OMF V10C129 A Promise to Remember

The child in question had just finished listening to Bai Fen’s story and reminders. Even though most of it wasn’t news, he still wasn’t sure what to make of all this. It made the joy of having Qiu Ling ask for his mother’s blessing reduce somewhat. Why was it that he had to be reminded of all these complicated issues at this moment?

Bai Fen had naturally seen the change in Jing He’s expression but there was nothing she could do. These things had to be said and right now was the best moment to do so. Otherwise, what was she supposed to wait for?

She sighed and reached out to pat Jing He’s shoulder. “I know it’s a lot at once and maybe it dampens the mood somewhat but I want the two of you to be prepared. Marriage also means dealing with the issues that crop up and this is a big one.

“Now, I believe I have said enough. Let’s go back. Qiu Ling and you should have a lot to discuss.” Qiu Ling had been aware of this curse and her son had likely figured out some parts by himself while he grew up so this wasn’t necessarily a surprise to either of them. Still, since Qiu Ling had only found out during the trial, they had never talked about it. Now, she had given them an opportunity to do so without either of them bringing it up. That was as much as she could help.

Jing He nodded and silently followed his mother back inside. He felt a bit lost while he did so, once again questioning what Qiu Ling would think. Earlier it had seemed as if their relationship was more stable. The trial and Qiu Ling’s willingness to talk about all the matters that had happened during it and their future had inspired confidence in him that all of this was right and they were indeed headed for marriage. Now, he was once again riddled with doubts.

Qiu Ling got to his feet as they returned and walked up to Jing He, taking his hands. Just one look was enough to see that Jing He was bothered by all of this. As his semi-official fiance, he naturally had to soothe his worries.

“Qiu Ling.” Jing He looked up in a daze before finally relaxing. It seemed he was worrying too much. Qiu Ling was just as usual. Yes, if he had already known and had still come back to him despite that, then surely, he didn’t mind.

He would have liked to lean in his arms just like earlier but he didn’t dare to take the initiative in front of his mother and uncle. Well, maybe he wouldn’t even have dared if they were alone but then, Qiu Ling might have embraced him immediately if not for there being somebody else around.

Qiu Ling indeed had such an idea for a moment and barely held back when he thought of how Jing He would likely be embarrassed to be hugged in front of his mother and uncle. Instead, he turned to look at Bai Fen. “Mother-in-law, in the beginning, when I started to court your son, you made me a promise. Do you remember?”

Bai Fen had already taken a seat next to her brother again and nodded. “I said I would help you with my husband if you managed to woo my son.”

“Yes. Now, I believe I have succeeded so I would like to ask you to make true on that promise. After all, we’re all aware that the Heavenly Emperor won’t be happy with our union.”

Bai Fen nodded silently. She wasn’t reluctant to help out. Admittedly, she didn’t know for sure what to do though. First, a talk with her husband should be in order?

She tried to imagine Rong Su’s reaction to her bringing this up and her lips twitched. Most likely, the response wouldn’t be good. Usually, her husband deferred to her but that didn’t mean that he didn’t have his own mind in a lot of matters. It was just that he still felt guilty and was still afraid she’d leave him so he didn’t dare to talk back most of the time. When it came to Jing He’s future though, she doubted that it would be as easy.

In this regard, she didn’t dare to give an ultimatum. Even though their relationship was strained, this was still her husband. Some things couldn’t be said unless she was willing to indeed break the relationship. Back in the day, when Jing He had still been small, maybe she would have been. But now, so much time had already passed and she didn’t feel like there was anything else out there waiting for her.

If worst came to worse though, she would do it for Jing He. She didn’t want her child to suffer, after all. Not that Jing He wouldn’t blame himself if his parents broke up over his engagement.

Bai Fen faintly raised her brows and sighed. To make a long story short … “This won’t be easy to achieve.” Yes, in her eyes, it wasn’t impossible to make Rong Su listen but it couldn’t be called an easy task either. It wasn’t something that would happen fast either. “You give me some time to talk to him. I’ll see about his general attitude first. After that, we’ll see how to continue from there.”

Qiu Ling inclined his head. “Thank you, mother-in-law. I am much indebted to you.”

Bai Fen gave him a look and shook her head. “No, as long as you treat my son well, this is all worth it. Don’t think too much.” She smiled faintly and then motioned to the door. “The two of you should have some matters to talk about. You go first and I will come to tell you after I’ve spoken to Jing He’s father.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then gently tugged at Jing He’s hand, leading him outside.

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