OCN C51 Arranging a Blind Date

Xiao Ming looked at the picture, at a loss for words. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t have anything to say about this young woman. It was just that he was a little afraid of the implications his words might have in Mister Yu’s eyes. After all, showing him a picture of a girl after he said that he was single, that could only have a couple of reasons, right?

Xiao Ming was a little embarrassed. Saying something was dangerous but not saying something would be impolite. He also couldn’t bring himself to do that, especially when it was about Mister Yu whom he admired. He cleared his throat and tried to go with something innocuous. “She … looks like a very bright person.”

Mister Yu immediately nodded fervently. “You have good eyes, Xiao Ming, ah! This girl, she’s my granddaughter. You definitely won’t find a better girl than her out there. Not only does she have good looks and a kind character, but she’s also a very gifted chef.

“She just started culinary school two years ago but looking at the results, I’m sure that she will be able to pass with flying colors and open a restaurant not soon after. Actually, I wanted to teach her for a while myself before she does but who knows if she’ll want me to do that?

“She’s one of these young chefs that are always thinking about revolutionizing things and inventing something of their own. Well, I’m not going to say that that is bad. There is definitely strength in relying on traditional recipes and techniques, but there are also things that can be done better with a bit of innovation.

“You’re definitely right that she’s a bright child. She has a bright future ahead of her if she continues like this. So, what do you think? Would you like to go out with her once? She doesn’t have a boyfriend yet either.”

Xiao Ming was even more troubled. He had already thought that it might be something like this but to finally hear that he had been right was also difficult to accept. “Well … I’m honored, Mister Yu.” It was just … he was gay. He hadn’t been interested in a single woman in his life and he also couldn’t bring himself to deceive any of them into thinking that he had been.

Mister Yu could also see that something was a bit wrong with Xiao Ming’s expression. “What is it? Didn’t you like her?” He looked a bit dispirited when he heard that and he was definitely wondering inside just what was wrong with Xiao Ming’s eyes for not being able to discern between the good and the bad. Clearly, his granddaughter was this excellent! Which man wouldn’t be interested?

Before Xiao Ming could give an explanation, Si Shi Wu strode over, showing a bright smile that had been hastily plastered in place. “Mister Yu. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to come and see you yesterday. The producer already gave me a task ahead of time and when I later heard that you had been there as well, you were already gone. I’m very sorry.” He glanced at Xiao Ming, giving him a smile that seemed a little more genuine, but then turned back to Mister Yu.

Looking at Si Shi Wu, Mister Yu’s eyes regained their sparkle. “Ah, Gui Jin, don’t take it so hard! In any case, it’s not like we’re strangers. Speaking of which, what’s happening in your life recently? Do you have a girlfriend already?”

Xiao Ming next to the two of them looked from one man to the other and felt that his eyes had been opened. Clearly, Mister Yu was trying to pawn this granddaughter of his off to pretty much any man he thought was decent. He should probably feel that it was an honor to be considered to be of the same grade as Mister Ai but he still felt a bit strange. In any case, who knew what the girl thought of this? But in any case, he was quite happy that with Mister Ai’s arrival, he wouldn’t have to give an awkward explanation.

Xiao Ming quietly stood back and his thoughts couldn’t help but travel several years back. Originally, he wasn’t the kind of person that fell in love easily. He needed a bit of time to get comfortable with another person, so he hadn’t fallen in love often. When he fell in love seriously for the first time, he had already been old enough to be able to see that liking boys wasn’t quite the norm. So at that time, he had also been a bit worried. By the time it happened for the second time, the worry still hadn’t dissipated but seeing as his relationship with his parents was usually good, he finally told them when things went down the drain.

Clearly, the two of them had been taken aback, but after a moment of consideration, it hadn’t mattered to them. He had still been their son. They had still had the same good relationship they had had before. They had helped him through that time and given him relationship advice so things would go better the next time. They had even joked about what they expected his future partner to be like a few times.

In all these years since he had lost them, Xiao Ming had often thought back to that moment. It might be silly but he was glad that he had told them. Otherwise, who knew how often he would’ve wondered if they would’ve been alright with him being like this? To have that worry taken off his shoulders was something he was glad about.

Thinking of that, Xiao Ming felt not that good. He quietly excused himself, then just retreated to the side, taking a few deep breaths. This really wasn’t the moment to think about that. He should just focus on what he was supposed to do.

At that time, Si Shi Wu glanced at him, still panicked inside. He didn’t know if he had done the right thing just now. In any case, Xiao Ming and the other two had never really talked about their sexual orientation on the stream. It really wasn’t a wonder considering that this was their main income and they were mostly talking about cooking. How would the fact who they were into or not factor into that?

So for the past five years, the ninjas of the Si clan had always fretted about whether Xiao Ming would even be able to accept their master just based on his gender. But they had always hoped that he would at least be bisexual, thus giving their master a chance.

