OMF V10C187 Two Extraordinary Things in a Day

The God of Justice Li Yin and the son of the Goddess of Magnanimity, Duan Ming, came to an understanding after only a short discussion. Some details would still need to be verified and Li Yin wanted to talk to the other titled gods first to gauge their interest but overall, they soon agreed that Duan Ming would be the person in charge of this project.

Duan Ming was naturally aware of just how big of a chance this was and he didn’t intend to let it slip through his fingers. After bidding goodbye to the God of Justice, he thought for a moment and then went to the Tower of Wisdom to find An Bai.

At this moment, it was still in the afternoon, several hours before An Bai would be propositioned by Yi Yun. Right now, the adviser of the dragon king was only quietly doing his research as usual, not knowing that two extraordinary things were about to happen today.

An Bai finished his notes for the last book on the pile he had gotten early, put it back on top, and then got up to carry the books away. Just when he left the area where everyone was working, Duan Ming walked up the stairs to this floor.

Duan Ming immediately hastened his steps and called out to An Bai with a muted voice, not wanting to disturb everyone else.

An Bai looked up and felt a little surprised when he saw Duan Ming. The two of them had met in the past so he was aware of who he was. He also knew that Duan Ming wasn’t part of the research team though and couldn’t quite imagine what he might want. Still, it wasn’t odd to be approached by some people of the god race so he simply stopped in his steps and waited for the other to come closer so they could talk.

Duan Ming smiled faintly and first took out the pendant that the Son of Heaven had given him. “This might seem odd but you probably also heard some rumors about His Majesty forbidding his son to meet with your king and trying to set him up with others.

“Today, the unlucky person to be involved in this debacle was me. Since I knew His Highness’s mortal reincarnation during his trial, he remembered me and we were able to have a chat. He handed me this in the hope I could pass it along to Longjun as a … token.

“I hope it is alright to hand this to Adviser An Bai and have you pass it on. I’m afraid it might be difficult for me to see the dragon king so it would take longer than necessary and Longjun might want to have this as soon as possible.” He could probably go to the dragon realm himself but the Heavenly Emperor might be keeping tabs on him. If he found out that he went to see the dragon king right after meeting his son … it would be obvious what was up.

Right now, he could still disguise his visit to the Tower of Wisdom as something else. Even if the Heavenly Emperor found out that he had met with An Bai who was close to Qiu Ling, it wouldn’t mean anything. After all, the God of Justice had given him the perfect opportunity to explain.

An Bai faintly raised his brows. Hearing that this was about his king and the Son of Heaven, he really couldn’t be called surprised. The rumors had naturally made their way to his ears although the information had come from the dragon realm instead of the Nine Heavens. Xiang Yong tended to update him regularly on what was happening and their king’s current predicament had seemed noteworthy enough to include.

An Bai accepted the pendant and put it away before nodding at Duan Ming. “Thank you for doing this. I hope it wasn’t too troubling.”

Duan Ming shook his head. “No. I might not be familiar with His Highness himself but I got along well with his mortal reincarnation. I also believe it isn’t right to keep him and Longjun apart. Since there are feelings, it would be better to let things develop naturally.”

An Bai sighed faintly. Indeed, that would be for the best but it wasn’t like they could influence this. “I will see to it that this reaches His Majesty as soon as possible.”

Duan Ming gave a hum and then faintly cleared his throat. “On the matter of relationships … there is another thing I’d like to talk to you about.”

An Bai motioned for him to go ahead but turned to slowly put away the books while listening.

Duan Ming mentioned what the God of Justice had told him and what they had roughly come up with. “When Adviser An Bai goes to the dragon realm to deliver the pendant, might I trouble you to share this with the other advisers and Longjun?

“I know this is not something that can be implemented straight away and the God of Justice is still talking to the other titled gods but I presume it would be best to prepare on both sides at the same time so that we can start immediately whenever we are ready.”

An Bai’s expression had turned thoughtful while listening. He did believe that this idea was a good one but he wasn’t sure if right now was a good time to work on it. Their king might have a better work attitude since finally confessing the secret of his heritage to them but he was somewhat preoccupied with the matter of His Highness and the issue of Jinde. An Bai really didn’t believe that he’d be open to calmly discussing such topics right now.

He hesitated for a moment but finally still nodded. “I will bring it up to Adviser Xiang Yong first and then discuss with him how to go forward. We just had a big battle in the dragon realm so there might still be a lot of things to do on that front. I can’t make any decisions whether they’d be ready to work on something else over there.”

Duan Ming inclined his head. “That is only natural. If Adviser An Bai knows more or wants to discuss with me further, you can usually find me at the idle gods’ courtyard or at the Palace of Magnanimity. It’s alright to just send word and I’ll come to find you. Now, I shouldn’t disturb you any further.”

The two of them bid farewell and An Bai returned to his research for the time being, intending to deal with the matter Duan Ming had brought up after finishing his work for the day.

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