OMF V10C73 To the Cemetery

Jinde didn’t speak and only moved when Leng Jin Yu stepped out again. “Is everything ready?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. He hadn’t brought Jin Ling’s spouses over and instead had them wait in front of the palace. An Bai and Xiang Yong were with them as well so everyone could go to the cemetery together. Right now, the only ones behind him were four guards.

The group inclined their heads toward Jinde and Xiang Yu and went forward to pick up the coffin. They didn’t know who was inside. They had only been told by Xiang Yong that this person had fallen in the battle yesterday so they had naturally figured that it was somebody of their own race. The idea that somebody would make them carry the coffin of the demon king … they would never have thought of it.

Jinde took a deep breath when he saw the coffin lifted into the air. It felt like he couldn’t breathe and he feebly reached out to his husband, grabbing his arm.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at his expression and patted his hand. “I’m here.” He turned to look at Xiang Yu and then at the shell on the ground. “Xiao Yu … would you mind staying to keep watch?”

Xiang Yu shook his head. “It’s alright.” Even though he had known Jin Ling, it wasn’t like they had been closed. Not to mention that the other time, Jin Ling had actually dared to trick him to find Jinde and his child! There really was no need for him to watch him be sent off. No, rather than that, he’d stay here and keep a close watch on the courtyard so nobody would harm the little one.

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Thank you.” He gave him a faint smile and then led Jinde back inside and through the corridors of the dragon king’s palace, following behind the coffin until they reached the gate.

Ru Shu and the others were quietly standing together, a few steps between them and the two advisers of the dragon king. Even though they seemed to have been accepted, they weren’t able to trust these people completely. Maybe that was just what happened when you lived in the demon realm for so long.

When the gate was opened and the coffin was carried out, all six of them tensed. After so much time, the feelings of some of them had waned but that had still been their husband. Their gazes stuck to the white jade before they sighed. Either way, this also meant a newfound freedom for them.

The guards carried the coffin toward the two advisers and nodded their heads before turning toward the city gate. Leng Jin Yu and Jinde quietly followed behind, the latter not paying attention to anyone else.

Xiang Yong and An Bai waited for them to pass and then took the position behind them, quietly following along.

As for Ru Shu and the others, they had been curious about this person who was supposed to be related to Jin Ling. Even though they didn’t think the dragon king’s advisers would lie to them, they simply couldn’t believe that there were any relatives left alive on the side of the dragons. It just seemed … inconceivable considering how old Jin Ling had been.

When Leng Jin Yu and Jinde passed by, they glanced at him and then stood in place in a daze. This person … yes, there definitely was a likeness so they didn’t doubt the relationship between him and Jin Ling any longer. But, more importantly, he showed a beauty rarely seen even in the dragon realm.

Whether it was Ru Shu or the five others, all of their minds involuntarily flashed the words ‘greatest beauty of the dragon realm’. It couldn’t be helped. Even among the dragons with their colorful hair and eyes, there were some colors that were rarer than others. Gold and silver were definitely among the top three of those colors and golden hair and golden eyes appearing on the same person … they were afraid there hadn’t been more than a few individuals throughout the history of the whole dragon race.

They knew this thought was ludicrous. It had to be. Even though the age would be right and there was something to the fact that Jin Ling’s father had been demon king Jian Heng who was definitely able to meet with the king of the dragon race of his time, it just didn’t seem possible. Not to mention that it would be hard to believe that the two kings of their races could ever even think about having a child together, that person was supposed to have long since died.

The six of them exchanged glances but nobody dared to speak up. In the end, they just silently followed the procession to the cemetery. Anyway, they were the last people who had the right to question anything. It was good enough to be allowed here, not just in terms of the funeral but also in regard to being allowed back. They naturally wouldn’t jeopardize that, not to mention that this simply wasn’t any of their business.

The group soon arrived at the outskirts of the cemetery. This place wasn’t that far away from the capital city but it took some time to walk there. Right now, with the battle just having ended the previous day, people could be seen everywhere, bidding farewell to the ones they had lost.

Jinde’s gaze swept over the place, remembering the last time he had come here. Finally, he motioned in one direction. “Over there.” It might not matter much but he wanted his child sent off at the place where he had once imagined doing the same. In the future, if he were to lose his life, they could be reunited in this place. That was all he asked for.

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