RMN C502 Hoodwinking Demonic Practitioners

On the point of disguises, Zhi Guan naturally made use of the option the demonic practitioners had so helpfully provided for him: He looked through the spatial bag of the disciples he had hit unconscious before and indeed for a few pieces of black fabric that could be used as a makeshift veil.

Tying it around the lower half of his face, he rushed toward the main building of the demonic side’s headquarters. Then, another round of acting began. This time, he made his voice sound even more urgent and even waved his arm wildly. “Intruders!”

The guards at the gate narrowed their eyes. To them, Zhi Guan actually seemed suspicious with how his face was covered. They grabbed their weapons and eyed him vigilantly. “Show your face!”

Zhi Guan had expected as much. He hurriedly pulled down the veil but didn’t give them time to take a closer look or question him before he brought up the same story from before. Naturally, he also added a second act. “At least three disciples from the Jian Chu Sect sneaked past the patrol. They used some kind of weird concoction to knock them unconscious so they were only found later.

“The others from the guard house went to look for the intruders but we haven’t heard back from them in half an hour so I came here to report. We need more disciples to search for them. Make sure to cover your faces. We’re not sure how that concoction works but it’s likely you need to inhale it.”

The two disciples exchanged a glance. They had thought there was something off about Zhi Guan but seeing that he didn’t hesitate to expose his face and even rattled off everything at once, their wariness dissipated. “Then what’s the state at the guard house right now?”

Zhi Guan shook his head. “There were only two of us left. We originally guarded the disciple who was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, we discussed and the other one went out to look for the others and give them the new information.”

The disciple in front grabbed onto the key information. “So right now, there is only one disciple at the guard house and he’s even the one who was attacked before?” His brows furrowed tightly.

Zhi Guan nodded with a grave expression. “I know it’s not optimal but we felt we didn’t have a choice. I will return at once. Spread the message and sound out more people to conduct a search. Also, better tell the others inside to cover their faces in case the intruders have somehow sneaked in already. Everyone should keep an eye open.”

The disciples nodded and one of them went inside to organize everything.

Zhi Guan gave a hum. “Alright. I’ve told you everything I know. I’ll return to make sure they can’t take advantage of the situation at the guard house.” He inclined his head toward the remaining disciple and then turned around, rushing back in the direction of the guardhouse.

Needless to say, even though that was the direction Zhi Guan disappeared in, it wasn’t where he actually went. No, this was simply a smokescreen to make his story more believable. As soon as he was sure that he was out of sight, he slowly deviated from his path and then circled back, staying out of sight.

He managed to make it back just in time to see two or three dozen disciples in black robes rushing out of the building. They were all wearing veils that obstructed the lower half of their faces just as he had requested.

Zhi Guan’s lips curved up. Good. He couldn’t be sure that it would be the same inside but there was at least a decent chance. With this, he wouldn’t have as much trouble moving when he went in. Also, even if they hadn’t passed on his words to the ones in the building, there was no reason why he couldn’t do so himself, right?

He retracted his gaze and instead surveyed his surroundings. Then, he slowly made his way toward the side of the building.

Since the disciples in the front had already seen him, there was no way he could just stroll in through the main entrance. It might have been possible if there had been a group to go with but then, he’d need to try and get rid of those people later which might be difficult. In fact, the more contact he had with others, the more likely it was to expose that he wasn’t from their side. Thus, he had to minimize any contact points. After he got in, it was best not to talk to anyone.

Zhi Guan’s plan wasn’t bad but to get in, he first needed to hoodwink yet another pair of disciples and this time, he didn’t simply need to muddy the waters but needed to actually get inside. The difficulty of one compared to the other … he was afraid it couldn’t be taken lightly.

He looked at the two disciples with a frown, not sure how to proceed. So far, his plan had gone off without a hitch. Well, there had been the small problem that the third disciple he had hit unconscious was only tied up and not put into a deep sleep but that was only a temporary problem.

Anyway, as soon as he mixed into the crowd of disciples on the other side, nobody would be able to pick him out unless they got a very good look at his face and also happened to know him. The chance of that happening was very small.

Right now though, he couldn’t see an easy way to get inside. Sounding the alarm was all nice but they wouldn’t just let him in. Walking up to them and just going inside might be possible but what if there was a codeword or something?

He lowered his head and thought for a while. Of course, he could simply strike them unconscious too but … that seemed a bit crude? Especially since he didn’t know whether the people inside had already put on veils. In this case, it might be better to be more careful.

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