RMN C501 Impeccable Acting in Disguise

Having dealt with the disciple, Zhi Guan picked up the other one again, threw some sand at both their faces to obscure their appearance a little more, and then dragged him off in the direction they had come from.

He flew past the spot where he had hit the two of them unconscious, making sure that the next patrol group couldn’t be seen yet. Thankfully, it seemed that he hadn’t taken too much time. The path was still empty.

He didn’t lose any time and rushed in the direction that the patrols usually took, his expression solemn. Now, everything depended on his acting skills. If he could convince the demonic practitioners that he was one of them, he could successfully infiltrate the headquarters and save Yang Wu Huang. If not … well, he’d have to leave or die trying.

Soon enough, he saw a building up ahead. He hadn’t come across this the last time he came here but then, he hadn’t looked around too much. The building wasn’t big. Clearly, this wasn’t a place where many people stayed. It could probably only be called a station for another small group of disciples to stay and keep an eye out for, as well as for the patrols to go and report.

Zhi Guan’s eyes narrowed when he saw a person with their arms crossed in front. He didn’t wait to get closer and instead raised his voice. “Alarm! There’s a group of intruders!”

The person that had been leisurely standing there flinched and turned around, finally rushing over. He took a look at Zhi Guan’s face but it was smudged with dirt and he was also carrying the other disciple, one of the guy’s arms slung around his shoulders so his head was lowered. The guarding disciple didn’t think much of it and instead grabbed the disciple’s other arm, helping Zhi Guan to carry him.

“What happened?!” The other disciples had rushed out as well. Since the unconscious person was taken care of, they instead focused on the matter at hand.

Zhi Guan vaguely motioned back to where he came from. “Three people suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked us. I didn’t get a good look at them but I think they wore those blue robes of the Jian Chu Sect.”

One of the disciples furrowed his brows. “Then how did you get out?”

Zhi Guan lowered his head further as if embarrassed. “They threw something at us. I lost consciousness for a moment and when I woke up, they were gone.” Looking at the unconscious disciple next to him, his lips twitched. “They only hit me lightly with whatever it was but he got a face full of it. He still hasn’t woken up even once.”

The other disciples all exchanged glances. This would explain why they hadn’t heard anything at all. Also, it was almost time for the next group to arrive. This patrol was late. No wonder then …

The disciple in charge nodded at the one helping Zhi Guan carry the unconscious disciple. “Bring them back to the guard house and stay with them. The rest, come with me! Cover your faces just in case. It’s probably something they inhaled.”

“Yes!” The disciples nodded and hurriedly pulled out whatever fabric they could find in their spatial bags, covering their faces.

Zhi Guan looked at them calmly. Actually, these guys were giving him ideas. The sand could obstruct his features slightly but that kind of ‘disguise’ couldn’t stand any further scrutinizing. Covering half his face in the name of ‘defending against righteous practitioners’ could though, especially if everyone else took the same precautions.

It was a pity that this would also render his second junior martial brother’s powder useless but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make in this situation. Anyway, he still needed to grab another person and flee with them and that guy was clearly a pig teammate. He’d have to take precautions so they wouldn’t get caught together.

The group of disciples with their faces covered rushed off, leaving Zhi Guan alone with one unconscious disciple and one remaining threat. He didn’t move immediately and instead helped the demonic practitioner to carry the other disciple back to the guard house.

Getting to the door, he actually found that there was a table with three chairs and a bed inside. Clearly, there were always disciples stationed here. He’d have to be fast to make this work.

He stepped back after putting the disciple down on the bed and raised his arm, pretending to rub his face as if tired. “I can’t believe this happened to us. They really came out of nowhere. I guess it can be called lucky that I woke up so fast. I wonder what’s wrong with him though …”

The other disciple looked at him and nodded before taking a closer look at the unconscious disciple. Bending over to peer at his face, he indeed found a weird-looking substance on his face. “This looks like …”

Zhi Guan lowered his hand, pulled out his sword, and hit the disciple in the neck. The guy collapsed, landing directly on top of the other disciple without making another sound.

Zhi Guan gave a hum, thought for a moment, and then stripped the disciple to get a second set of robes for Yang Wu Huang. He had thought of doing this later but who knew if he’d ever get such a good opportunity again? Anyway, they were currently alone with no possible witnesses around and it would also take a while for the others to return.

Nodding to himself, he threw the robe into his spatial bag before picking up the disciple he had just robbed. Needless to say, even though the opportunity had been convenient, he still needed to hide this guy.

Thus, another round of pushing demonic practitioners into cracks in the earth began. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any of the sweet dream powder left. Thus, he could only tie this one up like stuffed cabbage and hope that this would be enough until he was out of here or at least managed to disguise Yang Wu Huang as well.

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