RMN C515 Better Return Fast

Blue butterfly could see what he was doing but she couldn’t observe his surroundings with her spiritual sense in the same way he did. Thus, she didn’t realize what was wrong with the spiritual energy and only felt that his behavior was odd. She wanted to pull him into her dreamscape but he wasn’t in the right state of mind so she could only grit her teeth and continue to watch him slowly back up.

Mei Chao Bing put at least a hundred meters between him and this end of the chasm before his tense muscles slightly relaxed. He still didn’t let his guard down but he felt that the greatest danger was over.

Thinking for a moment, he continued to back off while facing that end of the chasm. Only when it left his field of view did he turn and sigh deeply. He looked around, finally able to see his surroundings better. Clearly, he had reached a part of the chasm that was bearable again. Not that it wasn’t still eerie, especially with the previous spirits suddenly gone.

Mei Chao Bing looked up to where somewhere far above his head was supposed to be the sky. He couldn’t see it and even if he could, it should be dark at this time. It was hard to tell how many hours had passed since he came here but he felt that it should still be in the middle of the night.

Retracting his gaze, he faintly cleared his throat. “Guardian …” He didn’t know where she was so he could only awkwardly look ahead while he continued to speak. “Just now, when I almost reached the end of the chasm, I realized that the spiritual energy was distorted. I will tell you and the other guardians more when we’ve returned to the border town. I only wanted to let you know what just happened.”

Blue butterfly nodded, once again feeling vexed that she couldn’t communicate better with him. With him saying that something had been wrong at that end of the chasm though, she felt that she definitely couldn’t step outside even though she would have loved to investigate this matter.

Mei Chao Bing gave her a moment to think about what he had said and then motioned ahead. “The magical box is almost filled but there is still some space. Seeing as we have a tough fight before us and the state of the chasm is precarious, I’ll go back to the middle and continue storing the energy of the vengeful spirits for as long as I can. After that, we’ll return to the border region.”

Blue butterfly nodded and then silently followed him back to the middle of the chasm. This time, Mei Chao Bing was rushing ahead since there were no spirits to worry about on this stretch of the way. She still had a few moments at least to consider what she had heard from him.

Distorted energy … he hadn’t described it any closer but even just calling it such gave her an impression of how bad this had to be.

Spiritual energy was something that naturally occurred in nature. It wasn’t made by humans or even cultivators specifically. It was just there. To have such a natural matter distort, that couldn’t happen easily. It would need … well, a major interference. She wasn’t even sure if her creating the chasm itself would be enough to distort the energy.

Blue butterfly winced at that thought. Well, maybe she shouldn’t delude herself. She had made two dimensions collide. That had naturally had a major impact. She couldn’t deny that. It was absolutely possible that this was the cause behind the distorted energy.

But then, it wasn’t like the sects hadn’t checked the chasm back then and nobody had reported this. So either it had taken more time for the spiritual energy to distort at the edge of the chasm and the sects had missed it because they had turned laxer in their checks or … there was something else at work.

Blue butterfly’s expression turned solemn when she thought of this. Especially with how the chasm had almost touched the array the sects were guarding, she didn’t have a good feeling about this. It would be best if they could return to the border town soon so she could talk this over with the other three. She really didn’t want to have to think about this alone.

While blue butterfly worried by herself, Mei Chao Bing reached the middle of the chasm again. He had long pulled out the magical box and didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the fray, sucking in the energy of all the vengeful spirits he came across.

Just like on the other side, the spirits this close to the middle of the chasm were weaker, meaning that he managed to progress rather far toward the other end before the last bit of space in the magical box had been used up. The carved array on top gave off a short wave of light and then sparkled in a colorful manner.

Mei Chao Bing’s lips twitched when he saw this. It really was hard on the eyes but at least he could call this reassurance that the box would actually work. And if not as intended, then he could at least throw it as a diversion tactic. With this appearance, somebody might feel it was so odd that it made sense to beware of it.

He put the box away again and grabbed his sword tightly, defeating the three vengeful spirits that had been rushing toward him but not been sucked in because the box had been filled already. He had been worried that this would happen so he had never let his guard down. Now, even though it took him some time to defeat them one by one while guarding against the others, he finally still prevailed.

When the last vengeful spirit dispersed, Mei Chao Bing heaved a sigh of relief. He glanced over the path ahead of him and then turned around with a faint smile. “I’m done. We should return to the border town.” With that statement, he made his way back to the path he had marked when he arrived and climbed out of the chasm again. Overall, he really couldn’t say that this visit had gone badly.

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