SML V6C42 Life Had a Way to Play Out

Having asked the question he wanted to ask and receiving the help he had hoped for, Li Ming didn’t want to focus on work any longer. After telling Rong Xiang that he would get back to her regarding the time, he switched the topic. Soon enough, the three of them were talking about whatever came to mind while eating and having a few drinks.

By the time Li Ming went home, he felt like a burden had been taken off his shoulders. He closed the door to his apartment behind him and then went to change out of his clothes. It was already late and he had to work tomorrow but he wasn’t that much in a hurry.

He went to sit down on the couch in the living room and gave his laptop and glance. He was kind of curious not just about Rong Xiang’s specific plans but also about the charity sector that she had suggested he look at. He knew he wouldn’t have enough time to look at both and since Rong Xiang was waiting for him to find a time they were both available to talk about the course, he should probably look at that first. Despite knowing that, he hesitated.

He would indeed love to work on this with Rong Xiang. If he could do so would depend on whether he was able to find another job though. After all, even though she and Zhu Yi hadn’t said it directly, the implication seemed to be that even with the theoretical course and the practical one, this wouldn’t end up as a full-time job. So, he needed a part-time job to ensure his financial stability.

He finally sighed and picked up his laptop, opening Baidu to look at work in the charity sector and what it entailed. To be honest, he only had a rough idea of it and he wasn’t sure how accurate it even was.

When he heard the word charity, what he would think of first were either those celebrities that used charity work to boost their popularity by gaining a good reputation or volunteers who did the work next to their actual job. For him, neither of these was possible. Yes, he wanted to help but he also needed a job that paid enough for him to live off or at least half of that since he would combine the income with what he earned from the courses.

Looking at the search results, what he found first were indeed articles about people volunteering for charities. Then, there were even programs for students that would help them get into charity work with a lot of it not even being in China.

Li Ming raised his brows. This definitely wasn’t for him. He felt a bit worried but didn’t give up directly. In the worst case, he could look into something else. Maybe there were even some positions as a security guard that would only require him to go in some days a week. It might not seem likely but it was a possibility. Even if not, he could find a way to make this work.

He continued to look into information about the charity sector. At first, there was still a lot of news that wasn’t relevant to him. He still read through the articles to gain a better understanding. An hour later, he felt that he had a much better idea of what to look for.

He spent yet another hour in front of the screen before finally turning off his laptop and going to bed. He hadn’t found anything definitive yet but it at least seemed like there was a possibility to make it in this line of business. He would need to check more closely but that didn’t need to be done this evening.

Lying in the darkness, Li Ming couldn’t help but sigh, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. For the past few weeks, he had been constantly thinking about the issue of his job prospects and not having a clear direction. Now, that had changed over the course of a single day. Sure, not everything was planned yet but just knowing where to start and what to do as his next step helped immensely.

He turned to the side and closed his eyes, quietly thinking to himself that he should first go over Rong Xiang’s plan tomorrow after work. He could take some notes at the side and then directly get back to her when he finished so they could find a date that worked for both of them.

Yesterday had been his free day so he wouldn’t have much time until next week. Most likely, they would only sit down by then so he’d have a few more days to research. By the time they met, they could probably talk about both the course and his ideas for working in charity.

He smiled to himself when he thought of how she had offered to introduce him to her place of work. He didn’t think he would directly manage to get a job out of this but it would allow him a glimpse at what this line of work was really like on a day-to-day basis and he might be able to make some helpful connections for the future. He really was lucky to have met her.

Thinking of that, he opened his eyes and blankly stared into the darkness. It was weird to think about but all of this seemed to have been set in motion three years ago. If not for the breakup with Mo Fang, he wouldn’t have taken Linghu Jiahao’s course and wouldn’t have met Duan Zhi Hao. And if he hadn’t met him and stayed in contact with him, Duan Zhi Hao wouldn’t have told Zhu Yi about him when he was complaining about needing a second person to do the courses effectively.

Back then, the breakup had seemed like a disaster but it had turned into a blessing in disguise. Although then again, if not for their breakup, maybe he would have been satisfied with continuing to work at the railroad station. At the end of the day, it just seemed like life had its way to play out, no matter what your original plans were.

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