OCN C45 A Formidable And Hateful Rival in Love

Qian Huang’s expression was quite colorful when he looked around. “I actually didn’t know that I was required to cook today so I haven’t prepared anything and can only go with what I remember. It really makes me feel like an actual contestant on the show right now. In any case, I’ve seen Xiao Ming cook a lot of times so I will try to do something he had done often. I remember that we had a special live stream on how to remember recipes before and he did quite a few dishes that incorporated dough. I think the recipes for those weren’t difficult. So let me see if everything is here that I need.”

The camera followed him when he turned around, watching as he went over to open the fridge. He leaned down and then showed a troubled expression. “There is quite a lot in here.” He looked over his shoulder to say so and then stepped to the side so the camera could show the situation inside the fridge. There were vegetables and meat, as well as a few sauces that needed to be cooled.

“Well, I definitely know that I need some of these for the filling so just let me take them out.” He just picked everything that looked familiar and then carried it over to the counter after closing the fridge. Looking at it, he nodded to himself. “The filling is usually chopped up so I will need a knife and a cutting board. That should be around here somewhere as well.” He looked in both directions, making the viewers of the stream laugh out loud.

Si Shi Wu’s lips quirked up and he decided to give Qian Huang a hint. “I recognize one of your loyal fans in the stream. Their name is ‘Cuddly Lion’. They are saying that you’re really blind for not seeing the cutting boards and asking whether you’ve never seen a cooking show before. They are also saying that naturally, the knives are in the knife block which is on the other side.”

Qian Huang leaned forward and looked at Ai Gui Jin, raising his brows. “On your side?”

Si Shi Wu didn’t bother to trip him up and just motioned over his shoulder to the kitchen block behind them.

Qian Huang turned around and winced, almost wanting to slap his own forehead. Well, apparently, he had really been looking at the wrong place. “Well, turns out everything was behind me.” How embarrassing! Hadn’t he just gone there to check the fridge? Why hadn’t he seen the knife block while he was at it? This could really only be called tunnel vision.

He went over and took a few knives out of the knife block, checking whether they looked like what Xiao Ming always used. Finally, he decided on a chef’s knife. Carrying it back to the other side, he held it into the camera. “I remember Xiao Ming saying that different kinds of knives are used for different things. And this was something that could be used for pretty much everything. So I’ll just go with this since it seems like I can’t do much wrong. As for the cutting boards … I think I’ve also seen them on the other side. Thanks to ‘Cuddly Lion’ for the hint!” He also went to get a cutting board and then carried it over, finally picking up the vegetables to cut.

Both Xiao Ming and Si Shi Wu looked over, their expressions solemn as they watched Qian Huang try to evenly cut the green onions. They exchanged a glance and then both turned away, not wanting to rain on Qian Huang’s parade. In any case, he wasn’t a contestant. As long as whatever he came up with was edible, it would already be quite good.

Qian Huang noticed that he needed way longer than Xiao Ming in the live streams even though Xiao Ming always slowed down to explain at the side. He couldn’t help but frown slightly. Finally, he stopped halfway through and looked at the camera. “I’m afraid even if I only make one dish, I’ll still need longer than what Xiao Ming needs if he makes five in one live stream. So we might actually still be here after midnight.” He put on a troubled appearance and then turned to the side, smiling at the host. “Mister Ren, how about being my assistant for today? In any case, I’m not a real contestant. I think it would be alright as long as you just do what I am telling you to do, right? I’ll show you and then you help me with the rest?”

Ren Ya Hui was taken aback. They definitely hadn’t talked about this before and he himself also couldn’t cook so he didn’t want to lose face in front of the camera. Unfortunately, it sounded quite sensible. Just when he wanted to say that they needed to give the viewers an honest view of how it would be for the contestants, Si Shi Wu spoke up.

“Actually, I think that’s a good idea. Naturally, the contestants will need to do everything on their own but they are at least seasoned hobby cooks. Mister Qian is somebody who usually doesn’t cook so it probably isn’t quite fair to him. Mister Ren, I don’t know how your cooking skills are but I’m sure that four hands can do more than just two. So why don’t you give it a try?”

Ren Ya Hui had wanted to decline but now, when Ai Gui Jin had already stepped in and suggested for him to just do it, there really was no way for him to get around this. He could only smile wryly and finally nod his head. “I guess I will also go and look for a cutting board and a knife then.” Turning around, even the wry smile that he had managed to force before completely collapsed. His task should have been to narrate the process of Qian Huang cooking but now, he would have to help him instead. This definitely wasn’t something he liked.

Si Shi Wu glanced at his back and barely held back a smile. Trying to pit Young Master Xiao and his friends? Needless to say, something like that would never be allowed under the eyes of the ninjas of the Si clan. He had definitely been messing with the wrong people!

To make sure that his malicious intentions weren’t too obvious, Si Shi Wu turned back to the screen of the notebook and looked at the comments again. Then, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The other three looked at him and he hurriedly gave a cough. “Ah, there’s a nice comment here. Mister Xiao, do you want to know?” He looked over at Xiao Ming, his gaze quite particular.

Xiao Ming had no idea what this was about but still nodded. “If it’s something that can make Mister Ai laugh like that, it should be something funny. I’m sure that our viewers would also like to know.”

