SML V6C41 Some Additional Information

Li Ming looked at him blankly. He wasn’t that surprised that Rong Xiang hadn’t completely given up on the courses. As she had said, this was something she had long since dreamed of doing, after all. Even though she couldn’t do it in the originally planned way any longer, that didn’t mean she didn’t want to have some part.

He was very surprised that Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang would want him to be a part of that though. He hadn’t thought too much about it but if she were to find a way to get her wish after all, he would have thought she’d want to do that with her boyfriend, not with her boyfriend’s employee.

He needed a moment to come to terms with this. When he did, he didn’t hesitate though. “Well, if it’s not inconvenient to tell me, what exactly is the plan?” Seriously, he didn’t even need to think about this. He loved working with Zhu Yi and he got along well with Rong Xiang. He also liked the job. If it was something related, he would certainly enjoy that as well. So where was the need for much consideration?

Zhu Yi beamed but didn’t explain. Instead, he turned to Rong Xiang to let her take the lead in explaining.

Rong Xiang wasn’t hesitant either. “I can send you the exact details later but what it comes down to is that I want to give theoretical courses alongside the practical ones, as well as informative events that aren’t tied to a specific course.

“Both would be for general information about how to try and prevent dangerous situations before they can happen, what to do in case you couldn’t prevent them, and also what you should do afterward. We’d go over some possible scenarios, show statistics, and do some exercises.

“I actually have a preliminary plan for it worked out that I would be able to do alone as well but I would prefer having a second person there. Ah Yi can’t because he has more than enough to do with his job as an instructor outside the self-defense courses. If you had time and would be interested though, that would be perfect. Since you’re familiar with the course, you could give first-hand accounts of some experiences. Plus, with your background, you’re really reliable.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s what Brother Zhu said when trying to recruit me as well.” Saying so, he shook his head. “Actually, you don’t need to say more. If it’s possible, I’ll definitely join.”

Rong Xiang raised her brows. Just like Zhu Yi, she had also thought this would seem too unreliable to Li Ming so she hadn’t urged her boyfriend to bring it up to him and had instead tried to plan this as a one-woman show. “Are you sure? Is this not going to interfere with your plans?”

Li Ming shook his head. “I’m just beginning to make those plans and from the sound of it, you’re not going to start those theoretical parts immediately, right?”

“No, definitely not. It’ll probably be when the next practical course starts at the earliest, maybe even later depending on how things turn out.”

Li Ming gave a hum. “That’s what I thought. In that case, there’s no reason to worry. For the time being, I’ll keep my job at the hotel while researching those jobs in the charity sector. I can also help you plan the courses if you want me to. Then later, when we’ve made sure of the details on your side and I’ve made a final decision and some progress on mine, I can hand in my notice at the hotel and switch over.”

Rong Xiang slowly nodded. “I guess that should work, yes.” She tapped the table and then nodded again. “Alright, I didn’t think we’d come to an agreement this easily. I’ll send you the document with the ideas I have so far right away!” She pulled out her phone and started to pull up what she had so far.

Li Ming smiled and shook his head again. “Is it really a wonder? I like working with Brother Zhu and just like you, I’m passionate about this. Since there’s a chance, I’d like to try. If we can make it work, that would be great.”

Anyway, while he felt a sense of responsibility and didn’t want to drift around aimlessly, who wouldn’t love a job they were actually passionate about? He had also liked being a security guard but this was more rewarding to him. Naturally, he would pursue it if there was an opportunity.

A moment later, there was a notification sound when he got the document from Rong Xiang. He hesitated for a moment but pulled out his phone and took a quick glance just to see how far she had gotten. Not too surprisingly, there was a lot. It was clear that Rong Xiang had put a lot of effort into this.

There was some general information on how she wanted to structure the full course and the separate events, then a list with resources, and finally even some preliminary plans on the content she wanted to include.

Li Ming didn’t read everything closely and instead just scrolled through the document to get a rough idea of it. Then, he nodded and put his phone away. “I’ll look at it slowly when I’m back home and then get back to you. Mn … should we set up a time when we can meet to work on this together in person or would you prefer just doing it online?” He wasn’t as familiar with Rong Xiang so he didn’t want to overstep and rather made sure ahead of time.

Rong Xiang smiled and once again pulled out her phone. “I’ll send you my current schedule. It doesn’t change so just tell me as soon you know when you’ll be free at one of the times I am as well.”

Li Ming gave a hum and glanced at Zhu Yi, feeling that these two were really similar. At the very least, when it came to work, they sure were both just as open with the way they went about it.

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