SML V6C64 Too Many Changes

Being reminded by Li Ming, Mister Du also nodded. “Well, seeing that there was such an inside story, I won’t pursue this. I trust that Mister Ruan isn’t going to keep any of these photos.”

Ruan Xia hurriedly motioned at Rong Xiang who still had the camera. “You may delete them yourselves if you feel more reassured that way. As for myself, I have found the person Mister Mo was looking for so my job is already done. Unless Miss Qiao has any questions for me specifically regarding how I found her …” Usually, he wouldn’t even offer this but with the situation being as it was, it seemed better to be more open. After all, Mister Du could still change his mind!

Qiao Ya looked lost. “Well, about my mother and half-brother …”

Ruan Xia smiled. “That information has all been given to Mister Mo already. So if you just want to know about that, it might be best if the two of you talked. I am sure there is a lot to discuss anyway.”

Qiao Ya nodded and turned to look at Mo Fang. She hadn’t paid much attention to it before but he was really pretty. So this was her future brother-in-law?

Mo Fang smiled lightly. “I’ll tell you everything you want whenever you have the time.”

“Then … can we talk right now already?” She might have just found out and hadn’t had time to digest even the fact that there was a half-brother but she didn’t want to wait either.

Mo Fang nodded. “Of course.” He turned to Ruan Xia and inclined his head. “Thank you, Mister Ruan. I was afraid it wouldn’t be possible to find somebody. I will get in touch with you this evening after I have talked with her. Is that alright?”

“Of course, of course. If there is nothing else, I will also leave first.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and turned to Mister Du instead to apologize again. Finally, after Rong Xiang indeed deleted the pictures, everyone slowly left. Ruan Xia was the first to disappear, still afraid that the other side would change their mind. After him, Mister Du accompanied the teenager out of the building and watched him walk off. Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang followed afterward while Mo Fang walked next to Si Tao.

Qiao Ya waited for a moment and then grabbed Li Ming’s sleeve. “Brother Li, you know that Mo Fang guy, right?”

Li Ming gave a hum. “Mn, we used to date. But that was a few years ago.”

Qiao Ya nodded. “Then … then can you accompany me?”

Li Ming looked at her with a hesitant expression. He hadn’t wanted to get involved with Mo Fang again past a nodding acquaintance and he wasn’t very familiar with Qiao Ya but … looking at her worried expression, he also couldn’t bring himself to say no. “Alright.” He nodded and then hesitated before he finally sighed. “Sister Qiao …”

Qiao Ya looked at him questioningly. “What’s the matter?”

Li Ming wasn’t sure how to say it. He glanced to where Mo Fang and Si Tao were already leaving the building before turning back to her. “Your half-brother … seeing as he didn’t come himself and Mo Fang instead looked for you, he is likely not alive any longer. It should have been recent as well.”

Qiao Ya’s eyes widened and she stared at Li Ming in a daze. “Just … just from that? No, that can’t be! I mean, I’m sure there’s another explanation. He … he looked like he was part Caucasian so maybe there was some problem with him getting into the country.”

Li Ming’s expression turned apologetic. “It’s not just that but … I guess we’ll see.” He also hoped he was wrong but going by everything he had seen, it didn’t seem likely. His not appearing himself, the rings, even Mo Fang’s change in temperament … if this Yu Ting had died, it would explain everything.

Qiao Ya wasn’t sure what to make of all of this. First finding out that she had a brother she didn’t know about somewhere, now hearing that he might be dead … how was she to keep up with all these changes?

She shook herself and then grabbed Li Ming’s arm again. “It doesn’t matter for now. Let’s just go and hear what brother Mo has to say.”

Li Ming nodded and the two of them finally also left the building.

Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang were still waiting next to Mo Fang while Si Tao had gone to get the car. Nothing could be seen of the other three people any longer.

Zhu Yi glanced at them and then rushed over to Li Ming’s side. “Do you need help with this?”

Li Ming shook his head. “No, it’s alright. I’ll accompany sister Qiao to talk with Mo Fang. The two of us can talk later. I’ll give you a call.”

Zhu Yi nodded and returned to Rong Xiang’s side, finally leaving after another glance at Mo Fang.

At this moment, Si Tao already came back with the car.

Mo Fang waved at the other two while walking to the door of the co-driver’s seat. “Get in!”

Qiao Ya glanced at Li Ming and then picked the spot behind Si Tao from where she could see Mo Fang better. Anyway, that was her future brother-in-law and he was really good-looking! She still wanted to sneak a few more glances while it wasn’t so obvious.

Li Ming didn’t think too much and took the seat behind Mo Fang. Anyway, he was quite happy with not having to directly look at him. After all, even though he didn’t mind helping out Qiao Ya in this situation, he and Mo Fang were still only on the level of acquaintances. And even then, Mo Fang wasn’t necessarily the type of acquaintance he wanted to see often. After all, he still didn’t know if he’d be able to stomach that.

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