SML V6C34 Much Anticipated

After that day, Mo Fang slightly cheered up. Of course, he wasn’t over Yu Ting’s loss but when he felt lonely, he would think back to what Si Tao had said to him and what he had promised himself. Afterward, even though it still hurt, he felt a bit better.

With his improved mood, he also felt less that it might have been a mistake to have Si Tao contact the private investigator. Instead, he started to look forward to it and a week seemed to go by in a flash.

Mo Fang had used the opportunity to write down the little he knew so that he wouldn’t forget anything when he finally stood in front of the private investigator. He could even leave a copy of the file there just in case.

As he had promised, Si Tao drove to his apartment that morning, picking him up. He smiled brightly when Mo Fang got into the car and couldn’t help but raise his brows. “Ready to dive into solving your mystery?”

Mo Fang couldn’t help but smile as well. “I never thought I’d ever hire a private investigator.”

Si Tao clicked his tongue. “I always thought if you would, it’d be ten or twenty years down the road when you’re long married and trying to catch a cheating …” He stopped awkwardly and cleared his throat. He had wanted to say ‘spouse’ but then remembered that that was certainly still a sore topic. Ah, he really wanted to curse himself! Why didn’t he have any filter when speaking to his friends? Clearly, he was able to do it at work!

Mo Fang shook his head at him and motioned down the road. “You’d better start driving or we’re going to miss the appointment.”

Si Tao cleared his throat and shut up, indeed focusing on driving.

Mo Fang didn’t mind it. He had known Si Tao for years so he was familiar with how he usually teased his friends. Often, it would seem as if he wasn’t thinking at all. And even though this was a sore topic for him, it was also a reminder that he had friends like this at his side. Considering how much their talk just the week prior had given him, he naturally couldn’t be angry at that.

He gave Si Tao a few moments of silence before he turned to look at him. “When we get there, you’ll stay, right? I mean, you’re not just going to introduce me and leave but you’ll stay with me while I talk to him, won’t you?”

Si Tao didn’t dare to take his gaze off the road but nodded. “Sure, if you want me to.” He would also give Mo Fang privacy if that was what he would prefer. He’d just leave it up to him completely.

“I’d rather have you in there with me. You can remind me if I forget to mention something or … take over if I can’t finish it.” Yes, this was actually what he was the most worried about: He didn’t talk about Yu Ting and what had happened often. When he did, it was easy to tear up. If he had to say more than a general introduction of the circumstances surrounding who he was looking for … he wasn’t sure if he could do it.

“I don’t think you’ll forget anything that I could add but I’ll be there. Don’t worry. Anyway, you can still call him and add things later. It’s not forbidden.”

Mo Fang nodded but he’d rather get everything out in this one appointment and then only go back after there were results. Speaking of which … “That … If he finds something, would you also come along to discuss? I mean, I know it will likely take a long time. I’d expect at least a couple of weeks, maybe even longer if there are many other things he has to do or if it is even more difficult than expected. But whenever he calls, I’m just not sure if I’ll be ready to face this alone.”

Yes, even though it would be good if he got any results, no matter what they were, he had to admit that he was also afraid. At that time, the last thing he could do for Yu Ting would have been solved. He would also be reminded of how this was something that Yu Ting himself would never get to experience. Judging by how he had been faring the last months, he didn’t think he’d be able to calmly listen to what the private investigator had to say.

“Sure.” Si Tao didn’t even hesitate. Of course, it was tough to say when there would be results so it might be difficult to organize time-wise but he would try his best to get the two of them back there in a timely fashion. After all, Mo Fang also wouldn’t want to wait for too long if he knew that there was news.

Mo Fang looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you. I … I really owe you.”

This time, Si Tao gave him a quick glance before turning back to the front and focusing on the road again. “You don’t. This is precisely what friends are there for.” He stopped at that, feeling that everything had already been said last week.

Mo Fang also fell quiet again. He pulled out his pendant, his thumb caressing the surface. In just a few minutes, he would have to retell Yu Ting’s story and after that, maybe the last missing pieces could be found. Then later … maybe he would really be able to uncover something.

He looked down, smiling faintly. Even though he was nervous, he was also anticipating the appointment and what might come from it. Maybe this way, he could also heal. It certainly was worth a try.

He let go of the pendant, hiding it beneath his clothes again, and instead looked out of the window next to him until Si Tao stopped the car in front of an office building in another part of the city.

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