RMN C516 Worth the Sacrifice

Reaching the top, Mei Chao Bing immediately closed his eyes to get into the right state to enter blue butterfly’s dreamscape. Even though she should technically be able to leave it up here, he didn’t want to take a risk. Not to mention that returning sooner rather than later would still be beneficial.

Blue butterfly really wanted to question him immediately but she also knew that it was better to wait until he was back in her dreamscape to do so. In fact, it might be even better to first drag him back to the border town. Otherwise, he’d have to repeat everything for the others.

The wind brushed through Mei Chao Bing’s hair and made his robe flatter but he hardly noticed. He only tried to become as calm as possible. With the images from the chasm still vivid in front of his eyes, it was harder to do than before.

Realizing this, he felt that he could count himself lucky that he hadn’t gotten into danger down there. Blue butterfly definitely wouldn’t have been able to rescue him. He gave a self-deprecating smile but then tried to push the miserable thoughts aside.

To be honest, he was likely the last person who should enter this chasm. With his past, he was too susceptible to the darkness of the vengeful spirits trapped there. But then, experiencing this was still good. It could help him toughen up before his confrontation with his Master.

He took a couple of breaths to calm himself and empty his mind but then switched tactics when it didn’t seem to work and instead thought of Yun Bei Fen. From the moment he first met that scaredy cat on one of the many paths through the Teng Yong Sect, to the day Yun Bei Fen came to console him after his Master had betrayed the sect, to that time a whole five years later after he came out of closed door cultivation, and finally, the weeks they had spent together on the way to the border region and after reaching the small town.

Every single moment seemed to be etched into his mind and there was not a single one that he had been unhappy in. Just seeing him, the way his eyes curved and that cute smile made his heart flutter. He loved how Yun Bei Fen always wanted to stick close to him and would act cute in front of him. Well, he probably wasn’t even acting. He simply was that cute.

The corners of Mei Chao Bing’s lips lifted without him noticing and the peace he had been missing before was restored after all. He gave himself a few more moments of indulging before once again trying to empty his mind to get into the right state.

Blue butterfly was standing next to him, albeit separated through the dimension of her dreamscape. Her fingers were twitching, hoping that she could finally grab him already. Why was this taking so long?

The moment Mei Chao Bing touched the fringes of the right state, blue butterfly reached out and pulled him in, her eyes widening as she looked at him. “You better explain while we rush back!”

Mei Chao Bing nodded, although the thought that waiting until they were back in the town also crossed his mind. But then, who knew how late exactly it was? The other guardians might need to return soon. In that case, it was best to just tell blue butterfly first.

Having made up his mind, he recounted in detail what his spiritual sense had picked up on, as well as the strange physical reaction he had felt. He tried not to leave out anything, no matter how insignificant it seemed but there honestly wasn’t much to say. Anyway, he had only spent a few minutes at most at that end of the chasm and he hadn’t investigated more closely.

Even though he couldn’t provide as much information, blue butterfly’s expression still turned heavy. “This doesn’t sound good.”

“What does the guardian think is the reason?” Of course, it could simply be that the spirits at the end of the chasm were that strong but he doubted it. No, that feeling … it shouldn’t be as simple as that.

Blue butterfly hesitated for a moment but finally shook her head. “I’m not sure. I’ll talk to the others when we get back. This kind of matter, Tong Chen and Yan Jian Hong will understand better than I.” She did have some ideas but she honestly didn’t dare to guess randomly. It just seemed … too important. Her intuition told her as much, just like how Mei Chao Bing had been able to realize that there had to be more to that spot.

Mei Chao Bing didn’t mind her decision and simply nodded. “Then we should hurry back. I wonder if Zhi Guan already made it back with Yang Wu Huang.” His brows furrowed when he thought of the latter.

His relationship with Yang Wu Huang really wasn’t good. Even though that guy slandering him would play into their hands this time around, he was also a bit reluctant to give up on the slightly better reputation he had finally built in the last few weeks.

Of course, several of the people he had gotten closer to were aware of the plan since they had come up with it in the first place but it wasn’t quite the same. A person’s reputation … he had found out firsthand how important that was.

Once besmirched, washing it white again was an arduous task. He had just started and seen the first results but now, all that would be for naught. Maybe the second time around — if he even got that chance — it wouldn’t work at all. That thought … he really didn’t like it and yet, he still had to go through with this plan for the sake of the sect and all the disciples in it. Well, Yun Bei Fen and the people around him were worth that sacrifice. He had no doubts about that.

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