OCN C34 Restoring Young Master Xiao’s Reputation

Meanwhile, the other ninjas left the room where they had been reading Si Er’s post. In any case, the drama was already over so there was nothing else to see so they might as well go and do their own thing.

The only one left in there was Si Qi. He looked at the screen with a contemplative expression, finally clicking his tongue, and shaking his head. “He really abused the exclamation mark there. But I guess that also makes it seem more authentic.” Si Qi sighed, and then left the room as well, returning to his own.

Si Er had just managed to do something important for the Si clan by posting this on his own accord. While it couldn’t necessarily wash Young Master Xiao’s name white again, it was at least able to pour enough dirty water on the other side to make her claims look much less credible. This was a step in the right direction.

Now, what was left was to make sure that everyone who had seen the original assumptions about the relationship between Young Master Xiao and their master would be shown that things were actually completely different. Doing so would be his task. And he had to make sure that he did not disappoint with the result.

Si Qi let himself fall onto the couch, leaned against the armrest, and stretched his legs out over the seats. Then, he grabbed his notebook from the coffee table and opened up the draft that he had already started working on.

The only way to get completely rid of this accusation that Misses Youya had made was to show the people the truth and have it come from somebody who was reliable and had a good reputation so nobody would feel like it was tampered with.

It also needed to be more emotionally investing than the post that Misses Youya wrote. After all, people would more easily click on something that promised them some scandal or at least drama. Negative headlines would always sell better. So if he wanted to get people to read and share something wholesome, it would need to be especially good. It needed to speak to people’s fears and their greatest hopes. If he could achieve that, then he had a chance to succeed and turn everything around before ‘Golden Spoon’ finally started three weeks from now.

Thankfully, the story of ‘Bright Yellow Water’ was one that was just perfect to write a text like that. He wouldn’t need to make up anything at all. Just writing it appropriately would be enough.

For the next five hours, Si Qi stayed in this very same place, only getting up to get some tea after half the time was over, and taking a small break to think about what he had just written before he continued. What was left afterward was to revise it and then edit it some more so nothing was left to chance. For this one, every single word would count.

By the time he finally finished with the last touch-up, it was already late at night. He put the notebook down on the table and stretched, taking a look at his watch. Sighing, he pondered for a moment. He usually went to ask for Si Yi’s feedback. At this time though … he wasn’t quite sure if it would still be alright to go. Then again …

His expression turned subtle and he finally stood up. Holding the notebook below his arm, Si Qi went over. He sharply knocked on the door and then entered after Si Yi called him in.

Si Yi looked up from where he had been reading through some documents, raising his brows questioningly.

Si Qi smiled and walked over, motioning at the notebook. “I finished the article about Young Master Xiao and ‘Bright Yellow Water’. Do you want to take a look? I know that this is very important so I don’t want to allow for any mistakes.”

Si Yi gave a hum and put the document to the side, leaning back. “I can do so. It’s pretty late though. You should go to sleep while I read through it.”

Si Qi sat down next to him and put the notebook down in front of them to show him the document. “It’s alright. Knowing your reading speed, it likely won’t take long. I’ll just sit here and rest a bit if you don’t mind. If there’s anything I need to change, I’d rather have it done immediately so we can post it tomorrow.”

Si Yi gave a grunt and then started to read while Si Qi made himself comfortable on the couch. He pulled up his legs, and rested his arms on the backrest, watching Si Yi. Just as he had remembered, his reading speed was quite fast so it was estimated that he wouldn’t even need a few minutes for this kind of short text.

It was a bit of a pity. He couldn’t deny that he really liked watching him like this. To be honest, he suspected that Si Yi wasn’t doing this just for the Si clan. No, if he wasn’t completely wrong, then Si Yi actually liked his writing style. And he especially liked those stories about loyalty. Friends sticking up for each other, soldiers fighting for their country, and also those conflicting loyalties where a man would have to decide between the love of his life and his service to his master.

Most likely, the latter was what moved him the most because he could see himself in it. Between serving their master and his personal life, Si Yi would always put the former first. Among the twenty ninjas following their master, he was the most zealous. His whole identity and self-worth relied on being their master’s assistant.

Si Yi soon finished with the text and put down the notebook, turning to Si Qi to discuss. “Very good work. To be honest, I don’t have anything to say. I like the way how you went about this by not directly stating who it was about until the end. It’ll make people be emotionally invested, which will make it unlikely that they will just change their mind because of who it is about. Anyone who might want to argue against it will have a guilty conscience.”

Si Qi smiled at that. “That was what I was going for. I’m glad that it worked out. Then, is there anything you’d want to have changed?”

Si Yi gave a shake of his head. “No, I would leave it at that. The question would be when to post. It would probably be best if you were able to interact with it. In that case, it shouldn’t be tonight.”

