SML V6C78 Unhappy

On Qiao Ya’s side, things could be considered to be going well to a certain degree as well. At the very least, she had managed to get the full story out of them even though she wasn’t happy with any of the results.

Anyway, according to them, her grandparents had indeed known about Yu Ting. Well, at the very least, they had known about their daughter having a child. There was just no way she could have kept this from them.

According to them, they had been disappointed in her for being careless but the bigger question had been what to do with the child. The couple had been married for close to two decades. Having another child might seem odd but would have been possible. So when they originally found out that Qiao Ya’s mother was pregnant, this was what the family had decided on.

As it turned out though, this child was biracial. Even though the contrast wasn’t that stark, you could still tell. Whether it was Qiao Ya’s grandfather or her grandmother, neither of them had been willing to risk raising this child as their own for fear of what people would say.

Qiao Ya’s brows were furrowed tightly when she listened until there. Thinking about how she herself had been a few years ago, she couldn’t blame her mother for not wanting to raise Yu Ting herself. What was more, her parents had clearly argued against it as well. It just seemed like it wouldn’t have been a good idea no matter how you sliced it.

On the other hand, she wasn’t sure if she could understand her grandparents. They had been willing to raise this child until it turned out to not look Chinese enough. What kind of reasoning was this?! So what if the neighbors talked? Couldn’t they have told them that it was a distant relative or something? They wouldn’t have needed to say that it was their own child if they were so troubled by the idea.

Even though this thought went through her mind, she didn’t feel that she could bring it up. The reason for that … well, she unfortunately had to admit that Mo Fang had been right to be cautious about accompanying her to see her elders. When she had mentioned Yu Ting’s male fiance, her grandparents had even seen this as proof that they had made the right decision back then.

On the way back home, Qiao Ya could only sigh to herself. She hadn’t known about her older brother and she hadn’t known this side of her family either. The former was unfortunate but the latter … she’d rather not have known. No, that was also wrong. She just wished her family was better than this.

She turned to the side to look at her father who was driving the car. “Do you also think it’s good they abandoned him?”

Her father glanced at her before focusing on the street again. This question, even for him, it was tough to answer. “I didn’t know your mother or your grandparents back then so it’s hard to say what their exact circumstances were. Your mother was still going to school from what they said so hiding what was happening must have been tough. But if they hadn’t, I’m afraid your mother’s life wouldn’t have been very good.”

Qiao Ya nodded. “I get that.” In fact, this might be the only part she really got. “But what about afterward? Don’t you think they should have kept him?”

Her father pondered. “Of course, looking at it from the outside, that feels like the best situation for everyone. And abandoning your child …” He shook his head. “I couldn’t imagine doing that. But then, your mother and I had you much later. In fact, if not for your half-brother being given away back then, maybe the two of us never would have met. It’s just impossible to judge everything after more than twenty years have passed.”

To be honest, after he found out about this matter yesterday, he had also had some misgivings about it. She had been his wife for several years and yet, he had never even known she had had a child half a decade before they even met. Coming to terms with that when she was long dead and couldn’t answer any of his questions … it really wasn’t easy.

But at the end of the day, for him, this was all in the past. His wife had long left, after all. As for this child of hers … he had also passed away and there was no relationship between them at all.

For Qiao Ya, things were different though. No matter what, that child from back then was her brother. Even though he wasn’t alive any longer, it still had an impact on her to find out about this. And now, she even saw this side of her family. That couldn’t be easy either.

He thought for a while before he spoke up again. “I get that you are disappointed. To be honest, I also would have liked to know before. And yes, I also think that there must have been a better way to deal with this. But I wasn’t there and your mother can’t tell us her view any longer either so I feel that it’s not right to judge.”

Qiao Ya nodded even though she felt that this kind of thing could indeed be judged a little bit at least. “Then, what do you think about his fiance?” This might even be what she worried more about. She hadn’t said much about Mo Fang since her grandparents had reacted so badly but she would actually love to have more contact. If her father also hated the fact that her brother had been engaged to a man …

Qiao Ya’s father wasn’t sure what to say. “Well, I didn’t meet him.” As for being gay or whatever, well, that wasn’t his problem, was it? It wasn’t like he had a son and Qiao Ya’s brother was also dead so it didn’t seem to have anything to do with them at all.

Qiao Ya felt relieved when her father’s reaction seemed alright and she turned back to look out of the window. Even though things weren’t perfect, at least they weren’t as bad as she had feared. There was still the possibility of making all of this better!

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