SML V6C45 Which Direction to Take

Li Ming nodded, not too surprised when Rong Xiang brought this up. In every company whether it was working for the government, in the industry, or in a non-profit organization, there would be different jobs available. The qualifications you needed, the skills you should have, and the tasks you would do every day often weren’t even comparable. The bigger the place, the more this was true.

So yes, the type of job he would take up was important to choose. Of course, he had also read up on that in the last week. “I don’t think I have the qualifications for a lot of the available positions. So, it would need to be something where I can at least start without or where I hopefully won’t need too much time to make up for them.”

He didn’t mind taking some courses to get a certificate beforehand. He had some savings to tide himself over for a few months at least if he couldn’t do a job and the necessary qualification at the same time but he couldn’t do so for longer than maybe half a year.

Even that might be cutting it close. After all, he didn’t know if he could find a new job directly after he finished so he couldn’t completely drain his savings just for a qualification. It could work for slightly longer if he did the courses with Zhu Yi and even started working with Rong Xiang but he was somebody who paid a lot of attention to security even in the financial sense. He didn’t like taking too big of a risk. Thus, he’d rather switch to a new job first and then do the right qualification on the side.

He shook his head, feeling that he still didn’t have enough information in regard to what would really be open to him. It would likely depend on the specific organization as well. But then, Rong Xiang might be able to help him out with some insights she had gained so far.

He pulled himself out of his thoughts and tried to describe what he was roughly looking for. “When it comes to the type of position I’d like, then I guess I’m open to a lot of things but I would prefer it if I could work directly with people. There was some aspect of that in my previous jobs and especially now after working with Zhu Yi, I think I’m good at it as well. It would be a pity not to use that.

“Other than that …” He thought for a moment but wasn’t too sure what to say. “I guess something more active would suit me well but I’m not too set on that. No matter what, I think as long as I can find meaning in it, I’ll be alright doing it for a long time.”

Yes, he didn’t have too many requirements when it came to a job he could do. Anyway, he had always known that he would one day have to switch careers or at least go from being a security guard that was out there, ready to take physical action at any time, to something a little more restrained. After all, your body wouldn’t be able to keep up someday.

Yes, that day was still far off for him but when he started in this career, he had also thought about it. He had wanted to be prepared so he had thought of some alternatives or at least what kind of attributes a job he’d like should have. Of course, he never would have thought that he might end up as an instructor or working for a charity. Those jobs would have seemed much too far-fetched to him at the beginning of his career. Now though, he could indeed imagine himself in them.

Rong Xiang nodded. The points Li Ming mentioned were rather general but then, since he wasn’t too particular about it, that also meant there were more chances to find a spot for him. Since this wasn’t meant to last forever and only so he could try his hand at it first, it shouldn’t be a problem. “Then I’ll mention that to my boss as well.

“I’m not sure if I told you before but we are trying to help students from less privileged backgrounds. A lot of that work is naturally with the students themselves so that would be quite in line with what you’re looking for. If there is absolutely nothing free in those positions, you’d at least get to work with some of our coworkers though. So you wouldn’t be completely isolated, I can already promise that.”

Li Ming laughed. “Well, I’m glad to hear that. Even if I think I can do it, I’d still rather have somebody who can keep an eye on me.” He looked at the folder Rong Xiang was holding and then switched on the screen of his phone to glance at the time. “Seems like it’s gotten pretty late. Brother Zhu should come back in a bit, right? Maybe I should leave before then?”

Rong Xiang chuckled. “If you ask like this, it sounds like we were doing something forbidden. Since you’re already here, you might as well stay for dinner. Otherwise, Ah Yi might think I chased you off.

“Anyway, I remember you’re a good cook. You can use the opportunity to give me some feedback. Ah Yi is useless in that regard. He’ll just say he likes everything.” Rong Xiang rolled her eyes, clearly not impressed with her boyfriend’s ability to critique her cooking.

Li Ming wasn’t sure if she wasn’t just trying to flatter him so he wouldn’t feel as awkward about staying but he still nodded in response to her invitation in the end. “Alright, then I guess I can only stay for dinner. Do you want me to help you prepare?”

Rong Xiang waved her hand, not wanting to let her guest work, especially not after he had already worked with her all afternoon. “No, you just lean back. You’ve already been a big help today so just see this as a small reward. If you’re bored, you can go online or something. Just help yourself.” She motioned at the laptop that was still standing on the table and then started to get the ingredients ready for dinner, quietly preparing while the two of them waited for Zhu Yi to get home.

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