SML V6C29 The Plans That Were Made in the Past

Si Tao drove to the community where Mo Fang’s apartment was located under his friend’s instructions. As soon as they reached the gate, he slowed down, taking a closer look around and nodding slowly. “This place isn’t bad. Seems very secure. He really must have done his research before buying this one.”

Mo Fang sighed and nodded. “He did. Apparently, it took him almost two years before he found something he was satisfied with. It’s almost unbelievable if you consider that he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to live here in the end.”

Si Tao glanced at him before focusing on the street again. “Well, from everything you’ve told me, he seemed like somebody who liked to plan things ahead of time. Since coming back and finding his family was important to him he wouldn’t have left something like this to luck.

“Not to mention …” He glanced at Mo Fang again and sighed. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to tell you what you were feeling but you did sound like you’d love to return. With how serious you guys were, he should have taken your opinion into consideration.”

Mo Fang turned to look at Si Tao as well, smiling wryly. “He also wanted to get married and it’s not like we could in China. So really, I think it would have been just temporary.” He shook his head and turned in the other direction again, not wanting Si Tao to see his expression.

Si Tao kept quiet. He didn’t need to see Mo Fang’s expression to know what was up. Whatever Yu Ting had originally planned or not, it didn’t matter any longer. There was no way to have that future, no way to talk it through together and come up with any details on how they wanted to go about it. In that kind of situation, how would Mo Fang feel? It really didn’t even need to be asked.

Si Tao drove down the rest of the street until they reached the apartment number Mo Fang had mentioned before. “We’re here.” He carefully glanced at him while turning off the engine. Inwardly, he couldn’t help but curse himself for even bringing it up. Right now, it might be better to focus on something else.

Mo Fang nodded and opened his seatbelt without turning around. “Let’s go up then.”

Si Tao gave a hum and hurriedly got out of the car, conscientiously turning in the other direction as if he wanted to take in the surroundings.

Mo Fang wiped his eyes before he got out and closed the door behind him. He pulled the key out of his pocket and walked around the car, motioning for Si Tao to follow him.

He tried not to think about what Si Tao had just said but when opening the door to the apartment, it was hard not to dwell on it. To be honest, they had talked about it. The apartment had already been bought before they had become official but when their relationship grew closer, Yu Ting had shown him pictures and talked his plans over with him.

Sure, they hadn’t made any final plans about where to live. To him, it hadn’t mattered much at that moment. Most of his relationships before seemed to have been shallow, even when it came to his friends. The people he would have missed most in China would have been his father and Si Tao. That was about it. Even his mother hadn’t really crossed his mind when he imagined living abroad for the rest of his life.

For Yu Ting, the question had always been whether he could find his family in China or not. If yes, then he naturally would have liked to stay longer to have a chance to get to know them. Depending on how that would have turned out, his decision might have differed.

Between the two of them, one didn’t really care and the other still had considerations that depended on what the future brought. Naturally, they hadn’t talked about the details. It had simply been too early for that. And yet, since being alone again, he couldn’t help but feel that maybe they should have talked it through. Maybe then … maybe then he would have known what he was supposed to do now with his life.

Mo Fang shook his head at himself and walked further inside, still waving at Si Tao behind him. “Do you really insist on looking into my fridge? Because if yes, I can bring you right over.”

Si Tao didn’t necessarily care about the fridge but he still gave a hum. “Why not?” Anyway, everything was better than continuing with the subdued mood from just now. If looking at and discussing the fridge could help to cheer him up, he’d even reorganize the whole thing tonight.

Mo Fang didn’t mind either and led Si Tao into the kitchen. Actually, compared to the time before he went abroad, his fridge had definitely undergone an upgrade. So even though he might be feeling worse overall, he was still sure that Si Tao wouldn’t find anything to complain about.

As soon as they reached the kitchen, Mo Fang directly opened the door to the fridge and motioned inside. “Have a look. You may as well take your time and look every item over carefully. I’m curious what your judgment will be.”

Honestly, Si Tao was about as talented at cooking as he had been before he left the country. That was to say he’d be surprised if he could make more than a handful of simple dishes. Si Tao had simply led the life of a rich businessman for way too many years. He was definitely living off restaurant food instead of home-cooked meals.

Mo Fang wasn’t wrong with that assessment. Si Tao had only wanted to take a look to make sure that Mo Fang was eating in general. In hindsight, he was probably making a fuss about nothing. Looking into the fridge, he could only click his tongue. “Damn, this looks better than my fridge at home.”

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