RMN C498 Clearing up the Chasm

One had to say, if a person dedicated their whole life to only one cause, they could achieve mastery even at what could still be considered a young age among cultivators. Yan Hong Min was definitely such a person.

Mei Chao Bing wasn’t sure when exactly he had created the magical box but it was clearly far above his own level. If he wasn’t wrong, then Yan Hong Min had only barely broken through the core foundation stage and stayed there for a long time. He clearly wasn’t somebody who cared about his advancement at all as long as his low level didn’t hinder his ability to create magical tools. As for this magical box, it was proof that he didn’t need to either.

Mei Chao Bing got closer and closer to the end of the chasm. Every now and then, after sucking in a big group of vengeful spirits all at once, he checked to see how full the array had gotten. As a result, he was astonished each time how little of the space had actually been taken up.

Of course, he had started out in the middle of the chasm where the spirits were the weakest so them not taking up much space wasn’t too surprising. But by now, he had moved quite far. The vengeful spirits here were a lot stronger and their numbers more numerous. And yet, the array still hadn’t been filled up.

If things continued like this, he might have cleared up half the chasm by the time the magical box had been filled to the brim. If that was the case … well, even if the energy couldn’t actually be released as an attack, it still would have saved them from disaster just by virtue of halving the spread of the energy of the chasm.

If they dared to tell anyone that the one who had made this possible was a disciple in the early core formation stage … he was afraid those Elders in the sect would blow their top and accuse them of lying. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder how strong Yan Hong Min’s inventions could become if he actually raised his level.

Right now, Yun Bei Fen’s second senior martial brother needed to rely on their first senior martial brother and Shen Lei to give him resources. The tests also needed to be carried out by the two of them if his creations were of a higher level. Then, there was also the problem that even if you were a genius, some creations simply needed your level to be higher in the process. He couldn’t let others carry out the most important steps, after all.

Mei Chao Bing’s thoughts trailed off when he thought of this. When it came to resources, he was sure that Sect Master Zhang would allocate more in the future after seeing what Yan Hong Min could actually do. The Elders also wouldn’t be able to refuse after seeing the results. The testing of his creations might be the same but that still left the last problem.

He sighed and shook his head. Whatever. This wasn’t anything he could solve for him other than reporting back how much these creations had helped if he made it back to the sect. Not to mention that this also wasn’t anything he needed to consider right now. No, he had to focus on the matter at hand.

The magical box might have been able to store a lot more energy than he had believed at first but after traveling this far, it had also filled up considerably. Looking at the array now, more than three-quarters were now used up.

The lines didn’t light up in any specific order as far as he was aware so it was a bit hard to tell. Still, if he activated it one or two more times, it should be completely full. This also meant that he had to be careful with when to activate it. Otherwise, he’d find himself besieged by a large group of vengeful spirits.

Mei Chao Bing focused on the path ahead, his eyes narrowing. He could see the spirits clearly even in the darkness ahead. This was an obvious sign of their strength. Contending against one or two of these was alright at his level but if there were more attacking at once, it would get difficult.

For a moment, Mei Chao Bing entertained the idea of going back and filling the rest of the magical box with the vengeful spirits on the other side of the chasm that were closer to the middle.

But then, that would take additional time and one purpose for coming here was to stop the spread. He could reach that goal best if he sucked in the stronger spirits. Those who still weren’t strong yet likely wouldn’t get much stronger in the next few years either. Until then, they could find another way to deal with them.

In the end, he shook his head at himself. He just had to be careful. Then, he went further toward the end of the chasm while continuing to operate the magical box. He managed to suck in half a dozen more spirits without problems but started to feel a bit anxious. Without being able to check how full the magical box was, he was really walking into this as if blind. That wasn’t a good feeling.

Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to continue forward but he slowed his steps, wanting to give himself more time when the box would inevitably be filled to the brim so that he wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

With each step, his heart seemed to thump louder but he still walked on. Strangely enough, he covered quite a bit of distance, definitely a lot more than he had expected. He narrowed his eyes and actually spotted the very end of the chasm in the darkness ahead. It seemed that he might really clear up half the chasm today.

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