, it wouldn’t help anyone. Right now, she had to wait patiently. Anyway, it was only for a few minutes. That wasn’t asking too much.

While the heavenly couple decided, Jinde looked at his own husband. “Should we go?”

Leng Jin Yu hesitated. He naturally wanted to help Jing He if he could and he also knew where his palace was so they could rush over but … his mind flashed the image of the shell back in the courtyard at the dragon king’s palace. He furrowed his brows and gave Jinde a deep look through the veil. “One of us. It’s going to be dangerous and we have to think about Xiang Ling.”

Jinde nodded. “Then I should go.” As a dragon, he was stronger than an ascended deity, even though Leng Jin Yu had improved a lot in recent years.

Leng Jin Yu closed his eyes, once more hating the fact that he wasn’t a dragon any longer. “I’ll stay here and help wherever I can.”

Jinde nodded, thought for a moment, and then pulled his husband closer, giving him a peck on the cheek through the fabric of the veil. “I’ll rush back here as soon as I can.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum and then watched him walk to the door.

Just when Jinde wanted to step outside, he almost collided with a person.

“I’m so sorry!” Qiang Yan grabbed the other person by the elbows, helped him stabilize, and then wanted to rush inside when he thought of something. “Wait …” He turned back to Jinde, tilted his head, and then realized that this was indeed who he thought. “You … What are you doing here?!”

Jinde shook his head. “I’m trying to help. Your nephew …”

“Right. Come in with me!” Qiang Yan didn’t care about anything else right now. He grabbed Jinde’s arm again and pulled him inside before letting go and rushing further alone.

Jinde blinked his eyes and returned to his husband’s side, listening to Qiang Yan’s report.

“I just got in touch with Mu Kun: Jing He indeed went back. Everything seemed alright at the time and they only contacted me because they weren’t prepared for such a situation. I told them to stay put for the time being until we could roughly locate the fallen god. Just now, when I got back in touch, they hadn’t noticed anything so I told them to check again. Jing He wasn’t inside. They checked the garden and saw a man they didn’t recognize with him. Apparently, the guy grabbed Jing He and vanished into thin air.”

“What?!” Rong Su who had just sat down again shot to his feet. “Who was it? And where did they go?”

Qiang Yan shook his head. “I have no idea. I’m on my way over to check. I just stopped to report. Maybe we can still find some clues. But at the very least, this should be less dangerous than staying here while a fallen god is on the loose.”

Rong Su nodded when his brother-in-law pointed this out and sat down once more. “That’s right, that’s right. Maybe … maybe it’s one of the people from the dragon realm.”

“No.” At that time, Bai Fen shook her head. When the others turned to look at her, she only pointed outside. “Look at that: The signs are fading. The fallen god … it can only be Jing He or the man who took him. He absolutely isn’t out of danger.”

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