OMF V10C118 A Plan to Break the Truth

Jing He looked at him in a daze, unable to believe what Qiu Ling was saying. Hadn’t they said just yesterday that they would only get married with his father’s approval and that it would take time to gain that?

Qiu Ling didn’t let him ask. He simply smiled and squeezed his hand for a moment before walking back to the door. “I’ll wait outside while you get ready. After that, we can talk.” He left that sentence and then already closed the door behind him.

Jing He sat on his bed in a daze, unsure what to make of this. He never doubted Qiu Ling but … could they really just tell his father in the current situation? He couldn’t imagine that. There wasn’t the slightest sign that his father was softening his stance regarding a possible relationship with Qiu Ling.

Even though he had doubts, Qiu Ling had promised to talk about those after he got ready. Since he himself was embarrassed at having been seen in his current state, Jing He hurriedly got up and went to pick his clothes for the day.

This time, he didn’t dare to choose too carefully. He might want to leave Qiu Ling with the best possible impression but since he had left to wait for him, it wouldn’t do to take too much time. Thus, he picked the simple white robe he had rejected yesterday, feeling that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad today. Anyway, he didn’t think he should still be as pale.

To ensure that he wasn’t wrong, he hurriedly checked his face in the water mirror. When he really felt that it didn’t seem off, he went to wash up, hurriedly threw on the robe, and then sat down to choose the accessories for the day and do his hair.

Outside, Qiu Ling had folded his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky, watching the clouds pass by. He had never realized before but it seemed that Jing He actually needed quite some time to get ready in the mornings. He had never experienced that with Jing Yi.

Qiu Ling’s lips twitched. This was a comparison he’d better drop right this instant. Jing Yi had hated being compared to Jing He and even though Jing He didn’t seem to mind hearing about his trial, it was better not to take a risk. Who knew how matters would look in a few days, after all? Right now, he didn’t know what had happened. Later, that would be different. He shouldn’t take any chances.

After a while, Qiu Ling lowered his head and looked at his hands in a daze. In a while, Jing He would indeed remember everything. Until then, he had to tell him the truth about his parentage. To be honest, he felt scared.

Jing He hadn’t minded any of his previous revelations. Even the ones that could be considered bad had been taken in stride. But then, those were nothing that threatened the perfect image Jing He had of him. If he knew that he had some demon blood …

Qiu Ling closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He really wasn’t sure how to bring this up. He definitely didn’t dare to say it straight as it was in the same way he had done with those matters yesterday. No, he felt that for this, he needed a plan. Unfortunately, he needed one fast and he wasn’t sure how to come up with one.

If it had been any other time, he would have asked Jinde for advice. After all, with how long he had lived and all his experience, even if he couldn’t come up with the perfect plan, he would at least be able to help him analyze the pros and cons of different approaches. With Jinde’s current condition, that was out of the question though. He definitely couldn’t add to his troubles right now.

As for Leng Jin Yu … well, his advice was probably more valuable than his actual father’s but … he had lived as a dragon who was semi-interested in the other races and then as a human who only ascended shortly before leaving for the mortal realm again. His understanding of the gods likely wasn’t better than his own.

Other than them, who else could he ask? The one who might understand his situation best would be Bai Mu but his fiancee was a human who had also known from the beginning what he was and didn’t carry the gods’ prejudice against demons. Not to mention that Bai Mu was related to Qiang Yan and while he didn’t mind exposing some information to the God of War, he absolutely wouldn’t allow himself to let this secret spill while Jing He wasn’t aware yet. Thus, Bai Mu was out of the question as well.

Who else did this leave? At most, he could still think of An Bai. While he was a dragon himself, he was rather familiar with the gods in general and also with Jing He specifically. His opinion did hold some weight if you thought about it that way.

Thinking of An Bai, there was also the fact that he had figured this secret out by himself but hadn’t lost his mind over it. Instead, he had managed to accept him as he was. Maybe he would be able to give him some guidance based on what had made a difference for him?

Qiu Ling sighed. Yes, considering everything else, An Bai seemed like the best option for this. Anyway, he had probably returned to the Nine Heavens to continue his previous research with the people from the Court of Justice. After all, just because Jing He’s trial had come to an end and the immediate danger was over, the general problem that such a situation might occur again and threaten the lives of other dragons hadn’t disappeared. Since they were aware of it, they would naturally pursue this until the end. Thinking of this, it really seemed best to go over to the Tower of Wisdom and see An Bai directly after his visit to Jing He’s palace ended today.

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