SML V6C51 Welcome to Work!

The three of them chatted idly before Li Ming finally left later that evening. He returned directly to his apartment and went to bed. After all, while today might have been a free day for him, tomorrow wasn’t. He couldn’t stay up too late or his work would suffer. And even though he did intend to go somewhere else, that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t continue to do the best possible job he could until that day arrived.

Just as she had promised, Rong Xiang indeed went to talk to her boss, Mister Du. Seeing as the person that wanted to volunteer this time intended to continue staying in the charity sector after this, he took some time to look at what would be the most suitable.

Because of this, Li Ming only got a definitive answer yet another week later: He could come and work whenever he had a free day. If he happened to have more time off while the courses weren’t ongoing, he was also welcome to drop by more often. The only thing Mister Du asked for was that he let him know ahead of time when he’d be free so he could schedule accordingly.

Li Ming was still just as enthusiastic about this opportunity as he had been a week prior. In fact, with Mister Du being so straightforward, he felt even better about the decision. Thus, he texted him the times he’d be available as soon as Rong Xiang told him the phone number, and just three days later, Li Ming accompanied her to the office for the first time.

Even though Mister Du had agreed pretty much directly to let the person give it a try, that was based on his impression of Rong Xiang. A person she approved of was likely to be approved of by him as well. But then, they were working with children and teenagers and he didn’t dare to let just anyone walk into his facilities. Thus, he first wanted to see him under the guise of giving some more guidance.

When Li Ming walked into the office behind Rong Xiang and greeted him, Mister Du’s impression wasn’t bad. Clearly, the person looked very clean and simple. Just right for this type of job! He waved the two of them in, motioning for Li Ming to get himself a chair. “Come in, come in. Have a seat. Mister Li, was it?”

Li Ming nodded. “Yes. I’m glad you’re willing to give me a chance. I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

Mister Du hurriedly waved and then smiled at Rong Xiang. “Ms. Rong told me that you intend to change careers from the private sector to do charity work. That is always a good thing. Although we rely on volunteers a lot, those are often people that have little time. They can only take out a day a week or sometimes even less. So, we are still in dire need of people who are willing to commit to this as a job whether that be full- or part-time.”

Li Ming nodded. He didn’t think he’d be so lucky to get a job at this place directly no matter how well he did but he was sure that Mister Du’s experience in the sector would hold true in other organizations as well. “I am definitely willing. I just don’t know if I am really suitable so I wanted to give it a try first. Especially when it comes to working with people, I think it shouldn’t be done if one doesn’t have what it takes.”

Mister Du nodded. “True, true. Anyway, Ms. Rong told me a little about you so I have a good feeling about this. As I mentioned to her, as long as you tell me ahead of time when you can come in, I’ll be glad to have you here. Of course, I hope you won’t mind that this will have to be on a volunteer basis for now.”

Li Ming once again nodded. “Of course. In this case, you are already doing me a favor by making this possible. I wouldn’t dare to make any demands.”

Mister Du gave a hum, feeling that he liked Li Ming more and more. “Well, since you’re not too familiar with matters here, I’ll have you follow somebody who is more experienced. I guess for today, that’ll be Ms. Rong herself. On the other days, we’ll have to see how it is convenient. If there’s time later, you should also get acquainted with the other workers and volunteers we currently have on board. Just learn from them bit by bit. They can also tell you wherever there is something to do.”

“I will do that.”

Mister Du nodded again, feeling that this was actually all he had had to say. Everything else would still depend on how well Li Ming actually did. He hesitated for a while about how to end the topic and finally just looked from Li Ming to Rong Xiang and back again. “Well, I wanted to say a few words to make you not feel too lost but I’m afraid there’s not much my words can do here. Especially for this kind of work, seeing is better than just hearing it. So, I won’t keep you any longer. The two of you should get right to it!

“If there are any problems though and you can’t find any of the others working here to solve it, then you can always come to me. You also have my phone number now and there is also the number of the office itself. You can call at any time during business hours.”

“Thank you, I will keep this in mind.” Li Ming nodded before getting up. Of course, he didn’t intend to pick Mister Du up on the offer if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. After all, even though he seemed good-natured, which boss wanted to be pestered by their employees every day? Even if it was a charity, it wasn’t like that meant that Mister Du was idler than other bosses.

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