OMF V10C160 How to Seduce the Person

As for the person that Jing He was constantly thinking about, well, he was currently in the dragon realm. One reason for that was that he had no chance to see his beloved even if he went to the Nine Heavens anyway. The other was naturally Jinde’s situation.

Looking at Xiang Yu, who was crouching next to the shell in the courtyard with his lips pulled into a pout, he wasn’t sure what to feel. Currently, Leng Jin Yu was inside with Jinde. He hadn’t told him much save for the fact that Xin Lan had already come by and seemed to have some kind of plan. What that plan was … well, it seemed Leng Jin Yu didn’t know either. Naturally, that left only one person to ask.

Qiu Ling crouched down next to the fallen god and peered at his face more closely. There wasn’t that much to see. He was obviously sulking. As to why that was the case, it didn’t need an explanation either.

Qiu Ling glanced at the shell and then the door to the rooms before finally turning back to Xiang Yu. “Well, look on the bright side: You’re not a dragon so just because you fall in love with a scumbag once that doesn’t mean you can’t find somebody better in the future.”

At this, Xiang Yu who had been staring at the shell intently finally raised his head. “Ah?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows. “I mean about Xin Lan. If he doesn’t treat you well, there’s no reason to hang onto him, right? Just go and find somebody else. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you who’ll treat you the way you deserve.”

Xiang Yu gave a hum but his mind only flashed the gentle care he had received from Xin Lan as Hua Lin Yu. Comparing it to the current treatment where he’d be cursed out as soon as he appeared, it was jarring. How could Xin Lan be like this? But then, Xin Lan only treated a select few people well. Usually, he ignored others but his cursing others out also wasn’t that rare. So what else was he expecting?

He lowered his head again, poking at the ground in front of him and drawing some lines. Qiu Ling wasn’t wrong. He could probably go and find somebody else to be with. But then, he did like Xin Lan a bit. At the very least, if he was being a decent person for once, he wasn’t all that bad. He just needed to get him to genuinely care about him.

He hesitated for a moment and then turned to look at Qiu Ling. “Your lover …”

Qiu Ling raised his brows, not sure how they had suddenly arrived at talking about Jing He. Actually, he had wanted to ask whether Xiang Yu knew something more about Xin Lan’s plan or could at least figure something out since, well, he knew him better than he and Leng Jin Yu did and he also happened to be a fallen god. That gave him some advantages. Still, when it came to his beloved, he also wasn’t one to shy away from having that conversation. “What about Jing He?”

Xiang Yu only looked at him silently for a moment. He hadn’t met the true incarnation of Qiu Ling’s lover so he didn’t feel familiar with the name at first. Remembering that the person he had met was on a trial, he soon understood though. “Well, how did you make him fall in love with you?” If he could follow that, maybe Xin Lan would also care about him a bit. At the very least, he could go from a person he’d curse out to one he could ignore. That would already be a step up, wouldn’t it?

Qiu Ling was even less sure where that question had come from. “That … is a rather long story.”

Xiang Yu only blinked his eyes. They were both immortal so it wasn’t like they didn’t have the time to tell each other long stories.

Seeing that Xiang Yu still seemed to want to hear the story, Qiu Ling gave a faint hum. He definitely didn’t mind talking more about his beloved. It was just that this wasn’t really the time. “Well, to make a long story short, I pursued him relentlessly for years until he finally gave in. Until the time he agreed to marry me, it actually took ten years.”

“Ten years …” Xiang Yu’s expression fell. He had waited a bit for Xin Lan to calm down but it wasn’t even close to one year, not to mention ten. It seemed like he would have to be a lot more patient.

He sulked again for a moment but then cheered up just as fast. Seeing that Qiu Ling already had experience, maybe he could learn from his example and then shorten the time! His eyes shone as he looked at Qiu Ling again. “So, what exactly did you do? And which parts worked?”

Qiu Ling’s lips twitched. “I don’t mind telling you but they are all plans that were made with my beloved in mind. If you’re trying to seduce Xin Lan with that, I’m afraid it won’t work.” Don’t kid him! That old bastard and his beloved were miles apart in personality. The kind of thing you’d appeal to, to get to marry Jing He and the stuff you’d need to do to make Xin Lan give you a second look … they were definitely different.

Xiang Yu hesitated when he heard that. He didn’t know Jing He but … Qiu Ling might be right. “Then what should I do?”

Qiu Ling could only sigh. “Isn’t that always the question? I’ve managed to woo my beloved but we’re still not married because his father hates me and is keeping us apart since he returned from his trial. I guess you can count yourself lucky that Xin Lan doesn’t have any family apart from maybe Jinde. As long as you appeal to what he likes, it should definitely work out.”

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