OMF V10C104 It’s Time

The two of them walked into the palace and Qiu Ling took the seat at the table where he had previously been sitting, waiting for Jing He to brew a new pot of tea and bring over a plate of snacks. He himself used the time to ponder.

This whole matter … from beginning to end, there was so much to say. He hadn’t known where to begin but after mentioning Tian’s reminder, his wedding with Jing Yi, his father’s reincarnation, and Jinde’s return, he was starting to feel that it might not be too bad. So far, Jing He seemed to have taken everything in stride. He had clearly been shocked by some revelations but there hadn’t seemed to be too much anxiety caused by them. In that case, it should be alright to add to his previous mentions.

He picked up one of the snacks and took a bite, closing his eyes and sighing deeply. Actually, even though he had mostly wanted to give Jing He an excuse for inviting him in, he really felt exhausted. While he likely needed a few hours of sleep, food was absolutely a step up from the last couple of days.

He took a moment before opening his eyes again. As a result, what he first saw was Jing He’s worried expression. His lips curved up and he reached over the table, covering Jing He’s hand with his. “Don’t worry. These few days aren’t a problem. You also that the physique of us dragons is different.”

Jing He nodded. To be honest, even if it was a god, their strength wouldn’t run out as long as they took in some spiritual energy from the surroundings. Still, he felt heartache seeing Qiu Ling like this. In all the years they had known each other, he had never appeared like this.

His lips parted and he finally couldn’t help but look elsewhere. “That … Maybe you’d like to stay after all?” His cheeks flushed when he said so. He knew he shouldn’t say this but he felt uncomfortable thinking of Qiu Ling returning to the dragon realm like this. In that case, wasn’t it better to allow him to stay in his palace?

Qiu Ling silently picked up his teacup and took a sip, his mind moving fast. He definitely wanted to stay so … this was a good opportunity. If he said yes, he could get his wish while Jing He had just found the perfect excuse for him. Unfortunately, he had just remembered earlier that Jinde’s child seemed to have died so he did need to return to the dragon realm.

Putting the teacup down on the table, he sighed deeply. “I’d like to. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it might not be the best idea. You see, you just asked what exactly happened in the last few days. To be honest, I don’t remember much. It’s all a blur. But it means I haven’t been back to the dragon realm for several days right after such a battle. As the king of the dragon race, that is really my dereliction of duty. Plus, there is my family now. I have to go and make sure that the three of them are alright.”

He faintly raised his brows and sighed. “Of course, I’d love to stay. But if I do, then I’ll have to go to the dragon realm tomorrow in the day. I feel like … between sleeping here and not being aware of time passing, it’d be better to spend tomorrow with you after checking on everything else and getting some rest.”

Jing He hurriedly nodded. “Of course.” He naturally felt that Qiu Ling was right. Even more so, he felt that it had been his oversight just now. Why hadn’t he thought of these things? Wasn’t it obvious that Qiu Ling couldn’t just stay? As the dragon king, there was so much to do, so much to take care of. It even seemed doubtful that Qiu Ling would get much time to rest.

Jing He lowered his head further and faintly pursed his lips. “If … if you have a lot to do and there isn’t enough time, you shouldn’t force yourself to come back early tomorrow. Anyway, I also understand that you are busy. I wouldn’t underestimate your importance to the dragon race.”

Qiu Ling looked at him and smiled. He gently changed his grasp on Jing He’s hand and rubbed it with his thumb. “I want to return early tomorrow. Leaving now, it’s only because your question reminded me. If it was up to me and there were no pressing matters to deal with, I’d love to rest here.”

Jing He hurriedly nodded even though he still felt somewhat embarrassed. Since the decision had already been made before, he shouldn’t have brought it up again. It served him right to be rejected now.

Qiu Ling kept quiet for a moment and then pulled Jing He’s hand closer. “I think … you might want some time to yourself as well. Everything I’ve told you today … you can’t remember yet even though your reincarnation was there so it’s all new. You’ll probably need some time to sort it out. If you have questions, I can answer them tomorrow.”

Jing He gave a hum. “I will do that.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then clicked his tongue. “Speaking of things to tell you … there is one more that I believe you should be aware of early on.” He gave him a deep look, his own heart speeding up. This matter was something that he hadn’t brought up before because the reaction … it could go either of two ways. Since he couldn’t tell which way that was, he had never brought it up before. But now, Jing He would remember anyway and he felt that it would be best if he was the one to bring it up.

Jing He looked at him, waiting for what else there could be. He felt that his trial had already been too exciting. Was there really something else of magnitude that could have happened?

Qiu Ling took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “You went on this trial because of Tian’s curse on the gods. We didn’t talk about it before and neither did we talk about the curse on my race. I think … it’s time I told you.”

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