OMF V10C100 A Father’s Approval

Qiu Ling also winced when Jing He brought this issue up. Honestly, it wasn’t like he hadn’t been aware of how the Heavenly Emperor felt about him. Even before he even met Jing He, the two of them hadn’t necessarily seen eye to eye. Now, the Heavenly Emperor felt like he had stolen his precious child from him so he naturally felt even worse about him.

This time, he had managed to add the matter of the trial on top of all layers of old resentment. It really couldn’t be called a good situation. It was likely that no matter which of them brought the matter up, they would be rejected. Yes, it could be said that it would be close to a miracle if the Heavenly Emperor agreed.

Qiu Ling sighed deeply. Even though he wanted to promise Jing He the stars, he was also well aware of how difficult this be so he could only be honest. “This is indeed a problem. You don’t have to worry though. I will find a way. We will find a way.” He looked at him deeply and reached up, gently grabbing his chin. “Your father … he cherishes you very much and he believes I’m not good enough.”

Jing He wanted to refute but Qiu Ling already shook his head at him.

“I know it’s the truth. You don’t have to say anything. Anyway, I don’t fault him for it. You are his only child. Of course, he wants to make sure you are in good hands.”

Jing He lowered his head but sitting on Qiu Ling’s lap, there was no way to escape his gaze. In the end, he could only nod lightly. “That should be the case. It’s just … you …” He didn’t know how to say it. In his eyes, Qiu Ling was perfect. He really didn’t know what his father had against him. It was difficult to get those words past his lips though. Just imagining that he really said those things out loud made him feel shameless. Wouldn’t Qiu Ling think that he was trying to ingratiate himself?

Qiu Ling’s gaze softened when he heard Jing He’s hesitant speech. “Don’t worry. I won’t base my self-worth on your father’s opinion. I also know I’m a good catch. And as long as you think the same …” He took Jing He’s hand and pulled it up, gently kissing his fingers. “We’ll think of something to convince your father. Anyway, you are old enough to get married, our status matches, our races are allied against the demons, and if the current efforts come to fruition, our people might get even closer in the near future. Those conditions are perfect for us.”

Jing He nodded again even though he doubted that his father cared about any of that. Save for the last point, all of this had been the case since the moment they met and yet, his father had still cautioned him against falling for Qiu Ling at every chance he got, even going so far as to ban him from seeing him for some time. He really couldn’t imagine that his father’s attitude would change anytime soon but he also wanted to believe in Qiu Ling. “Maybe you are right.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum and leaned closer until their foreheads touched. “Even if he can’t see it right now, I will make sure that he understands. We might need to wait a little longer this way but at least we’ll be able to marry with your father’s blessing. I know that means a lot to you.”

Jing He hummed as well but he didn’t dare to say more than that. He didn’t dare to move either. Right now, they were so close. It made him happy but … he also felt cautious. If somebody came and saw them like this …

Qiu Ling didn’t think so much. Anyway, Jing He’s guards would usually greet whoever came by, and even if not, weren’t there still two of his two advisers around? Surely, they’d warn him in time if the Heavenly Emperor arrived in an untimely fashion again. Not that he thought that his mother-in-law would let him down that much.

Thinking of the Heavenly Empress and Jing He’s uncle who were both on his side, Qiu Ling was also reminded of his own family. He hesitated for a moment but then leaned back and raised one hand to cup Jing He’s cheek. “There is something else …”

Jing He looked at him silently, not sure what else to expect. Everything Qiu Ling had brought up so far had seemed to come out of the blue, stranger than anything he could have imagined even in his wildest dreams. Thus, he didn’t dare to speculate.

Qiu Ling pondered for a moment how to explain and finally sighed. “In the past, we’ve spoken about my family, right?”

Jing He nodded. “Yes. You mentioned that your parents died when you were still young and that there was nobody else around.”

“Mn.” Qiu Ling’s lips curved up when Jing He said that. “Well, I’ll have to admit that I’m old then. Apparently, I have been alive long enough for … my father to be reborn.”

Jing He’s eyes widened. When somebody would be reborn was up to fate so he didn’t think too much about the time that had passed. Rather than that, he suddenly felt self-conscious. His own father didn’t accept Qiu Ling while his mother and uncle were in favor of their relationship and rather vocal about it. In the other direction, he had never needed to think about the issue though.

Now, it seemed that Qiu Ling’s father might play some type of role in his life again. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought it up. But in that case, he would have to make the right impression on him to gain his approval.

His heart started racing as this new-found problem came up and he looked at Qiu Ling carefully. “Then … your father …”

Qiu Ling smiled, not considering the problem that Jing He thought to have found in the least. “Oh, it’s actually a bit funny. I found him thanks to your trial. His name is Leng Jin Yu.”

At that, Jing He’s expression blanked.

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