OMF V10C186 Luck Can Be as Important as Effort

Duan Ming quietly followed him, trying not to show any reaction to the words he had just heard. He felt slightly bad about abandoning his mother to deal with the obvious outrage she’d have to listen to in a moment but nobody was helped if there were two people forced to watch the Heavenly Emperor rage at a person that wasn’t even there anymore.

As soon as they walked through the gate, Duan Ming heaved a sigh of relief. The last few hours had really been taxing. No matter what the God of Justice wanted from him, it couldn’t be worse.

In fact … he was looking forward to this. After all, the Court of Justice was one of the two palaces he’d like to join the most. If this was truly official business as the God of Justice had said and he hadn’t simply phrased it that way to scold the Heavenly Emperor more thoroughly, then maybe this was his chance to change his luck for the better.

He still remembered what Leng Jin Yu had told him about how he had once been approached by the God of War and suddenly found himself on a mission that would have gotten him an official position if not for the fact that he fell in love and decided to stay in the dragon realm with his husband. This kind of thing … he didn’t dare to hope for it but he’d be exhilarated if it happened nonetheless.

Li Yin didn’t say anything at first and simply left the vicinity of the palace. He didn’t go to the Court of Justice though and instead found a scenic spot not too far away, sitting down in a pavilion.

Duan Ming felt slightly puzzled and couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t anything official after all. Still, he followed him over and sat down opposite him.

Li Yin gave him a look that was difficult to read and then sighed. “I presume I didn’t interrupt anything important earlier.”

Duan Ming shook his head. “No, just Tianjun inquiring about a few things. I am sure my mother will be able to handle it alone.”

Li Yin hummed. “I also presume the things he inquired about had to do with whether or not you’d make a suitable candidate for his son’s spouse.”

Duan Ming’s lips twitched. Well, this should hardly be a secret. Even if not everyone in the capital city knew about it, at least the titled gods and those close to them should be aware of the current matter with the crown prince. “I’m afraid the God of Justice is right.”

Li Yin nodded. “I’m not just idly inquiring. To be honest, what I came to see you about is somewhat related.”

Duan Ming faintly raised his brows in response, unable to even start guessing what his nonexistent love life could have to do with the God of Justice. Well, most likely, this should rather be about the crown prince but then, he also couldn’t see why the God of Justice would get involved in that.

Li Yin wasn’t the type to keep people guessing. Having roughly introduced the topic, he gave Duan Ming a rough summary of what Yi Yun had suggested and what he had discussed with Qiang Yan. “Basically, this would be a concerted effort by all the interested palaces of the Nine Heavens to strengthen the relationship with the dragons. I am sure you can see the benefits as well.”

Duan Ming inclined his head. “The benefits seem obvious to me. I am still lost on why the God of Justice would talk to me though. Do you simply want me to relay these words to my mother?” He would happily do so but the God of Justice didn’t seem like the type to employ a middleman. No, if he wanted to talk to his mother, he would have. If not at that moment because she was busy answering the Heavenly Emperor’s questions, then at least at a later date after making an appointment.

“Well, originally, that was my intention. But, to be honest, you might be more suited to the task. The Palace of Magnanimity doesn’t have a link we can easily establish with the dragons. On the other hand, it is a place suited to interacting with them.

“What I want is slightly bigger though. Ideally, this won’t just stay a short-term project but will go on to become an integral part of our societies. For that, I believe we need to work together even closer. What’s most important might be connecting at a deeper level and for that, we need people with a close tie to the dragons.”

Duan Ming finally smiled. “So you thought of me because I was familiar with His Highness’s reincarnation during the trial and thus also got acquainted with the dragon king. Plus, I could be considered a friend of Leng Jin Yu’s who has now married into the dragon realm.”

Li Yin motioned with his hand to show his agreement. “Precisely that. You are in a prime position to interact with the dragons. I also believe you will have a better understanding of the troubles of the half-bloods thanks to your mother’s work. This would be incredibly helpful, especially in the beginning phase.”

Duan Ming nodded slowly. He wasn’t quite sure how to feel. He had spent years, trying to hone his sword skills and reading up on everything he deemed important to know to fulfill the duties a role in either the Palace of War or at the Court of Justice would mean. He never would have thought he’d finally be approached for something that was out of his hands like being his mother’s son or things he hadn’t deliberately done like befriending Leng Jin Yu and Zhong Jing Yi.

His efforts … had they all been in vain?

For a moment, that question really weighed on him but, in the end, he inwardly shook his head at himself. No, it wasn’t that. Without his efforts, without going to the courtyard of the idle gods, he never even would have met those two. And luck was just as important as effort sometimes when it came to finding the path leading to your future. It also did not mean that he hadn’t developed valuable skills. One day, those would come in handy as well. Right now, he should just be happy that he had unwittingly managed to snatch a good opportunity.

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