Now, there was somebody trying to marry a relative to Xiao Ming, so Si Shi Wu naturally needed to interfere. Thankfully, he knew Mister Yu a little since he had met him at a few other opportunities already. So far, there had never been any talk about this granddaughter of his, but it seemed that she was also quite young. Most likely, before now, Mister Yu just hadn’t thought about her romantic life but now that she was about to start a career, he was starting to become a little anxious.

Now, the likelihood of Mister Yu trying to matchmake this girl with any men that he deemed decent was quite high. But in any case, Si Shi Wu didn’t care who else he offered her to, but he absolutely wouldn’t let Mister Yu proceed with trying to get young master Xiao to go out with her.

He’d rather sacrifice himself.

With that attitude, Si Shi Wu shook his head. “No, I don’t. You also know how it is: If you have a restaurant of your own, you will be busy all day. There are just way too many things to take care of. Where would I have the time to find a girlfriend? I guess I will just have to hope for a coincidental meeting one day, or that my elders get impatient and will try to matchmake me. Going on a blind date to see how well I fit with a prospective partner seems like the logical way to go about this.”

Mister Yu immediately nodded eagerly. A man that was willing to listen to his elders in this kind of case, but would also take a look at the woman himself to discern slowly whether they might be a good fit, that was precisely the kind of grandson-in-law he was imagining! Being reassured once again, he showed Si Shi Wu the photo as well. “What do you think of this girl?”

Si Shi Wu looked at her and felt even more relieved that he had stepped in. The girl was indeed good-looking and had a nice smile. She would definitely be somebody who would be able to hook a man. And if what he had heard before was true, then she also knew how to cook. That were already three points that would make a lot of men willing to give her a shot. Who knew if young master Xiao would be immune to this kind of charm? He’d better dash any chances of these two meeting!

“She’s very pretty and seems like a cheerful person. She is …?” He gave Mister Yu a questioning look, trying to look a little interested. In any case, he actually wasn’t that concerned with finding somebody to date, but he also wouldn’t mind if it happened. In any case, he was alright with anyone as long as they weren’t a picky eater. And, well, they also needed to be trustworthy. After all, he had a lifelong commitment to the Si clan. That could never be compromised for a spouse.

Being asked just who this person was naturally made Mister Yu launch into another speech full of praise for his granddaughter. Seeing that Si Shi Wu wasn’t like Xiao Ming who didn’t know what was good for him, he immediately tried to set the two of them up. “Gui Jin, since you think she is suitable and since the two of you also have quite a few things in common, why don’t you meet up once? I think the two of you might get along very well.”

Si Shi Wu looked at the photo and nodded decisively. His plan was almost accomplished now. If a date was arranged with him, Mister Yu wouldn’t dare to set up a second one with young master Xiao. Otherwise, he might create new problems. “Well, if Miss Yu would be alright with it, then I wouldn’t have anything to say to that.”

Mister Yu was immediately ecstatic. “Don’t worry! Uh … let’s say this weekend. How about Sunday, eight o’clock in the evening?”

Si Shi Wu glanced at him, feeling that this old man was really a little too eager to pawn his granddaughter off, but he still nodded. “That would be alright with me. Mister Yu should still ask Miss Yu first before making a decision though. In any case, I also wouldn’t want her to feel forced to do anything. If she doesn’t think that I would be a good fit for her, then I will also accept it.”

Mister Yu nodded happily and then immediately pulled out his phone. “You don’t worry! She will definitely be there!”

Si Shi Wu nodded and then glanced around, trying to find out where Xiao Ming had gone. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see him. In any case, he bid farewell to Mister Yu, and then receded to a corner himself, taking out his own phone to inform Si Yi about the newest development.

Si Yi who was sitting in the driver seat in front of Si Jin immediately furrowed his brows. Glancing at the rearview mirror, he explained to his master just what had happened. “Somebody was trying to arrange a blind date for young master Xiao.”

Si Jin stared back, nothing moving in his face but inside, he was definitely seething. So somebody had actually tried to take Xiao Ming away from him right before he managed to meet him for the first time. “Who?”

“That Mister Yu, the other permanent judge on the show. Si Shi Wu was close by and interfered. While there’s no immediate danger of young master Xiao getting into that situation again, we should probably keep an eye on it.” He glanced at the car dashboard and changed the topic. “In any case, it seems to be about time. We should go and register.”

Si Jin nodded, his thoughts still not completely back from thinking about that idea of Xiao Ming actually getting together with somebody else and even with the prospect of maybe marrying them in the future. That kind of thing … how could he let it happen? Today, he needed to dazzle him!

Si Yi got out of the car and went around, opening the door in the back to let Si Jin out. He looked down the street, at the row of black cars behind them, and gave a faint nod. Then, he turned around and followed Si Jin to the venue of the casting to make their registration official.

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