OMF V10C64 Difficult to Guess

Jing He listened to his uncle’s explanation and couldn’t help but feel stunned. An ascended deity who had married into the dragon realm and was somehow related to Qiu Ling? This was the first time he had heard of this.

He couldn’t help but wonder what exactly this meant. How did this man relate to Qiu Ling? Was his husband one of Qiu Ling’s advisers? It seemed possible. After all, from what he knew, none of them had been married previously. The dragons also seemed willing to marry on short notice so it wouldn’t be weird for this to happen while he was away on his trial.

This once again showed just how much could change in a few months though. No wonder he and Qiu Ling were currently in this situation. Ah, no, maybe there wasn’t a situation after all. He shouldn’t get ahead of himself and make such assumptions. After all, this was only the day he had woken up and Qiu Ling had just gone through a battle. Maybe the dragons hadn’t even had time to deal with the whole aftermath yet.

Yes, he should try and put this matter out of his mind and patiently wait. He believed in Qiu Ling. Surely, he would return as soon as it was possible. By then, he would explain everything he needed to know and they could revisit the topic they had discussed before he went on the trial.

Qiang Yan watched his nephew’s expression which went through some subtle changes and wasn’t sure what to say. He still remembered his own trials and the period of confusion afterward clearly.

These were some of the toughest days to go through because the adjustment was simply so big. It was as if you had been asleep without noticing while everyone else simply continued to go about their life.

If you were unlucky, there would be major changes in the lives of the people around you that you had missed out on. How many trueborn gods had woken up after their trial and found out that somebody had passed away, that a family member had become pregnant, or that a friend had moved away? Two or three months might not seem like a long time compared to the possibly eternal lives of the trueborn gods but they were long enough for changes to occur.

In the end, Qiang Yan could only sigh. “I know there must be a lot going through your mind right now and you probably have many questions. In a few days, you will start to remember. After that, much will become clearer all on its own. As for the rest, we are here to slowly explain.”

Jing He nodded. “I know, uncle. Thank you for the reminder. I know I shouldn’t be rash. Everything will be solved in due time.”

Qiang Yan gave a hum. “Yes, I do believe that.” He continued to look at Jing He and couldn’t help but continue to worry. There was just so much that had happened. He really couldn’t even start to guess how Jing He would take it. But surely, there would be some heartbreak involved. Especially since …

His expression turned subtle. He hadn’t been there at the time but if he wasn’t completely wrong, then Qiu Ling had married Zhong Jing Yi in the morning. Shortly afterward, the battle started and the ascended deity was killed, allowing Jing He to wake up.

The memories of the trial came back in bits and pieces, starting from the very end. So the first memory Jing He would receive … it would at best be Zhong Jing Yi’s death. Of course, that still couldn’t be called good. After all, it had likely been a violent death and for Jing He who had always been well-protected, the shock of dying that way should be huge.

But then, there was something that would hit him worse: In the worst-case scenario, the whole day might come back at once. He would see himself in a different incarnation getting married to the man he loved, according to the customs of a different race.

Most people might not care but he knew Jing He. He had watched this boy grow up and seen him struggle with his growing feelings for Qiu Ling for a decade. Jing He would absolutely care and there were only two ways this could go. Either he felt that their marrying even on his trial was sweet or he wouldn’t like what he saw because he felt that this cheapened the experience he himself had with Qiu Ling. It was tough to say which way he would swing before it happened.

Even though Qiang Yan knew this, it wasn’t like he could do anything about it. Jing He had to go through this just like all of them had in the past. And compared to the trial itself, this shouldn’t be as tough.

If Qiu Ling calmed down soon and came to see him, the impact might not even be as big. After all, if the dragon king had one talent, then it was turning everything into a love confession. If he was at Jing He’s side, he could certainly calm him down even if he took it badly initially. The problem was really that they didn’t know when Qiu Ling would return.

Jing He glanced at his uncle’s expression and noticed that it was serious as if there was something else that he hadn’t said yet. He hesitated for a moment but finally couldn’t help but speak up. “Uncle, is there something else I should know?”

Qiang Yan shook his head. “No …” He paused when he said that and then laughed lightly. “Well, not when it comes to the dragon king and his people at least. There is something regarding your own family you might be interested to hear though.”

Jing He looked at his uncle’s expression which wasn’t at all tangled any longer and made a rough guess. “It seems like there is good news?”

Qiang Yan gave a hum and a teasing light entered his eyes. “You could say that. Actually, you got a cousin while on your trial.”

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