Qian Huang also wanted to say a few words but Si Shi Wu gave him a look and motioned at the cutting board. Clearly, this guy was supposed to cook, not talk. He’d better focus on his task well. Then, Si Shi Wu turned back to the screen. “This viewer here was wondering aloud whether these two combined will be able to cook half as well as you. And then another user chimed in, saying that since Qian Huang and Li Shui are infamous for being unable to cook, they really doubt it.”

Xiao Ming raised a hand and unhurriedly masked his laugh, not wanting to give the self-esteem of his friend another kick. “Ah, I’m sure that Qian Huang will be able to do it. In any case, he has seen me do this quite a lot of times and we just had a special on this three weeks ago. I don’t think he would’ve forgotten this fast.”

Si Shi Wu nodded and continued to scroll through the comments. Then, his brows slightly raised. There was one comment that really stood out because not only didn’t it fit in with the other comments, it was also not quite in line with what this person was normally writing.

Nin Sha: [Hateful.]

Si Shi Wu pondered on this message by his master, thinking that he must’ve done something wrong. In any case, there was no way he would have meant Xiao Ming. People in love … they were too unreasonable. The recipient of their affection could do no wrong in their eyes. At the very least, this was the way it was with their master and Young Master Xiao.

Si Shi Wu wasn’t the only one that pondered this mysterious statement. The other users also couldn’t help but be confused. There were rows upon rows of question marks being sent and the users started to discuss spiritedly.

Cuddly Lion: [What’s with Nin Sha today? Isn’t he usually professing his love for Xiao Ming in the comments? How come now, he is actually cursing him out?]

Cat Dancing on a Wire: [I don’t believe it. The Nin Sha who can take any job to be with Xiao Ming would definitely never treat him like this. Maybe he thinks Qian Huang’s display of his cooking skills is hateful? After all, Nin Sha spent the last few weeks learning how to cook for the casting, didn’t he? He might think it’s a disgrace for Qian Huang to be worse than him after having the chance to live with Xiao Ming full-time!]

Food Enthusiast: [Close. I think this is about Ai Gui Jin. He probably realized that he has a formidable love rival over there.]

There was another sequence of rows of question marks when the others couldn’t quite understand what he meant.

Food Enthusiast: [Think about it: Nin Sha has been trying to woo Xiao Ming since forever but hardly gets a reaction. Now, there’s a person in the live stream with Xiao Ming that not only shares his love for cooking but also gets along with him well. He actually got the opportunity to do a live stream together with Xiao Ming even though the self-certified number one fan still hasn’t gotten a single chance in the five years of support. And the worst thing: This guy is even his friend and he introduced him to Bright Yellow Water! He must feel so betrayed right now … Truly hateful!]

The question marks were replaced by laughter.

Watching the viewers howling in the comment section, Si Shi Wu actually felt bad. Yes, maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea. Originally, his plan was to go to the show so he could keep an eye on things and make sure that nobody would dare to bully Young Master Xiao. But now, having it spelled out this plainly, he also realized that his master must be unhappy that he had been able to meet Young Master Xiao before him. The last time, it had only been on the screen and it had been inadvertent, but this time, he had come here deliberately and was even meeting him face-to-face while his master still had to wait another day. Clearly, he would be unhappy about that. Who wouldn’t?

Si Shi Wu really wanted to sigh. By now, this realization really came too late. He couldn’t just get out of here now that he had realized but would instead have to continue. And then there would also be another episode of the show where he would be present. Most likely, he would really get into trouble.

Xiao Ming glanced at Ai Gui Jin every now and then, wondering what was up with him. After reading the comment, he had suddenly gone silent. He continued to watch Qian Huang and the host who were busy abusing the vegetables but finally couldn’t help himself. He quietly went around the two of them, pretending to take a look from the other side, and then turned to Ai Gui Jin. “Is everything alright?” He only whispered, hoping that it wouldn’t be picked up by the microphone. Back at home, this would usually be enough but he really didn’t know how it would be in the studio. He also didn’t just want to wait until the end though because he really wasn’t sure how Ai Gui Jin was currently doing.

Si Shi Wu looked up in confusion and then realized that Young Master Xiao was probably worried about him since he had suddenly fallen quiet. He lightly cleared his throat and then motioned at the screen, not bothering to keep his voice down. “I knew that Si Jin liked you and was watching all of your streams, but it is still another thing to see it play out in real life. And now, they are actually all discussing my friendship with him. This is really something I’ve never experienced in my restaurant.”

Xiao Ming didn’t quite know what he was supposed to say to that and looked at the screen, where the readers were getting even rowdier now that their comments had been acknowledged by Ai Gui Jin. He lightly coughed, and then motioned over to the two people cooking. “I’m afraid I’m not a good narrator for this kind of thing but let’s give it a try.”

Si Shi Wu nodded and watched him go back to the other side, feeling that he really understood just why his master was interested in him. In any case, not only was he a good-looking person, but he was also really kind. Why wouldn’t his master like him? Thinking about the bad mood his master was currently in, Si Shi Wu reached out to the keyboard and left a comment of his own.

Bright Yellow Water: [I’m not interested in him. – Ai Gui Jin]

Feeling like he had done his best to dissolve the situation, Si Shi Wu turned his back to the screen and went on to watch what was happening on the other side.

As a result, he missed out on how his reaction actually made the viewers tease Nin Sha even more.

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