RMN C537 An Odd Question

Tong Chen thought back to Yan Jian Hong’s performance earlier, trying to figure out some of the important points of teaching a disciple. When it came to this, he didn’t have any experience either but he felt that Yan Jian Hong had done well.

Teaching somebody a skill they picked up easily like Yun Bei Fen with the simple arrays wasn’t impressive. Anyway, there wasn’t much teaching required. Shang Qiang had just needed to demonstrate once or twice and point out a few important points and that was it. There was hardly any difficulty in that.

No, the real difficulty lay in making somebody understand a skill that felt complicated to them. Yan Jian Hong had been able to do that. Even though Yun Bei Fen hadn’t suddenly turned proficient in handling his spiritual energy, that was because he lacked practice. The theory had been communicated well.

As for how he did that … it seemed that he let him figure out most of it on his own? Mostly, he would ask a few leading questions and then watch as Yun Bei Fen slowly experimented and became more aware. If the disciple went awry while trying, he would patiently steer him back onto the right path by hinting at something he should try instead or asking again so he’d see why what he was currently wasn’t the right way.

In the current situation, what he wanted to do was for Yun Bei Fen to go from using his ability subconsciously to copy skills to actively using it to create a projection like his third senior martial brother. To do that, they would likely have to stimulate his imagination. After all, Luo Lin had said that the projection depended on how well he imagined his lover.

Tong Chen felt that he had figured it out and gave a hum. “Not bad.” He nodded, feeling that it was best to acknowledge where Yun Bei Fen did well before taking the next step. “Then … can you imagine your senior martial brother doing this?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. Of course, he could! Anyway, wasn’t that what he had thought of when he used the skill just now? He wasn’t sure what to say or do though now that the black warrior had asked him.

Mei Chao Bing saw his little bunny’s lost expression and felt some pity for the black warrior. He hadn’t been there to watch the red priest patiently teach Yun Bei Fen but he had tried to teach Yun Bei Fen some skills himself so he was aware of how difficult it could be.

The difference was that he was familiar with Yun Bei Fen whereas the black warrior wasn’t. Even though they hadn’t been together for long, his little bunny had been following him around in the sect when he was young. They might not have interacted directly most of the time but he had seen him around often enough to have some idea of how Yun Bei Fen thought and behaved. Coupled with the revelations after becoming a couple, he could easily guess what was going on in his mind and how to best teach him.

Mei Chao Bing’s gaze turned from Yun Bei Fen to the black warrior and back again. These two seemed to be at a bit of a standstill with one waiting for a reaction and the other not knowing what to do. Usually, he would have spoken up to help out but … this was still one of the guardians and he had clearly resolved to lead Yun Bei Fen through this attempt. Was it alright to speak up?

He only hesitated for a moment before clearing his throat. “Fen’er, just tell the guardian what you are thinking.” Anyway, some encouragement couldn’t be wrong, right? They all wanted to make some progress, after all.

Being urged by Mei Chao Bing, Yun Bei Fen naturally nodded his head and did as he was told. “Guardian, I’ve already imagined it before when you told me to show you the skill. What should I do now?”

Tong Chen felt at a loss. It seemed his question had confused the disciple to the point where he didn’t even dare to speak up? He felt a bit helpless but then, he had never taught anyone before. It was only logical to encounter some setbacks, wasn’t it?

He didn’t dwell on it and instead considered what Yun Bei Fen had just said. He had already imagined it … In that case, just that alone wasn’t enough to project the image. But then, what else was needed? Did he also need to have direct contact with what he wanted to project like his third senior martial brother and his lover?

It was possible but Tong Chen felt like it shouldn’t be the case despite that. Yes, their abilities all had restrictions and drawbacks. That was a matter of course. Yun Bei Fen’s ability wouldn’t be any different but always having to touch what he wanted to project should be too much.

It made sense in Luo Lin’s case because it was only a copied ability, after all. Naturally, there should be additional restrictions. But for Yun Bei Fen, this was the ability he was born with. It shouldn’t be that restrictive. That still left the question of what was missing though. Maybe it was a problem with the details?

He thought for a moment and could only come up with that. His brows furrowed and he focused on Yun Bei Fen again. “How exactly do you imagine it?”

Yun Bei Fen was at a loss. How did he imagine it? “With … my head?” He didn’t know if that was the right thing to say so he hurriedly turned to look at Mei Chao Bing.

Seeing his weird expression, Yun Bei Fen felt helpless. It wasn’t his fault, alright? That question had just been too odd! Who knew what was going on in the black warrior’s head?

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