OMF V10C72 Reminiscent of the Past

After changing Jin Ling’s robe, Jinde went on to carefully brush his hair. Looking at the satiny strands between his fingers, his eyes teared up again but he tried to keep his composure.

When Jin Ling had been young or even when he had been a little older, he often combed his hair like this. At first, it was to genuinely help the child. Later, Jin Ling was simply acting spoiled when asking him to do this. He had never minded though.

There were too many memories from the time when they had lived in the palace, only having each other as company for long stretches of time, doing this kind of mundane thing. They hadn’t even talked necessarily while doing this. Just being together was enough. It had always been like that between them.

“I guess this is going to be the last time …” He stopped with the comb in his hands and sighed deeply before he continued. Yes, this would be the last time. Later … later … He closed his eyes and didn’t dare to think about it.

Back then, after the war, after he had killed Jian Heng and his soul started to fray, he had thought about Jin Ling a lot. He didn’t know exactly how this child of his was doing in the demon realm but he had raised Jin Ling until he was an adult. Naturally, he knew how smart he was. Even if life wasn’t as comfortable as in the dragon realm, he would survive and find a way for himself.

As he was about to leave this world, he had still worried. That was why he had asked Xin Lan to pay more attention and make sure that nothing happened to Jin Ling. It had been his way of ensuring a path for his child even after he was gone.

At that time, he had done everything he could and he felt reassured that even if his plan failed and his soul completely ceased to exist, Jin Ling would go on and live well. He didn’t need to know his exact circumstances, he just needed to trust that he could live.

Now, he himself had healed and started over, achieving the things he had been unable to have the first time around. And yet, it was at this moment that reality had failed to measure up to his hope and trust. To send off his own child … he shouldn’t have to do that.

Jinde took a deep breath and continued to comb Jin Ling’s hair one strand at a time. When he finished, he carefully arranged his body in the coffin, his gaze lingering on his face for a long time. In the end, he pulled out the hair clasp that Jin Ling had left on top of the shell the other day, put it on top of his palm, and closed his fingers around it.

“It was a gift so you should keep it.” He smiled and finally leaned down, kissing Jin Ling’s forehead. After another long look, he bent down, picked up the lid of the coffin, and closed it, his heart bleeding as the dull sound rang out.

He turned to Leng Jin Yu and took a deep breath, nodding faintly. “I am ready.” At the very least, he was as ready as he could ever be. Even if he let him wait any longer, he wouldn’t be able to deal with this better.

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I will get somebody to carry the coffin and call his spouses over. Let’s go to the cemetery together.”

Jinde nodded and then quietly waited next to the coffin while his husband went to take care of everything else.

Xiang Yu stood a few steps away. He hadn’t wanted to get in the way when Jinde said his farewell but now that he was done and Leng Jin Yu had left, he slowly inched closer until he stood next to Jinde.

He hesitated for a long time before slowly reaching out and tugging at his sleeve. He wasn’t sure what to say or if there was anything he could do. He just felt that Jinde looked very lonely right now. This state, he could understand it. If it was him, he would want somebody to reach out to him so this was the only thing he could do.

Jinde turned around slowly. Seeing the youth next to him look up with wide eyes, he felt his heart melting. Once upon a time, Jin Ling had been like this. Don’t think he hadn’t known that that child was intentionally selling meng. Jin Ling had always been smart and he had definitely figured out that this was the easiest way to get what he wanted. There was just no way to reject him when he looked at him with those eyes.

Even after Jin Ling grew up a bit and his features opened up, it was hard to reject any wishes. Of course, he hadn’t indulged him too much. Not setting any boundaries would just lead to his child becoming too arrogant. But yes, he had definitely spoiled him a bit.

Looking at Xiang Yu now, he felt reminded of that time even though it was clear that Xiang Yu wasn’t able to act this out in the same way Jin Ling had. No, this child was a lot more naive. Just one glance was enough to know that he could be easily duped.

Jinde sighed faintly and reached out, pulling Xiang Yu into his arms. “In the future, you need to pay attention to your safety. Don’t let other people harm you.”

Xiang Yu nodded earnestly. There wasn’t much that could harm a fallen god but since Jinde wanted him to, he would do it.

Jinde nodded and patted his back, his gaze slipping toward the sky above. His child … he was gone now, never to return. All that love, he could only pour it onto someone else. After all, no matter what he did, he would never get him back.

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