OMF V10C161 Can’t Separate Lovers

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes, hardly noticing the second part of what Qiu Ling was saying. “Your beloved’s father is keeping you apart?”

Qiu Ling saw his stormy expression and hesitated for a moment. He sometimes forgot that Xiang Yu was a fallen god even though the mark of wisdom was very obvious between his eyebrows. You really couldn’t fault him for that! Just look at his face with that usually innocent expression. It practically spelled out ‘I’m a harmless youth, come try and bully me!’ so who would associate that with the ferocious fallen gods?

He coughed, not even wanting to imagine what kind of thing Xiang Yu was thinking about with his current expression. “Well, as I said, he doesn’t like me. The other day, he caught us kissing in the garden behind my beloved’s palace and since then, he’s been keeping a close eye on him at all times. Making sure that he or somebody he trusts is always at his side.

“I could go over, of course, but not without annoying my future father-in-law to death. Right now, I’m actually trying to make him hate me less so he’ll eventually agree to us being together. So if I do things he dislikes regularly, I feel like I’ll make it worse. On the other hand, I can’t not go over for long as well. That guy is certainly trying to sever our relationship at all costs.”

In fact, even though he hadn’t appeared in front of Jing He after that day, he had gone to the Nine Heavens to spy on the situation and had also had a chat with his mother-in-law and uncle-in-law. So, he was actually aware that the Heavenly Emperor had gone completely nuts and was looking for suitable marriage candidates for his son.

He was … well, it would be wrong to say he wasn’t bothered. Of course, he was. That was his beloved who had agreed to marry him! How could random men think about marrying him? But then, he also didn’t feel like he should worry too much.

He was sure of his feelings and also sure of Jing He’s feelings. As long as the Heavenly Emperor didn’t actually decide on any of these men and tried to force Jing He, nothing would happen. It would only be an annoyance.

As for the Heavenly Emperor finding the perfect candidate … well, that was impossible. Qiu Ling wasn’t actually that narcissistic but everyone would have to agree that he was a good catch. The reasons the Heavenly Emperor disliked him for were all superficial. Since that was the case, why would any of the others fare better?

No, he’d certainly find something to complain about in regard to all of them. And if he didn’t by himself, they could still help him find something that was a dealbreaker. This matter was incredibly easy to accomplish and he had absolutely no scruples trying. Anyway, screwing up possible marriages might even become a tradition in his family. Hadn’t his father done the same to ensure Jinde wouldn’t get married? That was probably the only thing he had done right back then. It sure was worth learning from!

Qiu Ling might not be thinking too much about it but Xiang Yu was more furious the more he heard. He even shot to his feet after all the information registered. “How can he do that!” In his mind, the most precious thing in this world were two people that genuinely loved each other. Forcing such a couple to part was unforgivable.

Qiu Ling cleared his throat and got to his feet as well, hastily patting Xiang Yu’s head to calm him down. “It’s nice to see you angry on my behalf but I’m sure it’s going to be okay. Anyway, that bastard just loathes to give his son up to another man. Sooner or later, he’ll have to give in though.”

Xiang Yu shook his head, not placated in the least. “We should do something!”

In his eyes, Qiu Ling and his lover were pretty much the ideal couple: Qiu Ling was a dragon so he was affected by Tian’s curse that only allowed him to love one person. Since his heart was set on Jing He, he’d never stray. Seeing as he had clearly bound his soul to him already, he’d also rather die than ever hurt his beloved. As for Jing He, this person had carved his own soul with the soul-engraving dagger so even if he wasn’t a dragon, his commitment was clear.

These two people were obviously perfect for each other. They should get married sooner rather than later and face life together every day. How could anyone dare to get between them? How could they dare to separate them? This wasn’t fair! It had to be stopped!

Qiu Ling sighed. “I really don’t see what. Don’t forget he is my future father-in-law. Even if Jing He and I are unhappy, Jing He still loves his father … I guess.” To be honest, he wasn’t completely clear about how Jing He felt about the Heavenly Emperor. The bastard was overbearing and Jing He was a stickler for rules. It was actually unclear whether he truly liked his father as a person or was just going along because this was expected of him.

Xiang Yu’s expression wasn’t clearing up at all so Qiu Ling could only try and look for a silver lining to point out to him. “See it this way: Me being patient now will make things easier in the future. And it’s not like I can’t see Jing He at all. Sooner or later, his father will relax his vigilance and I’ll be able to sneak in when Jing He is alone. It’s not perfect but it’s a start. And if this is what his father needs to finally accept me, then I’m willing to give it a few weeks.”

Xiang Yu pursed his lips, not willing to give up just yet. Lovers shouldn’t be separated. That just wasn’t right. He definitely wouldn’t allow it when he found out!

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