RMN C499 A Plan Prone to Problems

While Mei Chao Bing made his way through the chasm, Zhi Guan had long traveled through the border region and reached the place where the demonic side’s headquarters were located. He stayed hidden behind a boulder, his gaze fixed on a path not far away.

The last time he came here to save Kui Min, he had been deliberately let in. Of course, he hadn’t needed to pay too much attention to get in and out with her. There had always been flaws in the behavior of the disciples on the other side.

This time though, things were different. It seemed that so far, nobody knew that he had been sent over. At the very least, they didn’t indicate that they had any intention of repeating the way things had played out the last time.

Zhi Guan couldn’t help but think of a few possible explanations. Either the news of his appearance was late or he hadn’t been discovered at all yet or they simply didn’t intend to make matters easy for him again. He couldn’t tell. He could tell that he needed to be careful though.

For a moment, blue butterfly’s dreamscape flashed before his eyes. Strolling into the other side’s headquarters using them likely would have been easy. But then, it also would have put blue butterfly in danger. That wasn’t something he was willing to risk. No, it was better to solve this on his own.

His gaze continued to follow the disciples that would pass by every now and then. Usually, there were two or three of them, never one alone. That made things difficult.

The easiest way to get in there would be to pretend to be one of them, directly walk in using that disguise, and then walk out with Yang Wu Huang in a similar manner. That required at least two sets of demonic practitioner robes.

Getting them wasn’t the problem. He simply had to grab two disciples, beat them unconscious, and take their clothes. He was confident that he had that ability. The problem was that only one person returning from a patrol would make him seem suspicious even if he mimicked their behavior without a flaw. In that case, what should he do?

Zhi Guan continued to observe the disciples before finally retracting his gaze. Instead, he checked his spatial bag. Was there something that could help? A black robe that could be used as a disguise for himself? He searched for a while but finally emerged with empty hands. Unfortunately, it seemed that he would still have to solve this differently.

He looked back up, his brows furrowing tightly. He had to solve this fast. After all, the situation wouldn’t get any more favorable. In fact, when dawn came, it might be that patrols would be strengthened. Not to mention that he would have a lot more trouble hiding in the daylight. So, he couldn’t lose any time.

The problem was that he still had no idea what to do. He could overwhelm two disciples without a problem. Three might also be possible but there was a chance they’d be able to sound an alarm before he was finished. So attacking a group with just two disciples was still the safer way. The difficulty was what to do afterward.

If he took off one of the disciple’s robes to disguise himself, half his plan would have been executed already. The problem was that he couldn’t very well take the other disciple’s robe off as well.

Since there were at least two disciples in each group he’d become suspicious if no second person was with him when he arrived at the spot where the patrols were reporting. The only way around that would be to rush there and sound an alarm himself, saying that they had been attacked and the other disciple wasn’t able to make it back.

This way might actually work out. There was no guarantee and it was a bit crude but he could live with that. It simply relied on him being fast enough with knocking out the two disciples, disguising himself, and then acting believably. The resulting chaos that would ensue could even be used as a smokescreen to allow him easier access to the building to find Yang Wu Huang.

The plan was almost perfect. Unfortunately, there was one crucial detail that made it difficult to execute: He needed a second robe to get Yang Wu Huang out but couldn’t take it from the initial disciples unless he knocked out three at once. Trying that would lessen his chances severely though.

Yes, the ruckus would aid in making others believe they had been attacked but could he even change his robe in that short amount of time? And where to hide the unconscious disciple? He had a powder from his second junior martial brother that could knock them out for a few hours without problem but he couldn’t keep the one without a robe lying around openly. No, he needed to hide the body.

Zhi Guan frowned. The longer he thought about this, the more problems he found. It really made him wonder if he would be able to free Yang Wu Huang. He lowered his head and took out the flower map that Mei Chao Bing had brought back. Turning it on to show the disciples from their side, he actually found several colorful spots on top. Clearly, Yang Wu Huang was not the only disciple being held captive here.

Zhi Guan turned the map off and put it back into his spatial bag. He had to solve this matter quickly. The sooner he returned to the town, the sooner Mei Chao Bing could initiate the next step of the plan. And after that … hopefully, they would be able to win this war. It had taken much too long already and too many people had come to harm. It was time to end it once and for all.

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