Si Qi slowly nodded but there seemed to be some hesitation in that gesture. “While that is true, maybe it would be better not to interact. Everything I had to say was already said in the text. There isn’t really anything I could add. Also, Young Master Xiao and the other two from ‘Bright Yellow Water’ are likely to be asleep by now. If we post it now, there will be quite a few comments already by the time they get up tomorrow morning and check online. That would probably make them feel relieved. It is best if that happens quite some time before the next live stream so it won’t make trouble for them.”

Si Yi kept quiet for a moment and thought it through. “Intense emotional fluctuations are likely to cause problems with concentration. It could be that Young Master Xiao will make a mistake since he would likely worry from what we’ve seen from him so far. Yes, looking at it that way, you’re right. We should indeed do it right away.”

“Very well. Then I’ll just do it right here if you don’t mind.” He reached over and took the notebook, smiling while he was at it. Since Si Yi didn’t object, he just leaned back, posted his text online, and then mentioned it on Weibo. He didn’t go back to his own room afterward and instead just continued to look at the two pages, giving a low hum. “What do you think how long it’ll take for the first comments to come in?”

Si Yi shot him a look, seeming a little surprised that he would ask this.

Si Qi turned to him, smiling faintly. “What, can’t I be curious about that? In any case, the comments will also show what people think about it. And with that, we’ll have a clearer grasp on whether Young Master Xiao’s reputation has gone back to normal. We should keep an eye on that, right?”

Being asked like this, Si Yi naturally couldn’t say no. He murmured some agreement and then fell silent again, looking at Si Qi.

A few minutes went by while Si Qi was switching between the two sides, looking for updates. Contrary to Si Yi, the readers online weren’t that fast though. While his followers had been notified and he was sure that a few would have run to look at what he had written immediately, he was sure that they would need a bit longer before the first comments would appear. Well, at the very least, a few people had already liked preemptively. It really was nice having fans.

Si Yi continued to look at him as if he wanted to communicate something.

Si Qi took a moment longer and then turned to him, blinking his eyes as if surprised. “Ah, do you also want to take a look? There aren’t really any comments yet but I’m sure that in a minute or two, the first should be appearing.” He smiled and then moved the notebook to the table, only to click his tongue afterward. “Well, now I can’t switch between sites.” He inched closer to Si Yi until he was sitting directly next to him and then pulled the notebook over onto his lap, tilting it a little so they could both see the screen.

Si Yi gave him a complicated look but then looked at the site that Si Qi had just refreshed again. Seeing that there were some likes, he started to feel a bit better. “It seems that the effect is quite good? The numbers aren’t that high though.”

Si Qi chuckled at that. “I think you are being too harsh with that. Those likes are probably just my fans who haven’t even read yet. Most of the others will wait until they at least know what the text is about. Give it a few more minutes. Not everyone is a speed reader.”

Si Yi gave a hum. Yes, he probably shouldn’t be anxious for success. It was just that he really hadn’t liked their master’s look when he found out how Young Master Xiao had been vilified online. The sooner this matter could be solved, the better he would feel.

Now, they were on a good way. The other side had been defeated and all that was left was to clean up the battlefield. He wouldn’t let even a single speck of dirt be allowed to cling to the reputation of their master and Young Master Xiao.

His hopes in Si Qi’s text accomplishing this were pretty high. But until he saw results … he also wouldn’t ignore other options.

The two of them sat there quietly, while Si Qi refreshed the page every now and then, switching between the websites. Slowly, the number of likes climbed up, and then, the first comment finally made its way over. Si Qi’s eyes lit up and he clicked on it.

Poetic Lumberjack: [Mister Shi! QAQ you broke my heart! No, this story broke my heart! This poor guy! I’ll go and share this immediately. How could any righteous citizen just stand by when something like this is happening?!]

Si Qi raised his brows and turned to Si Yi. “It seems like somebody else is also abusing exclamation marks. But, well, it seems like our objective was achieved. We should monitor the comments for some time longer but I am positive that the following ones will be similar to this initial reaction.”

Si Yi nodded. “I’ll keep an eye on it. You should go to sleep now.”

Si Qi put the notebook down on the coffee table again and flashed him a smile. “Ah, is Brother Yi worried about me? There is really no need to. Even though I am officially a novelist, at heart, I am still a ninja of the Si clan. I’m not that fragile.” He got up, walked around the couch, and threw Si Yi a last look before he finally left the room.

Si Yi slightly furrowed his brows. “What was that supposed to mean? And why did he leave his notebook?” Even so, he still picked it up and started to refresh the websites. He really wanted to know if Si Qi was right with his prediction. Otherwise, they would soon need to think of another plan.

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